New Moon and Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon and Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon and Eclipse in Gemini - June 10th 2021

This upcoming New Moon in Gemini, is also a powerful solar eclipse, bringing a powerhouse of energy. As this is the second eclipse (although 1st Lunar), it will affect each of us in a different way. With Gemini being a mutable air sign, it rules over communication and it pushes us to deepen our intuition. Since we had the Full Blood Moon on May 26th, we have to push to release the old while walking a portal between the old and the new.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning, signaling positive life changes (if you allow it to) as the end of a clearing cycle with the Full Moon from May. A New Moon or Solar Eclipse happens when the moon forms an exact connection with the sun. The difference between the two events is that a solar eclipse occurs close to the north and south nodes of the moon and is more potent than your average new moon. It is an “Annular Eclipse”, which means the shadow of the Earth will move into the middle of the Sun, creating a ring of fire.  Those with Gemini and Sagittarius placements will be affected by this eclipse most deeply. 

We must trust in whatever needs to fall away and be removed from our current life situation for our highest good. A time of allowing the eb and flow of life instead of gripping tightly to what we “think” we want, and truly connecting to our higher self and sense of knowing what is for our highest good. This New Moon in Gemini is represented by “the twins”, with one twin being mortal and the other immortal. They are the duality of life, human beings limited by our 3D existence but also with infinite souls on a path of purpose and journey for our highest good. This New Moon solar eclipse represents new beginnings and moving forward from what the Full Blood Moon cleared (if you allowed it). This Transition will head us in the direction of our highest good, as long as we allow whatever needs to fall away to do so. One of the positive aspects that influence the overall energy, is Venus in Cancer forming harmony with Jupiter in Pisces as Venus is all about abundance and justice, partnering with Jupiters' energy of expansion.   

 A positive aspect influencing the overall energy of the solar eclipse in Gemini is auspicious. This can also be a period of growth, through the healing and transmutation of past challenges. Embracing New Moon energy is a time of rebirth, new beginnings, after a purge of what needed to be released.  It is also a time to work on re-evaluating our communication and social skills, refining how we communicate to improve how we express ourselves in a more balanced way. Taking time to communicate with others without having to prove anything, allows us to unbiasedly listen to others and learn to accept the varying personalities through how we communicate (listen and speak), and empowers more personal growth.  We may find ourselves labeling things or events as good or bad, but on a soul level, we understand the bigger picture and know that all experiences serve their purpose and through them we gain wisdom.  Also, under this Eclipse energy not everything is as it seems. Trust your intuition and ask your Guides for clarity as with Neptune and Mercury both being active during this shift (Saturn is also currently in retrograde), things prior to this New Moon may have situations/people from your past needing to be looked at from a higher perspective.  Before the time of this New Moon, we are being asked to surrender what is not working (has not worked), as we need to step into honoring ourselves fully.  Don't become blinded and remain stuck in old energy that is not for your highest good, comfort zones can be a dangerous and toxic place.  These next six months are all about new and fresh energies, abundance and Divine new blessings coming through, but it is up to you to choose you and make space. With the rhythm of Venus, this is a time for embracing your healthy values, goals and how you truly want to show up in this world. 

Mercury, currently in retrograde with Gemini, brings up confusion from the past, reveals hidden information and brings back past situations to push us to release and heal from them. Neptune in Pisces represents escape, illusions and influences, and will have some individuals reconnect with what is familiar, regardless of whether it is healthy or not. As there is the Solar Eclipse in play with this New Moon, it can be deceiving as to what you may think a new beginning is in relation to your past, as the Eclipse influences our perception of reality and may influence us to reconnect with what is familiar rather then what is for our highest good.  Because Saturn is also currently in retrograde, it has a tendency to stir things from our past that need to be looked at once more in order to release it, while asking ourselves what we have learned from this experience.  


This Eclipse is a trigger for looking back. Take a moment to think about what took place in May and November of 2020 (or further back), what was transpiring then and is it linked with what is transpiring now.  


With the dawn of the Age of Aquarius Dec 21st 2020, this new uncharted Aquarian age, it's a time of craving more, looking deeper, and learning more about ourselves, our purpose and how we choose to see and be seen.  This paradigm shift (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini), has big downloads at hand, moving forward to plant new seeds for new beginnings as June 14th fast approaches, when the Moon and Mars will be extremely close to each other. We will be experiencing the second of three consecutive Saturn/Uranus squares taking place throughout 2021, which only happens every 20 years.  This will likely create some serious clashes and shifts when it comes to blending old structures with new ways of thinking. Saturn is the planet of rules and its restrictive energy will try to find ways to maintain comfort and cling to the past. Meanwhile, rebellious Uranus (planet of sudden change) will encourage change and to let go of old unhealthy ways of being. This aspect challenges us to be more progressive and completely rethink what’s possible.  Manifesting changes to the foundational elements of our lives and forcing us to face the future in some way. Pay attention to these vibes, as they’ll be echoed back to us again in December, during the final Saturn/Uranus square of the year.  Do you want to be stuck in an unhealthy cycle for another 6 months, is the question.  This Solar Eclipse is connected to the past and may provide some clues as to what this Eclipse energy may be activating/showing you, for changes in your life.  Take time to reassess and decide if you will level up and embrace growth through evolving on your journey or remain in an old vibration.  Take time to ground and meditate, bring awareness to your truth and what changes need to take place in order for your highest good.  

Check out our New Moon meditation to help with this transit and ease your way through to invite new healthier and more beautiful abundant energy. 


- Allison Shaw

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