Lions Gate Portal & More

Lions Gate Portal & More

The Lions Gate Portal and more

Every year there is a Cosmic alignment called “The Lions Gate Portal” which is basically an energetic shift causing an influx of energy into our physical and energetic bodies. This year has a deeper impact due to all the shifts that have been happening over the past 2 years especially over the past couple of months. We have been feeling ascension symptoms on and off for some time in our physical bodies as it is more challenging for them to transmute the influx of energies. Some symptoms include although not limited to - headaches, foggy brain, body aches, sleeplessness, nausea, fuzzy vision, bloating, mid fever, woozy feeling, sore throat, mild cough, vivid dreams, itchy skin, tingling feeling, moodiness, sensitivities to light, needing more alone time, sensitivity to others energies, past emotions (and or people) coming up, overactive logical mind, restlessness, feeling in a “void” and more. **disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, if you have symptoms that concern you seek medical advice from a medical professional**

Some simple ways of integrating these energies and supporting your overall well-being are: hydration, hydration, hydration (at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day which can include herbal teas, lemon water, fruit infused water etc.), eating as clean as possible (great time for a detox), movement (exercise, yoga, dancing, stretching, walking, mindful breathing etc.), getting outside, meditation, utilizing mindful living overall (mindful of your thoughts, emotions, actions, what you are consuming overall (body, mind, spirit), opening your heart center to your Spirit team and allowing the ebb and flow of life to happen through releasing control of the uncontrollable. 

This current energy we are in which includes the Lions Gate Portal on August 8th 2022 is in the Astrological sign of Leo’s New Moon energy, ruled by the Sun, and leading into the Full Sturgeon Moon in the nonconformist sign of Aquarius which is adjacent to our Fiery Leo. Although the portal does not officially fully open until August 8th we have been feeling its energy since the end of July, which the New Moon in Leo intensified. The alignment of this portal brings the Earth, the Star Sirius (Spiritual sun), and the sun into alignment over the pyramids of Egypt. With this portal (and the other influx of energies we have been receiving), it is activating  dormant DNA, upgrading our spiritual bodies and triggering awakenings.This Lions Gate Portal is a supercharged one due to all of the lightworkers/spiritual workers/lightseekers etc., awakenings and ascensions that have happened and continue to, which some feel may keep the portal open indefinitely as we have shifted away from the 3D and are integrating the higher consciousness (5D).   

July was an emotional month with the full moon in Capricorn, which shares similarities with the sign of Cancer. Capricorn being an Earth sign gave us a little grounding and attention to where we needed it, while Cancers floodgates opened us up to bring to surface what we needed to heal. They are opposites on the Zodiac wheel, both with emotional elements but also can bring balance to each other (Water and Earth). We transitioned from the New Moon in Cancer June 28th (Cancer is ruled by the Moon), sweeping in an emotional roller-coaster (Cancer is the 1st water sign in our zodiac), coming from another water sign in Gemini (New Moon energy from May 30th) and in between we had our Sagittarius SuperMoon on June 14th which asked us to look deeper, as it is an inquisitive sign. This did not leave us with much wiggle room for the flow of emotions we had surfacing. You may have been feeling a sense of uncertainty, questioning yourself (your sanity), feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, agitated, easily triggered and possibly an overall sense of more fear based energy as this shift transitioned the collective. Some of us, although we may have been feeling stuck, also still felt a deeper sense of “this too shall pass” or “I feel uneasy but still know all will be well”. So, it has not been easy to ground into your light bodies and trust this process. This upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th, the 4th and last supermoon of 2022 (we had 4 in a row), is 3 days after the Lions Gate Portal fully opens fully.   

We also experienced a number of transitional frequencies from Solar activity ie: solar flares, solar flashes, grand solar flash, plasma flares, planetary alignments, galactic alignment energies, ascension energies, some of which we have been receiving since 2012 spiking around 2018. These energies are bringing forward a “new world” so to speak. The shift from 3D to 5D and everything in between has been challenging to say the least and affects our lightbodies as well as our physical bodies. There has also been an influx of soul transmission (walk in souls), which is seen as a different soul or another part of the existing soul who is higher vibrational. This also is part of soul loss, when people experience trauma part of the soul leaves them to go to another place or existence. This is also part of Shamanic practices when we work on soul retrieval to bring home the parts of our souls that leave. Experiencing a walk in soul is part of our ascension process for some as we elevate to a higher vibration of self. We tend to see things in our dreams which feel surreal and almost like watching a movie of ourselves but not who we are in this current life. This comes through deep healing and surrendering to our highest vibration of self which allows us to become a higher level of vibration, a place of our inner Source and unconditional love. It's part of our rebirth and allows us to align more closely with our intrinsic selves and oneness (unity consciousness/God consciousness). You are still you, you are simply a higher, healed and aligned you, enabling a higher perspective of this existence. Remember this is not a physical passing but simply a rebirth of an alignment to be able to show up as your genuine, authentic, intrinsic self and is to be embraced and celebrated, it's a glow up/level up in your existence, a graduation of sorts through overcoming the 3D fear based mentality of this human existence. We are not just human but an extension of the Universe, Source and have come here to elevate the collective and experience being human without getting lost, it's about waking up and remembering who you truly are on a whole without limitation

Overall, we are in a beautiful transition like the butterfly and it is vital to truly be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, actions, how you speak to yourself and others and know you are in a very pivotal point of manifesting! What we think about we bring about. Leave negativity behind and do not engage in negativity with others. We are all on our own journey and this is a time to shine your light and choose to see with a higher vibration and not fear, anger, judgment etc., otherwise you will attract more of the same. Manifest the life you want rather than giving into the things that cause lower vibrational energies to enter your life. You are in control of what you feel, how you feel, how you choose to live, what you choose to see outside of yourself, if you see the world as a shitty place or others as shitty people then you are aligning with that vibration. It is never an easy task to understand the power you have as we are programmed/told that we are powerless in this world. Utilize all these amazing energies to build and cocreate the life your heart desires and step away from the negative 3D hateful vibration. Don't allow the logical thinking mind to distract you from who you truly are. 

Trust in Divine timing and that you have an ENTIRE SPIRIT TEAM at your disposal, they are an extension of you and are here to be your guides. You are loved unconditionally, fully and infinitely, so align with that love, see the bigger picture and choose to be the highest version of self, the inner Source, because you are literally an extension of the entirety of the Universe which is pure unconditional love. We are not here to be hateful beings of lower vibrations, we are here to unite and create a place of miracles. Remember we are all magnets and what we put out we get back, how we feel is reflected in the world around us, so if you choose to see only the ick you are blocking yourself from living in the light. Healing is the gateway to living your best life which includes forgiveness of self and others, going into the inner darkness and unhealed parts to shine the light onto them, love all parts of you and reflect that into the world. Forgive, release, feel, deal, heal and allow the Universe to present all the wonders and awe available.                      


Allison Shaw, Spiritual Practitioner 

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