New Moon in Libra Card Pull

New Moon in Libra Card Pull

Pick a crystal/pick a pile for a Spirit Message for the New Moon in Libra!

Oracle and Tarot readings are used to give you information on your current energy and vibration, what spirit wants you to know for your highest good, to assist in receiving clarity and to offer guidance. Confirmation for what you already know on an intrinsic level but have forgotten on this human journey. Like coming out of a deep slumber and awakening to your birth right and higher purpose.

Intuitive readings are snap shots of energetic potentials, surrounding you at the time of your connection/reading. Intuitive guidance helps illuminate your path, but we all have free will to choose each step we take. What path steps you choose, manifest on your current timeline and are a product of your free will. You are the Alchemist of your own reality ad your future is constructed with every thought, decision, choice and emotion.

What is your Spirit Team asking you to focus on?

Take a deep breath, choose one of the 4 crystals in the cover photo. Don't second guess yourself and don’t over think.

Scroll down for your Divine message. 

  1. Clear Quartz

Time for the shadows to be revealed and truths to come forward. Take time to go within yourself and embrace your truth regardless of how the outside 3D look. Remember the exterior and 3D are a representation of your inner view of the world. Don’t allow the exterior distractions to overwhelm you on your journey forward. It is time to fully embrace your “self” all that you were born to become, invest in your higher self, your higher purpose even if you do not fully understand what that is. Be humble and attune to your magick, your spirit team, allow them to fully connect and lead you forward, releasing the outdated ways of thinking and self criticism. There is no room for such distractions in your becoming, move forward in trust and confidence in yourself and your connection even if you do not fully understand it yet. Surrendering to your higher purpose and allowing the release of what no loner servers you is vital to your success and progress. You feel struggle when you are not in alignment with your higher self, and this is your tell to move into your vibration of self and healing. You are more powerful than you realize. Doing some shadow work will assist in making space for you to move forward and FEEL your intrinsic self in a loving and higher vibration. Trust and receive. It okay to let go and move forward in Divine love, you have the support of the Universe.


  1. Celestite

Your road to inner peace has been a slow steady one with challenges along with way causing discourse with your higher self when you went off your path to your higher purpose. Contrast is necessary in order to gain knowing when you are attuned and on your path. It is within the contrast you gain strength and momentum to move powerfully towards your higher purpose. Your inner strength and guidance can be trusted and in that trust you will find understanding, clarity and a sense of home. You have spent much of this life looking for guidance, support and validation outside of yourself but once you accepted and surrender to your truth, your path become more in the energy of ebb and flow. Allow what must go to go in peace without attachment, release it with Source love and acceptance. Your ability to distinguish what is for you and what is not has increased your forward motion and inner knowing. Your ascension has been powerful and you are not on a new journey of self discovery, acceptance and unconditional love. Love all you are and all you are becoming as your journey home genuinely becomes your inner guiding light. Remember, you are not separate form Source/God consciousness and have the ability to fully attune to the higher vibration of the light within and through this you will shine brighter than ever before. Self love in unconditional acceptance will propel you higher then before, while releasing the lower vibrations of fear, anger, judgement and self sabotage. Remember bear energy is superior in strength and power as they are able to endure the toughtest of situations and adapt to their environments. This energy has a will that cannot be broken, so draw on the strength and courage that lays within you. You have and will learn from every experience and situation in this life and it will empower you in ways beyond measure.   



  1. Black Tourmaline

Accepting what is without attachment to how, when, where etc., is in the energy of surrendering to your higher self who knows all. The seeds you have planted are coming into fruition now and all the hard work you have done to come home to self is now having karmic relief. A shift in energetic dimensions, bringing you to your nature state of well-being and success is upon you. The only thing left in this moment is to get out of your own way and stop overthinking and trying to control the ways in which your fruition and abundance will come forward. Each direction holds a different perspective and it is benefial to attune to each in learning more about yourself and your higher purpose. Each direction of the medicine wheel holds a power that reflects the four great powers within each of us. North holds wisdom from not only this but also past lives, East illuminates our path to your inner guidance and higher purpose, South is of innocence of your Divine love and home within you and the West, introspection, processing the bigger picture of experiences you have lived. There is no need to work to more forward, simply allow the ebb and flow of life and adjust your sense of direction to lead you to your “happily ever after”. Movement is in the surrender and releasing resistance and no longer hiding all that you are. Your elevation and success will benefit not only you but the collective. Shine bright, shine with confidence and shine the Divine being you are.


  1. Rose Quartz

You, Divine being are supported by the universe! The fears and doubts you have been trying to overcome are simply old energies, lingering fragments of old ways of being. Fear is a lower vibrational energy that causes you to hold back and question who and what you are. Worrying about the what ifs, rather than attuning to what is. Doubting all you are and hiding behind the presence of fear, doubt and imbalance, is a natural part of your growth. But now is the time to move beyond and accept that you are here for a higher purpose regardless if you do not fully understand it. Its time to release attachments that are outdated in fear, expectation and attachment to a life of chaos, sadness and struggle. That old energy is no more! Embrace the love the Universe has for you in every aspect of your life, in the here and now. Be present in this moment, release attachments to toxic past energy in order to make space for the energy of now. You are supported, loved and guided in every way and now is the time to fully attune to that vibration and move away from the old unhealthy lower vibrations. Clearing old toxic ways of being creates space as well as movement forward towards your higher purpose. Building your confidence and allowing yourself to grow and learn from any past injustices, experiences and outdated perceptions of what is, is necessary for your growth. You are part of the whole, part of the collective Divine energy and in that you will discover a deeper knowing of self. You are not lost or broken, you simply have allowed misguided 3D illusion to incite fear and doubt within your vibration. Take time to embrace self love, self care and attune to your higher self for guidance. It is within stillness and embracing self you will come home to our intrinsic self, in the pure and unconditional essence of Divine love and inner Source/God consciousness. Its time to remember who you are! Breathe, meditate, re-connect with nature, embrace self love and know you are supported by your Spirit team, call on them for Divine guidance and support now and you will rediscover your path home.          

- Allison Shaw

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