Samhain aka Halloween Energy Update

Samhain aka Halloween Energy Update

Halloween also known as Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), will be a very heavy and enlightening energetic time of Spiritual death and rebirth, as it falls at the end of the Shadow period (ending Nov 1st), of the last Mercury Retrograde of 2021 which ended Oct 18th.

This also incorporates the energy of the Scorpio New Moon energy which begins Nov 1st as the New Moon is on Nov 4th and the effects are felt 3 days prior to the New Moon rising. We will be in the Waning Crescent Moon phase until the New Moon. The waning energy will be based in surrendering, renewal, endings, awakenings and Spiritual rebuilding, this energy will be pushing you to re-evaluate old toxic habits, connections and attachments.

For those who have already worked through those energies of releasing, you will now be in a time of expansion in order to bring forth the “rebirth” and new healthy energy available to you. This final Mercury Retrograde was powerful and forced buried energy to surface for those who have been resistant to surrendering and releasing old outdated energetic attachments. Emotions run high during the Mercury retrograde on a regular but with the New Moon in Scorpio directly on the heels of Samhain emotions will deepen and become more introspective for our personal transformations.

Samhain is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth as it is a natural cycle of nature. Traditionally Samhain, meaning “end of summer”, begins after sunset on Oct 31st and symbolizes new beginnings, honoring those who have transitioned as well as celebration.

This is a time of the veil being very thin between the living and the dead (transitioned) and historically celebrated from October 31st through November 1st, as it was believed on 1/11 spiritual activity was at its highest, this Halloween (Samhain) fueled by the surrounding energy will have a heightened feeling of connection to those on “the other side of the veil”. Our awareness, intuition, connection and attunement will feel high vibrational and may have you feeling very conscious.

The veil between the living and the transitioned is  said to be the  thinnest at this time due to the Sun’s position in sign of Scorpio as we approach the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio energy is focused on transformation and rules over out connection to the “paranormal” and Spiritual connection to other dimension’s. As this energy leads into the Spiritual guidance / Angel numbers 111 and 44 (Nov 1st – 111 and New Moon Nov 4th 2021 – 11/4/2021 = 111/44), this offers a time of Spiritual guidance and support. 111 is associated with Spiritual awakening, positivity, independence, success, enlightenment, inspiration and heightened intuition and attuning with our soul purpose.

Be mindful and self-aware of your emotions and thoughts as this is also a time of manifesting. Also accompanying this is guidance from the number 44 bringing positive energy, blessings, support, protection, accomplishing goals, building strong foundations and encouragement to stay on your path. The combination of these numbers ensure a time of abundance, reaping the benefits of the inner work you have done, change, financial success, new beginning, attracting what matches your energetic vibration (hence being mindful of thoughts and emotions), letting go of the past (as you’ve learned the lessons you needed too), expansion, opportunity  and encouragement from our guides.

As this time is fast approaching, take time to go within and be still. What are you ready to release, move forward from and/or what are you inviting into your vibration for your growth, success and awakening? Move away from fear, doubt, judgement of self and others, separation, anger and all lower vibrational energies.

It is time to embrace the enlightenment available to you from your Spirit team, God consciousness, ascended masters, Galactic (higher beings) support and tap into your intrinsic self, your higher power and Universal law of unconditional Love. Expand beyond the 3D and feel all that is available to you through your heart centre (higher heart chakra) and be ready for a truly magical time.


Allison Shaw 

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