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I am blown away

This was my first time doing a reading with Alexandra and everything aligned with what I am currently doing or thinking of doing. This reading also helped to clarify blockages I am working on and as I continue to reflect on our conversation I am quite blown away of how accurate this reading is. I would recommend this reading to anyone who wants to elevate in life.

Loved My Reading!

This was my second time getting a reading from Alexandra and each time I walked away with gems. I found lots of confirmation, synchronicity and new insights in this reading that will help me move forward in my journey on this earth. I truly appreciate how much work and effort she puts into my readings and the useful resources she provided.

Pretty necklace!

Gifted this for my baby sister this year and was proud to know she loved rose quartz! A very pretty necklace :)

Bigger than I thought ;)

Honestly, this BEAUTIFUL crystal was way bigger than I thought ;) LOL. I got 2x of them (gifting one to a bestie) and the rose quartz is just so nice!

So pretty and dainty! Love them!

I love these rings and they fit perfectly on my slender fingers (I wanted rings to wear near my knuckles for product shots). So pretty :)

Do this for you

I did the dual Reiki session with Allison and Maria and knew that I made a great choice. This session was very open with Allison and Maria talking you through what they are seeing and feeling, The thing I like about this session is the difference in your body temperature as you talk through the emotions and then that feeling of release as you let go of those negative energies. After doing this session there is a light feeling that follows and I am enjoying every moment of it. It is a great step to take when wanting to move on in life


This reading was extremely powerful! It helped connect me back to myself and pushed me to see who has been there waiting to be seen... ME! I am so enlightened by this reading!

Enlightening experience

I want to start off by saying thank you Allison, talking to you was very enlightening and extraordinary. If you find yourself at a crossroad with life, trying to clear your mind, or looking for guidance, whether that has to do with career, love, family and friends, I would highly recommend speaking with Allison. She creates a safe space where you can be vulnerable and is able to channel in to where you may need her assist the most, her patience and intuitive nature will leave you speechless at times and gives you the feeling like you are speaking with a therapist who has known you for yours. After speaking with Allison, my energy was shifted, I felt peace within and I got clarity I needed but most importantly it made me hold the mirror up to myself and come to terms my healing journey has just begun and I’m ready for the hard work that comes with it. Again, thank you Allison for such a magical experience.

Peace, love and light ~ Tina ❤️

I’m beyond grateful

I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was my first time trying to communicate with a passed one, but I never doubted Allison, her work and abilities, so it didn’t come as a surprise how pure, true and honest the experience was, without a doubt I was able to connect with my grandmother and listen to her, listen to words of wisdom from those who guide us from the other side! I wasn’t mourning and didn’t do this out of sadness, I did this with the intention of guidance, with an open mind and a unshakable belief on what lies beyond the conventional. What I received was beyond conventional words, the guidance I was seeking I received it and the validation I needed to make sense of spiritual revelations and experiences was granted,
It helped me to understand better where I am and where I want to go, what should I do and how, and I was able to feel the presence of passed family, which got me in shock, and deeply touched.
I’m beyond grateful with Allison for her work and mission in this life and also for her team, I highly recommend this, it is worth every penny.


The session resonated greatly. Brought some great and needed insight. Would definitely recommend

Mediumship Session
Carol Savage

I didn’t know what to expect because this was my first time going to a medium! Well Am actually amazed by the details and the information that came through. I can’t stop talking about my session to anyone that would listen! Everything I wanted to know came through clearly. I thank you so much Allison. Peace and light to you

Opalite Ring
Kaye Dee
Amazing 🤎

Everything from the actually jewelry to the customer service was a great experience. Lovely company & amazing people. Thanks a lot 🤎

Alexa is Amazing, totally recommend speaking with her

I had a consultation with Alexa and she was able to teach me soo much about myself and my relationships. She is extremely knowledgeable not only with astrology but also mental and physical wellness as she suggested natural ingredients to help aid with some chronic illnesses I have. I cant wait to learn more from her. Talking to her is healing and comforting and I encourage everyone to reach out to her if you are open to expanding your knowledge! Thank you Alexa!

At Peace. Would highly recommend Allison

I had a session with Alison the other day and honestly it put me at peace. Before speaking with her so much stuff was going on in my life and I was flustered. I did not have to tell her anything and her reading was on point. She gave me so many solutions and reassurance. I truly appreciate her taking the time to speak with me. She is very passionate about what she is doing an extremely comfortable to talk with. I felt like I knew her for years. I would definitely recommend her. She has helped me find peace and joy again. Allison thank you for your time and for being who God called you to be. I have so much Love and Respect for you. ❤️

Dual Reiki Session
Maggie Maybee

This session was truly amazing. I knew I needed some work to balance or restore my emotional energy..I was not expecting it to open my soul and change my life. I have not felt the same since I had this session. I feel lighter, more patient, and more connected to some sort of energy I can't explain. The ladies teach you to trust yourself. They help release anything emotional that's been holding you back or keeping you stuck. I can't say anything else other than I feel so free.

Guidance Received

I received a reading this evening from 808co... I had goose bumps because it was very accurate and the exact guidance I needed. I highly recommend 808co for people needing guidance. Thank you so much ladies 🙏

The best!!!!!

I’ve been working with Allison for about 3 1/2 months and my experience has been truly amazing. I’ve worked with other professionals before but she is by far the best. She is super intuitive, gentle, and kind. She listens to your wants and needs and allows you to be yourself and express yourself in your own way. She doesn’t judge and is very warm and inviting. I really can’t say enough good things about her. She’s really what I’ve been waiting for my whole life and I love her!

Complimentary Consultation
natalie Griffith
Highly recommend Allison

I initially contacted Allison for my terminally Ill father. She had very helpful suggestions about how to deal with his anxiety, she sent us multiple links to videos and spoke about several crystals that will help him. Not only did Allison do that, but she had very profound and comforting spiritual messages for him . I was so touched by how genuine, helpful and accurate she was, that I booked a consult for myself with her. Allison is truly gifted, the spiritual messages and tatot reading I received from her were mind blowing -she was able to speak on feelings I always keep to myself and delivered insightful spiritual messages for me. I highly recommend Allison!

Complimentary Consultation
Melissa Crossman
Moving experience

This was my first time having any type of reading or spiritual guidance. The experience was touching and comforting. Allison was easy to talk to, almost like we were friends for years just having a meaningful talk. Her insight was mind blowing. She told me things I only ever had inner dialogue about. She took her time and I received a lot of great information in the given time. I plan to have another session with her soon. Amazing experience

Legit !

Thanks to 808 Company. I am really enjoying my pendant. It is my second one and when you get the real thing, you have to say it's, "Legit". Thank you once again. And, thank you to 808 for.your excellent customer service. I need to kno when you get some more obsidian wands. Thanks in advance.

My love tree

This piece is absolutely stunning. Great addition to my bedroom. It’s beautifully crafted and radiates love.

Powerful reading!

This reading blew me outta the water! I tried to look for various healers but I really got good, positive vibes from this lovely company! I got closure and heard the things I really needed to hear. The accuracy is insane! Truly talented and full of good energy! A too recommendation for sure!

Fierce bracelet

Love the lion bead and pairs nicely with my grounding bracelet.

Grounding Bracelet
Fiona Sutherland
Beautiful & Peaceful

Great fit and good energy. Really helped me during a tough time.

gorgeous bracelet. powerful.