Why Choose Us?

Choosing 808 Co means choosing to support a black female owned business, that is dedicated to using quality ingredients, being eco-friendly and giving back.

Quality Ingredients

Each of our ingredients are selected with the utmost care. We try to source directly from Canadian manufacturers whenever we can.

Fair Trade products ensure that producers, workers, and farmers receive fair wages and prices for their hard work. The Fair Trade Premium, a supplementary amount of money, creates a fund that is used to improve the lives of these farmers and their communities. The Fair Trade ingredients we use are certified by FairTSA.

It is important to us that our ingredients are certified organic by ECOCERT. ECOCERT Greenlife is the global leader in the certification of natural or organic cosmetics and raw materials. By implementing and enforcing the COSMOS standard, the organization has united the international cosmetics sector with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability. These products have independently verified all relevant aspects from sourcing to distribution, including environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, avoidance of GMO and prohibited substances, and the use of eco-friendly.


Sustainability is an increasingly important subject in a world where over-harvesting and deforestation is an increasing problem. We take care to ensure our ingredients and products are sourced from sustainable resources.

Our biggest example of this is with Palo Santo. Our Palo Santo is harvested from the Ecuadorian Rainforest , and only AFTER it has fallen. Our partner communities never cut down Palo Santo trees. In fact, it is illegal to do so under Ecuador’s strict conservation laws. After strong annual storms knock Palo Santo trees down, the fallen wood must remain on the forest floor for up to a decade to allow the aromatic resins to develop and cure. When a Palo Santo tree falls in the Ecuadorian forest, our partners plant more! Since their inception in 2008, our Palo Santo supplier has worked with their partner communities to plant tens of thousands of Palo Santo trees, ensuring abundance for generations to come.

Gathering Palo Santo has brought livelihood to many families in the Ecuadorian coastal forests. We believe that when communities earn just livelihood in harmony with nature, everyone benefits.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our shipping practices. We chose to use Friendly Mailer to ship our products because their eco-friendly bubble mailers are 100% biodegradable, without compromising their ability to protect the precious cargo that is your order!

Friendly Mailer
Giving Back

Whenever you shop with a small business you are supporting the livelihood of families in your community. At 808 Co. we believe in giving back whenever we can. We donate our products often, with our most recent donation going to a silent auction for mental health awareness, which is a topic that has touched everyone either directly or indirectly at least once. Raising awareness of the importance of mental health through tidbits of advice on our social media pages is another way we try and reach out to the community and promote holistic living.

Given the nature of our business, we find it very important to support our planet and help sustain its natural resources.

In September 2019, when we launched our Crystal Jewellery line, we donated part of our proceeds to sponsoring an acre of rainforest with Rainforest Concern. We felt such an immense sadness for the destruction of the rainforest, the lungs of the Earth, for the unjust and unnecessary reason of cattle farming. We took a stand to do what we could to help stop this atrocity.

We are always on the look out for causes that we feel are important that we can help with, and have collaborated with a number of businesses in the health and wellness industry, including Hart House Fitness Centre, Unchained Athletics and Noire Girls Plant.

Other organizations we have donated to include the Indian Residential School Survivors Society

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