Healing Sessions

Allison offers a variety of healing sessions to suit your needs. 



Complimentary Consultation - 30 mins.

This complimentary consultation is to discuss what it is that you're looking to achieve on your healing journey. It is a way for Allison to introduce herself, and will help you to determine if she is the right Guide to assist you on this journey. You will discuss what may best benefit your wellness journey, be it Reiki Healing, Energy Work, and/or Spiritual Coaching etc.

Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Counselling - 1hr 15mins.

Allison works with clients through spiritual connections to support and assist clients to cope with and overcome life challenges, relationship conflicts, traumas, inner work, energy healing. To assist clients experiencing any symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, feeling lost or any other feelings or emotions causing issues in their life. Clients begin by filling out an intake form then a consultation either in person or via video call. Session packages available for individuals, couples, and families.

Mediumship - 30mins & up.

A session with Allison to connect with past loved ones. Psychic mediumship readings are spiritual readings, creating a link between our world and the spiritual vibration. Allison connects with loved ones, beings and energies in the spiritual world, including angels and spirit guides, higher dimensional beings, spirit animals etc., for information for your highest and greatest good.

Personalized Daily/Weekly Card Pulls 

Receive daily guidance in the form of a message from your spirit team. Allison will use Oracle Cards to provide intuitive guidance that you will receive via text or email.

Crystal Energy Healing Session - 1hr. 

This Crystal Healing Session will include a crystal kit for you to keep.
Allison will use crystals to assist her with an energy healing session. You will discuss how to use the crystals which are best suited to your healing journey. Your energy healing session will consist of a guided meditation, sound healing, cord cutting, and energetic work for cleansing your aura.

In-Person Session in Whitby. You will receive the address upon confirmation of your appointment. All Covid-19 Guidelines will be followed.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings - 30mins & up.

Allison pulls cards from a Tarot deck as well as Oracle cards for an intuitive reading connecting with Spirit for your highest and greatest good. Pulling information from past, present and future for the client.

Reiki Treatment - 1hr. 

A Reiki session consists of the client lying on a treatment table fully clothed (wear comfortable clothing). Reiki is offered through the practitioner holding her hands over specific areas of clients body or light (never intrusive or inappropriate) touch with the practitioner's hands placed and held on a series of locations ie: head, shoulders, limbs etc.

A form will be given to the client to fill out prior to treatment. In-Person Session in Whitby. You will receive the address upon confirmation of your appointment. All Covid-19 Guidelines will be followed.

Home Cleansing - 2hrs 30mins & up. 

Ridding your home of unwanted energies and spirits. Raise the vibrational energy of your home and cleanse away negative energy and Earth-bound spirits.
This will include a kit for maintaining balanced energy in your home.
Price may vary depending upon the size of your home and your location.


If you have questions about any of the aforementioned services please email Allison at exhalebreathebegin@gmail.com

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