Crystal Manifestation Pens

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Take your intentional writing to the next level by infusing it with glorious crystal energy.

Don’t worry if your pen runs out of ink, you can easily slide the crystal attachment off and put it on your next favourite pen.

Each pen is made to order and may not be exactly as shown due to natural variations.

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Energy, Harmony

Amethyst: Balance, Communication, Inner Peace

Blue Kyanite: Visualization, Honesty, Serenity

Aqua Aura Quartz: Stress Relief, Calm, Expression

Black Tourmaline: Strength, Understanding, Compassion

Citrine: Prosperity, Creativity, Confidence

Female Empowered

808 Co is a black and indigenous female owned, and empowered brand. Our holistic approach to wellness is focused on healing your mind, body & spirit.