So, what’s 808 Co. all about anyway?

When you shop at 808 Co you are supporting an eco-friendly, female owned business, as 808 Co is owned and operated by black and indigenous female entrepreneurs. 

Here at 808 Co. our aim is to make the metaphysical modern. We accomplish this by using a holistic perspective when we choose and make our products, as our intention is to provide wellness to your mind, body and spirit. We combine crystal activated, sustainably sourced, high-quality natural ingredients to create products you will feel good about wearing and using.

We currently offer handmade crystal jewellery, a line of organic skin and face care for men and women, as well as natural remedies.

Meet The Women Behind 808 Co.
CEO & Founder
Sandra-Lee Shaw

Sandra-Lee has always been the experimental type - mixing this and sprinkling that to create something new. Through the years, she began dabbling in essential oils and aromatherapy, initially to help with managing stress and anxiety. Crystals and crystal healing has been an innate journey due to her mother's influence.

In earlier years, Sandra-Lee decided to refuse purchasing products made with ingredients she could not pronounce, which sparked a passion to make her own skincare. With a natural ability to develop products, her primary focus became healing items which are extremely beneficial especially when combined with crystals. She is constantly formulating new ways to balance the mind, body and spirit through holistic wellness.

Sandra-Lee is a spiritual person although she doesn't identify with any specific religion. The passion to share her knowledge of the metaphysical by making it modern and relatable, blended with her knack for alchemy, is what led to the birth of 808 Co.

Multi-Disciplinary Artist
Alexandra Blaauw

Alexandra Blaauw is a self taught multi disciplinary artist with a background in event curating, traditional and digital illustration, painting, and jewellery making. Alexandra always had a vivid imagination. As a child she always was looking for ways to physically manifest her visions from her mind into something she could make with her hands. Now as an adult there’s nothing she finds more joy in than the fulfillment of exploring new ways to create and share her expressions with others.

Spiritual Practitioner
Allison Shaw

Allison has been on her spiritual path for about 30 years, which has led Her to become a certified Reiki practitioner, energy healer, spiritual counselor and Tarot/Oracle reader through mediumship. She works with spirit, developed intuition, emotional intelligence, natural abilities and is continually learning and advancing. She has always been lead to help/assist people with their healing journey through guidance, understanding, emotional/spiritual support in what ever capacity they are comfortable with.

"I believe life is a journey and in constant motion,  so, if we allow, we will learn, grow, adapt, change, gain understanding even in the most difficult situations and rise in Divine love. It is up to each individual to live their lives for their highest and greatest good in order to be true to our intrinsic selves."

Allison Offers Reiki Energy Healing, Tarot/Oracle Card Readings and Puts Reiki Energy into all of 808 Co's products.