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'Abundance' Incense
Nicole Mavin
Smells so good!

The 'Abundance' incense smells incredible! I'll definitely need more ♡

Complimentary Consultation
Naila Felix Naila Felix
Happy I took this step

This was my first consultation with Allison and I’m looking forward to speaking with Allison more not because of the feelings I had when we were finished talking but for the fact that Allison spoke to my soul, during our conversation she really listen and together we figured out my path and steps that I need to take to get where I need to be. The way she explained things was so gentle and kind. Allison is someone I could talk to all day.


Allison’s energy is very welcoming. She is truly gifted and incredibly talented. I was so amazed and blown away after our session. She knew things without me having to say anything. She gave me a lot of confirmations, advice and insight, as well helped me put some puzzle pieces together. Im so grateful to have had the first of many sessions, thank you Allison!


I used the Philutia Herbal Tea in my bath with the Eden Dead Sea Soak salts. Felt like a GODDESS. 10/10 would reccomend!

You need this!

The Eden Dead Sea Soak bath salts is exactly the product I was looking for. I was looking for something to elevate my moon rituals and this is it! Smells divine and leaves my skin feeling silky! Also, if you 2ant to romanticize your life, the little rose buds are everything ♡

Next level self care

I love using the siren's song illuminating body oil after a bath. This is the perfect product to use when you want to invest in yourself!

Wonderful Experience

I am currently working with Allison and so far things have been going great. I look forward to my sessions with her and I gain so much clarity about my life and the direction of my life each time I speak with her. She is very supportive and gives you the tools that will help you to achieve growth. I’m really happy I met her and happy she can guide me on my spiritual journey. She’s great ❤️

New Beginnings

New Beginnings. I thought this was something you read in books, or see it in Movies. I had so much disappointment in my life. I never knew " New Beginnings" would apply to me, until my daughter introduce me to Allison Shaw. My Spiritual advisor and Healer. I called it my Spiritual Journey it is unbelievable the calm, the peace, the love,and the joy I am experiencing on my journey. I took the time to be alone and invite the present of my Divine Angel to speak and to guide me. It is Awesome. I am enjoying My " New Beginnings"the wonderful feeling you get when you are on this Spiritual path,feeling calm and grounded. Knowing you are protected and loved . Thank you so much Allison , continue to make us enjoy our New Spiritual Beginnings because it is the only beginning that we can find our true self.🥰🥰❤️❤️

Feeling Empowered.

I crossed paths with Alex at a very pivotal time in my life, figuring out the next steps to take to re-centre self, and she had referred me to Allison.
Speaking with Allison I immediately felt a sense of relief and felt so understood. A lot of the things she intuitively spoke resonated so accurately with what I was experiencing before I even gave any context. By this consultation call and the referral, I know I am in good hands—Allison’s energy feels very understanding, empowering, compassionate, supportive and heart-centred. I look forward to growing through her guidance and watering.

This was my first astrology reading and Alexandra was amazing! She was so intelligent and spot on with the reading. She was also very encouraging, patient and listened to what I had to say, a true genuine soul!

Sunstone Raw
Larissa Santiago

Really loved my sunstone and it arrived so quickly! It has a great energy to it :) thank you!

Complimentary Consultation
Schevaune Parchment
Spot on complimentary consultation

My complimentary consultation with Allison was definitely eye opening. I didn’t say much as I was curious to see what she was would discuss. She hit a lot of things pertaining to my life. The best part about it is that she is very down to earth and we vibed really well. Can’t wait to continue my journey!

A Great Experience!

I got an astrology reading from Alexandra and I was so happy with my experience! Alexandra is intuitive, welcoming and so easy to talk to. She literally takes you by the hand on this journey, helps you explore what you knew and adds upon your knowledge. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is seeking for a deeper understanding of themselves. She is super gifted!

Great Complimentary Consultation

My Complimentary Consultation with Allison was terrific. She exceeded my expectations. She was very kind and made me feel comfortable. After our CC, I felt inspired to begin the necessary steps to achieving everything that I want to. I am ecstatic to begin my work with Allison!

Amazing quality

I was searching high and low for a product like this and was almost about to pay an absurd amount of money for it, when I found it on 808 co. I was so glad to find it at such an amazing price and I was even more shocked at the quality and weight of the product. Amazing for holding sage or candles. I am in love. Super fast processing + shipping!

Eden Dead Sea Soak - Lavender
Mckayla Szydlowski

This bath soak is my best friend. The amazing aroma it gives off is the perfect combination with a candle-lit bath with relaxing music playing. So relaxing... You can really tell the difference between a regular bath soak and this one! 11/10!!!!

This stuff is amazing!

I use it twice a week and my skin has never been more clear! You can just feel how high quality this product is by how it leaves your skin so smooth, so soft, and SO CLEAN! Would 1000% recommend.

Informative, Insightful & Great experience!

I had a great reading from Alexandra! She explored the different aspects of my reading and what they mean and how it can reflect in my life. Majority of it was accurate and resonated really well with me. I find some things were great reminders of how to approach life, for example remembering to set boundaries and honor my feelings and energy. I am happy my friend recommended her readings to me and highly recommend other people to get one as well! Over all, it was a great experience! :)

Best Experience

I am so grateful for that day I came across 808co. I was led to look into crystals right after my nervous breakdown and I found both 808co and Allison, my go-to store for crystals and jewellery and my spiritual coach. It’s been such a warm and enlightening experience and I’d tell anyone who wants to hear about it. If you’re looking for authentic crystals and gentle but effective coaching, this is the perfect place for you.

Love it

I loved the starter kit. Easy to use.


My first complimentary session with Alison was eye opening , resonated with me and inspired me to continue on my spiritual journey.

Reiki Treatment
Priya Ramnarine
Life Changing!

I have had a few sessions with Allison and I wish I started them sooner. Her spiritual guidance has really helped me through the highs and lows of my life. She identified certain blockages and advised on how I could overcome them. I left the session feeling calm, hopeful and eager to apply the dietary and mindfulness practices Allison recommended into my daily life. Having her as a spiritual guide has given me a sense of calm, I am so grateful for her!

Informative & Accurate

I just had my first reading with Alexandra and it was very eye-opening. She really took her time and went through my birth chart with me, spending extra time on specific areas that stood out. I was really shocked at how accurate it was. I felt like someone had reached into my mind & soul and was really understanding who I am and why I am the way I am. It definitely left me with a lot to think about! It was very helpful and reassuring, I can't wait to have my next session!

Abalone Shell - Mini
Brittany Martin
Beautiful 🐚

The abalone shell I received is the perfect size and absolutely beautiful 🐚

Love it 💕

For the longest time i was looking for bowl or something to hold my crystals. I was so excited to come across the selenite plate that is just the perfect size :) I’ve had many compliments on the plate and so I’m happy to know 808 is a Black and Indigenous owned business.