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Encouraging Wellness for your Mind, Body and Spirit, 808 Co’s purpose is to bring balance to your life, and is the stepping stone for healing and development. Traditional methods of coping with feeling unwell often focus on numbing and not healing. Raise your vibration and align your energy.

We use a holistic perspective when we choose and make our products. We combine crystal activated, sustainably sourced, high-quality natural ingredients to create products you will feel good about wearing and using.

"Beautiful selection of crystals!! There's also much more than that, it can be hard to find healers who are this involved with their practice. I feel like there's always something new to check out with you guys!" — Rosie K.
Healing Sessions

From Intuitive Guidance Counselling to Reiki Sessions, we've got your healing covered.

Explore. Experience. Empower.
Healing Crystals
Protect your energy.

Crystal Jewellery

Hand Made With Love

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