June Forecast

June Forecast

What to expect in the month of June!

It's always good to get a heads up on the energies each month so we can work with them as best as possible and allow them to work for you. As we shift into June, we are coming in with the energy of Gemini season (began May 21st; self expression; self mastery; self empowerment), Aldebaran Gateway in the constellation of Taurus/one of the  4 Royal Stars/Star of Enlightenment; brings in fortune, success, 3rd eye activations, rise in consciousness (May 29th) and we are still in Pluto retrograde in Aquarius (from May 1st; clearing 3D ego/shadow/inner child, triggers surrounding the past, allowing the flow of deep transformation, rebirth, reinventing self, how you see yourself, how you choose to see the world around you aka what are you giving your attention too), which is a powerful push into a new month. 


June is a month related to symbols of balance, power, clarity and is associated with the astrological signs of Gemini and Cancer. Aligned Gemini energy is based in balance, Divine Masculine, creativity, high energy, success, relationships and partnership, while aligned Cancer is based in family, community, fertility, nurture, creating safe and secure  values and home. June is named after the Roman Goddess (Juno) of youth, childbirth, fertility, marriage and protection which is very suitable for the 6th month on the calendar (4th month on the astrological calendar). The number 6 symbolizes Venus (good time for unions/partnerships; ruler of Taurus and Libra), flow (lucky in Feng Shui), deeper connection to the Divine, embodiment of the heart (unconditional love) and in Tarot it represents the Lovers, Virgo (the 6th astrology sign). The number 4 represents stability, power, security, balance, dependability, efficiency, loyalty and advancement. 4 rules Uranus (dynamic change, rebellion, breakthroughs, limitlessness, long term radical change, unexpected events, Divine Masculine to Gaia both with the ability to produce life) and in Tarot represents The Emperor (stability, power, wisdom, authority, truth, confidence). June also represents Roses and Honeysuckles symbolizing Gods love at work, love, faith, beauty, timelessness, devotion, greatness, strength, devoted partnerships, affection, happiness and balance.   


We jump right into the middle of the calendar year with June, leaving behind the first half of 2023. June brings in a vibration of love and releasing the things that hamper your alignment ie: unhealthy relationships with self and others, negative mindsets/behaviors/thoughts, outdated belief systems, judgment and everything that doesn't serve you. What have you been holding onto that you must allow yourself to release to clear the way for what is in service to you?

We kick off June 1st leaving the shadow phase of Mercury going direct emerging from his retrograde, which feels lighter and as he is the messenger and planet of communication, listen to your intuition as it will flow more freely. We also have powerful conjunctions with Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny bringing opportunity for balance in our highest purpose highlighting Taurus in your birthchart. This energy is filled with infinite possibilities and a sense of things coming to fruition and expansion. This comes forward to remind us that abundance is our birthright which comes through our deep healing, harmony, alignment with our inner Source and trust. As this conjunction aligns with Earthy Taurus (sign of wealth and finances) and Jupiter is the planet of abundance, healing, miracles, growth, prosperity, generosity and expansion. This conjunction can be a powerful place of growth so be very mindful of your thoughts, intentions and where you are focusing your energy as this can grow either positive or negative aspects, choose wisely. Jupiter has not been in conjunction with the North Node since around 1929. 

June 3rd we have the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, the final Fire sign of the zodiac ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the 7th house of relationships and partnerships so keep an open heart when it comes to matters of love (self love and partnerships).The energy of this full moon brings a playful, high energy as the strawberry moon is a symbol of happiness, free spirited vibes, joy and enjoying the sweetness of your fruition. Sagittarian higher aspects of big, bold energy who possess a high positive vibration who are cheerful, funny and great conversationalist. They are ruled by Jupiter, planet of abundance, offering this full moon a light hearted, playful energy of creation and balance brought in through the inner work you have been doing over the past few months. This moon is also named after Juno Goddess of marriages which brings in a fruitful time for new romances or rekindling the romance in your partnership. The hidden inner truths may surface as the Moon is all about revealing shadows that need to be seen, offering the energy of clearing and moving forward. You may feel a change is needed in relationships with yourself or others during this time as the desire for the sweetness of a healthy relationship is felt deeply. Overall, take time to feel gratitude and trust that the bountiful sweetness has come into fruition, be in the allowing, the receiving without attachments and know there are infinite ways for blessings to unfold. Open your heart to the playfulness of this full moon, do things that expand your joy and inner happiness, connect with our Spirit team and surrender all resistance to your abundance. Get out of your head and into your heart, take time to feel more and think less! As we are in Gemini season this full Moon may feel a little more challenging for our Gemini as Sagittarius is Gemini’s opposite sign, which may bring a sense of inner conflict. Gemini strive for self expression while Sagittarius tend to shrink from close personal emotions, so take time to find your footing and balance, get out in nature to help with grounding.  

June 4th 

We have an alignment of Mercury and Uranus in the following the peek of the full Moon which may have you feeling adventurous and for some, feeling more introverted seeking some alone time to regroup.  

June 5th Venus enters Leo

This conjunction shines on your third house of transportation feeding our desire for exploration. Take some time to pay attention to your emotions as this is a very heart centered vibration. Venus will retrograde in Leo in July and only retrogrades every 18 months, so now is the time to tap into your heart. Leo governs the heart and this energy will have us focusing on our relationships, community and will be in this extended pairing due to the upcoming Venus retrograde cycle. Now is the time to explore the Leo area of your birth chart for more clarity. Mars also entered Leo as of May 20th which fuels our desire and passion for a love connection. Venus in Leo seeks romance, affection, passion, but mind your 3D ego as Venus in Leo can spark the desire for attention and outside validation. Be creative in self love and with your partner or if you are single, do things that support self love/self care and get out there, dress to impress and embrace confidence as we seek to feed our wants and needs. Once retrograde, we will be clearing old wounds of the heart allowing the openness of vulnerability and letting love in.    


 On June 11th Pluto, planet of destruction, rebirth and death having us focus on major changes (spiritual death and rebirth), enters Capricorn and Mercury, planet of communication, thinking patterns and intellect, enters Gemini. Retrogrades are a time of deep reflection and facing the darkest parts of ourselves. Pluto’s retrograde asked us to delve into our ego, shadow, attachments, fears and work through our triggers. A beneficial time of healing, letting go of bitterness, judgment, and animosity in order to work in the energy of forgiveness of self and others creating space for higher vibrational energy. Pluto represents creation as well as destruction (death and rebirth), clearing the path for change through tearing down what no longer serves you. Although Pluto will be shifting into Capricorn, the lessons and themes of Pluto in Aquarius are still in play with continued transformation before his return to Aquarius January 2024 where he will remain for about 20 years. Mercury enters his home in airy Gemini, first house of self, appearance and identity, feeding your sense of home within yourself. Mercury in one of his home signs allow a time of movement, being out and about like a social butterfly and travel is also associated with this alignment. You may be feeling very communicative and seek out where you can share your knowledge and wisdom, but be mindful your 3D ego doesn't get in the way. 

June 17th/18th 

Welcoming the new Moon in Gemini as well as Saturn's retrograde in Pisces.

This is a big energy of movement and connections. A chance to embrace optimism and positive communication as Gemini’s charm and exuberance, offer a spark of energy to help you see past the routine of your life. 

Maybe planning a trip or simply taking some well needed day trips to revive and review. Where do you need to follow your heart's true desires? Where do you need to relinquish control of the uncontrollable? Are you truly ebbing and flowing? We are coming to the end of Gemini season so use your alignment and the hard work you have put into your inner healing and be intentional in your desires. Work with your higher self and allow the alignment, allow the overall wealthy vibration and work with the Universe, releasing all resistance to the fruition. Trust in the process and understand the journey is your destination as there are infinite possibilities as to how things will unfold, allow yourself to be limitless and aligned. Consciously work through any limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and fully release/clear karmic stagnancy. Stop hiding from the shadows that need to be faced, we can lie to ourselves but our energy speaks for us and is what the Universe responds too. Where is Saturn in your birthchart? Take some time to get real with yourself and dig deeper into any challenges you are struggling to overcome. Saturn's retrograde is unlike others as its slow momentum builds over its long transits giving you the opportunity to work on the personal relationship with yourself and what you genuinely feel about you. Are you holding yourself back? As his retrograde will be in the water mutable sign of Pisces, who is ruled by Neptune (ancient God of the sea), the planet of illusion, glamor, mystery and deception, you must see past the hidden truths of the illusion of old beliefs. If you have been struggling with certain aspects of your life this is the time to see into the hidden depths, conflicting desires and emotional waves you have been riding. This energy pushes you towards taking action to clear and heal the areas of your life you have been consciously or unconsciously avoiding. Saturn’s energy holds us accountable to truly listen to our inner selves, our unhealed aspects and ask us to truly process what has been keeping in a holding pattern. Are you truly aligned with what your heart desires or is there more inner work to do to create the space for things to unfold.             


 June 21st

The Summer solstice! This is a time of hope, new beginnings, playfulness and the opportunity to bathe in the energy of the Sun as the days and light grow longer. An abundance of light and fire energy to invigorate and inspire us to live our best lives. Take time to reflect on the past 6 months and the transition you've made during this period. We have metaphorically and physically come out of the darkness (Northern hemisphere), with a new, refreshed and energized energy as we continue our journey. The inner work we've done over the past few months now can reflect in our outer world as we allow the shift of summer as we have overcome darkness and embrace balance. We are now being bathed in the energy of the Sun and the northern hemisphere is the official start of summer. Enjoy the power of personal expansion and growth, breathe in the balance and be present in the now.        

It is important to know where the Planets are located in your birthchart in order to utilize these energies for your benefit, especially with the Eclipse and new moon activating the Nodes. We have been on a continuous ride of high vibrational ascension energies entering our planet and every living begin and it has challenged all of us to do some deep inner work. Take some time to do your research and tap into the high vibrations coming forward as they will be getting stronger and more powerful. Check out our blogs and EBooks for more information on a number of topics. As we have been challenged and can feel a rollercoaster of emotions it's important to take care of your overall well-being and have your healing tools in place.   

*It's extremely important to use your healthy toolbox in order to prepare for the days you feel the blahs. What do you enjoy doing? Have a mental (or journal or schedule), plan for the times you feel the ick sneaking in. Generally I teach my clients about ways to plan and what they can put in their proverbial bunker in support of self empowerment. 

Listed below are a few tools:

    • Call on your circle of trust (those 1 to 3 people who you truly trust) The ones you know who understand you and who have the ability to help lift your spirits or simply listen without judgment. We must remember we cannot help others by suffering with them. If you are feeling the blues and start talking about all the things you view as “bad/wrong” in your life, your circle will be the ones to point out the “good/positive” in your life. To hold space for you to communicate, release and give you the space to express what you are feeling. The ones who will hold the optimism rather than jump on the misery train with you. Sometimes it's a simple I love you and you're not alone or a swift kick in the ass to let them know they are wallowing. But at the end of the day it's all based on trust and a healthy relationship with your circle, give and take and authenticity. Who is your circle of trust?
    • Have a playlist of your favorite uplifting music/movies/shows, a list of your favorite uplifting books, new healthy recipes you want to try, things you've been waiting to try ie: skating, making snow angels, volunteering at a shelter or nursing home, even being neighborly and shoveling someone's driveway. If you are crafty or would like to be, try creating some artwork , whether it's painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, a book of memoirs, what ever you feel drawn to. There are many ways in which we can make positive uplifting choices with an added benefit of possibly helping others if we are so inclined to do so. What are some of your favorite uplifting songs, activities, books, movies?   
    • Create a video journal while you are in good spirits. Talk to yourself like you would a friend, even record it with a friend. Remind yourself of your strengths, all you have to be grateful for, the things you admire most about yourself, be your own cheerleader, guru and express how proud you are of yourself.  There is a drastic unequivocal difference between being cocky/arrogant and confident/self aware, so it is important to understand your feeling and expressing to yourself you are friggin amazing is self love. 
    • What self love/self care actions do you take for yourself? Remember self love/self care is anything from a shower meditation to going for a massage, to mirror work, to reading a book, using things you may be waiting to use for a special occasion. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate self love/self care in your life and it's important to know what that looks like for you. It can be simple or extravagant, whatever feels good to you. 
    • Take your vitamins. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C to help your body. Eating a balanced diet is always best and you can add fruits and herbs to your water to help as well. Moderate exercise, walking, stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, anything that includes movement is an extremely healthy addition to your day. What can you add to your day to help your body?

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the Full Moon in Sagittarius:

Opal, Pearl, Moonstone, Tanzanite, Copper, Citrine, Obsidian, Amethyst 

Herbs/Essential Oils: Rose, Honeysuckle, Oak, Basil, Saffron 

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the New Moon in Gemini:

Shungite, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Crazy Lace Agate, Red Jasper, Black Moonstone, Red Aventurine, Black Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Amazonite

Herbs/Essential Oils: Sage, Geranium, Dragons Blood, Lemon Balm, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Black pepper 

Don't forget your affirmations: 

Remember, be extra mindful during the new moon/Solar Eclipse as it is not a time for manifesting 

I see and embrace my path of overall well being. 

I leave what no longer serves me behind and align with Source love.

I see and feel my authentic power.

I choose to see the beauty in life.

I choose to feel gratitude and appreciation for myself and others. 

I walk the path of least resistance.  

I see through the shadows of limitations.

I can clearly see the path towards my highest vibration

I feel gratitude and appreciation for all I have 

I have released all attachments and 3D programming

I embrace new beginnings.

Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Patience brings me into recognition of and alignment to my highest purpose. 

All my needs are met even though I may not see them in the outer world I open my heart in receiving.

*Remember everything we do is about intention so be mindful of what you are using your energy for (directing your energy towards), when working with the moon energies. Full moons are wonderful to celebrate and reflect on how far you have come, releasing all that no longer serves you, understanding what lies beneath emotions/feelings/actions, seeing from a higher perspective and practicing gratitude.  

It's important to remember we feel the Moon's energy 3 days before and 3 days after the celestial event takes place (both of Full and New Moons). 

You can charge and clear your stones under this full moon by placing them outside or on a windowsill in the light of the moon. You can also make moon water with both the full and new moon energies. Simply place a glass container of water (spring water or even lake water are best), in a place where the light of the moon will shine on the container (as temperatures are cold be careful as glass will break, can place out for a couple of hours before midnight or leave in a windowsill inside overnight). You can use colored glass for an extra umph if you want to use the water for specific things. I make moon water when I am working with certain chakras ie: orange glass for sacral. If you are using spring water or distilled water you can drink it or add it to your bathwater for a spiritual bath. I have used a blue glass container when working with my throat chakra to support speaking my truth and drink a shot of it each morning. You can use moon water in anointing candles, empowering crystal energy, place on an altar, spritz your face with some to help clarity, drip a few drops in your palms when using mudras, drip a few drops on your crown chakra or 3d eye for a deeper meditation, get creative and use it for whatever you feel beneficial. 

**It's not advised to make moon water or charge crystal under certain full moons ie: when there is an eclipse    

Please remember to set yourself up for success and use your healthy tools to help keep you balanced and aligned. We all have our ups and downs but the more we prepare and have a game plan in order to work with the down days, the more we empower ourselves for our highest good. 

We are still in deep ascension energies which play a huge role in how we are feeling and how we work with the energies at hand. There are extremely high frequency energies coming in daily which are felt within and all around us. For more information and all you need to know about the Ascension and what it all means check out our Ascension eBook.




Allison Shaw


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