What are Clair's?

What are Clair's?

We're all very aware of our five senses and how we interpret our experiences on the physical level. These familiar senses include seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting, offering sensory impressions to be digested by our conscious and subconscious minds to evaluate our environments and lifestyles. What you may not know, is that these physical experiences can be deepened and practiced so that we may experience these senses more fully. 

Clairs refer to the different types of psychic abilities that allow individuals to perceive and interpret information beyond the physical senses. These abilities are often prefixed with the French word "clair," which means "clear."

Let's explore the Clair's:

Clairvoyance - the ability to see things beyond the physical realm, including spirits, auras, and visions.

People who experience clairvoyance may receive these images in a variety of ways. Some may see these images in their mind's eye, like a mental movie or a vivid dream. Others may see these images as if they were projected onto the physical world, such as seeing an apparition or a glowing aura around a person.

Clairvoyant experiences can be spontaneous or triggered by certain circumstances. Some people may have visions or premonitions that provide insight into future events or important information. Others may be able to connect with spirits or entities in the afterlife.

Clairvoyant experiences can vary widely from person to person. Some may have very detailed and accurate visions, while others may have more abstract or symbolic visions that require interpretation.

Clairaudience - the ability to hear sounds or voices that are beyond the physical realm.

Clairaudient experiences can be triggered by a variety of circumstances. Some people may hear the voice of a deceased loved one, while others may receive guidance or messages from their spirit guides, angels, or other entities.

Clairaudient experiences can also vary in intensity and clarity. Some people may hear these sounds as if they were coming from a physical source, while others may hear them in their mind's ear. Additionally, not all clairaudient experiences are positive or helpful - some may be confusing or even frightening for the person experiencing them.

Clairaudience is a powerful psychic ability that can provide valuable insights and guidance for those who experience it. If you are interested in exploring your own clairaudient abilities, it's important to do so with the guidance of an experienced and trustworthy spiritual advisor.

Clairsentience - the ability to feel or sense energy or emotions from people, objects, or environments.

People who experience clairsentience have a heightened sensitivity to the energy around them, and are able to pick up on subtle cues and signals that others may miss.

Clairsentient experiences can take many different forms. Some people may feel physical sensations, such as tingling, pressure, or warmth, when they encounter certain energies or emotions. Others may have a strong sense of intuition or "gut feeling" about people or situations, even if they can't explain why.

Clairsentience can also manifest in empathic abilities, which allow an individual to feel and absorb the emotions of others. Empaths may be highly sensitive to the emotions of those around them, and may feel overwhelmed or drained by strong emotions or negativity.

Clairsentience can be challenging to manage, as it can be difficult to distinguish between one's own emotions and the emotions of others. It's also important to set healthy boundaries and practice self-care when experiencing clairsentience, as it can be emotionally and energetically draining.

Claircognizance - the ability to know information without any logical explanation.

Claircognizant experiences can take many different forms. Some people may have sudden insights or "downloads" of information that seem to come out of nowhere. Others may simply have a strong sense of conviction or certainty about something, even if they can't explain why.

Claircognizance can also manifest in a heightened sense of creativity or problem-solving abilities. Those who experience claircognizance may be able to come up with innovative solutions to problems, or have a talent for predicting trends and patterns.

Lastly, we have Clairalience - the ability to smell scents that are not present in the physical realm, and Clairgustance - the ability to taste things that are not present in the physical realm.

Some people may possess one or more of these clairs, while others may not have any at all. These abilities are often associated with psychic or spiritual practices and are used to provide insight and guidance to individuals seeking answers or direction in their lives.

Our own Spiritual Practitioner Allison, experiences all of the Clairs, and uses them during every one of her readings in order to give you the best possible guidance and clarity for your life journey. 

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