January Forecast

January Forecast

Welcome January 2024! This is a massive turning point in the cosmic narrative as we shift and align in a cosmic symphony. 

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January 1st

Mercury is in Sagittarius,  influencing communication and thought processes with the characteristics associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with optimism, exploration, higher learning, and a love for freedom and adventure.

Mercury is now direct in Sagittarius, a time when communication becomes more straightforward, ideas flow more freely, and there is a sense of expansive thinking. People may feel more open to new perspectives, philosophical discussions, and exploring intellectual or spiritual concepts.

Higher vibrational aspects of Sagittarians are known for their optimistic and positive outlook on life. They tend to see the glass as half full and can inspire others with their enthusiasm. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and this influence contributes to a love for adventure and exploration. Sagittarians often enjoy travel, trying new things, and embracing new experiences. Sagittarians are typically intellectually curious and enjoy expanding their knowledge. They have a love for learning and may be drawn to philosophy, spirituality, and higher education. They are known for being straightforward and honest and value honesty, appreciating the same in others and preferring open communication. Use this energy of generosity and willingness to share resources with others offering a giving nature while enjoying helping those in need. Approach challenges with a positive mindset and know you have the ability to overcome obstacles and view setbacks as opportunities for growth.

January 11th New Moon in Capricorn and 111 energy 

New Moon in  Capricorn with the added bonus of 111 offers achievement in higher spiritual expansion, connection with Blessed Gaia, aligning with more stability in the physical, reflecting on your journey and celebrating and anchoring into deepening your understanding of your journey as well as understanding your personal power. This new moon could be a time to set spiritual intentions related to bringing more discipline into your spiritual practices or establishing a more joyful routine for personal growth. Higher vibration aspects of Capricorn are known for their ambitious and goal-oriented nature. Use this new moon to set ambitious spiritual goals or aspirations, allowing yourself to BE the frequency of harmony, peace, bliss and receiving. Consider what steps you can take to climb the spiritual "mountain" and achieve personal growth effortlessly. Capricorn is an earth sign, and its energy is grounded and practical so use this new moon as an opportunity to connect with the Earth, practice grounding techniques, and strengthen your sense of stability in the physical world. Capricorn is associated with achievement and success take time during this new moon to reflect on your spiritual journey, the achievements you've made, celebrate your progress and acknowledge the wisdom gained along the way. Consider how you can strengthen the foundation of your spiritual beliefs and practices,through going deeper into philosophical or spiritual principles. Trust your sense of knowing and go within when things outside of you feel triggering or seemingly threatening. Look within and know that what is for you already exists and become the vibrational match in order to create what you want in the physical world. 

January 12th Juno Retrograde in Virgo

Juno is a larger main belt Asteroid which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupitor. In astrology, Juno is associated with relationships, committed relationships, partnerships, and marriage. During Juno retrograde, the energy associated with Juno is thought to turn inward, affecting the way individuals experience and navigate their relationships. Juno retrograde prompts individuals to reflect deeply on their relationship dynamics. This could involve revisiting past patterns, understanding the lessons learned from previous partnerships, and gaining insight into the nature of their commitments. As with any retrograde it brings a sense of review, re-evaluate and reassessment. During Juno retrograde, people may reevaluate their commitments, both in terms of romantic relationships and other partnerships (friendships, family, work relationships), and relationship with self. It's a time to consider whether existing commitments and relationships align with personal growth and spiritual evolution. Junos energy  encourages inner work on relationship issues which involve exploring personal beliefs about commitment, healing past wounds related to partnerships, addressing unresolved emotions that may impact current relationships and doing any shadow or ego work necessary to be healed and cleared. Spiritual growth involves improved communication and understanding prompting us to communicate more openly in our relationships, addressing issues that may have been overlooked, ignored  or neglected.  

January 20th Pluto enters Aquarius - The Age of Aquarius-

Pluto enters Aquarius until Sept, then retrogrades in Gemini until November which he will then return to Aquarius until Jan 2044. Massive transformative energy for our Aquarius folks with major changes in inner growth, reinventing themselves and expansion as well as for our Scorpios who are ruled by Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, Phoenix rising and has not only an individual transformative power but also deep collective transformation. This is not an easy energy as it is like walking through transformative fire, being purified by fire and humbled through facing any psychological issues or tramas. It can also, especially with Juno in retrograde, have us facing any power or control dynamics in our relationships, facing our own contribution to anything not aligned and dealing with our own inner issues in order to stand in our true authenticity. Pluto is often associated with transformation and regeneration, while Aquarius is linked to collective consciousness and humanitarian values. The combination of these energies may suggest a period of profound collective transformation on a spiritual level, encouraging societies to evolve and embrace more inclusive, egalitarian, and socially conscious perspectives. Aquarius is known for its association with innovation and technology influencing bringing about revolutionary changes in how technology is utilized for spiritual growth, connection, and exploration. It could encourage the integration of advanced technologies into spiritual practices or the development of new ways to share spiritual knowledge globally. Aquarius is often associated with breaking down barriers and embracing unconventional thinking. Pluto's influence may prompt individuals and communities to challenge traditional spiritual norms, break free from dogma, and explore uncharted territories in the realm of consciousness and spirituality. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is linked to enlightenment and sudden insights and Uranus ends his retrograde January 27th so we will feel this energy already. As Pluto transits Aquarius, there may be a focus on empowering individuals with transformative knowledge and spiritual insights encouraging a surge in interest in esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, and alternative spiritual practices. This once in a lifetime transit represents the idea of the collective and interconnectedness fostering a deeper sense of global unity on a spiritual level. There is a heightened awareness of the interconnected nature of all living beings, encouraging a more compassionate and empathetic approach to life. Pluto's transformative energy  prompts a reevaluation of societal structures and their impact on spiritual well-being involving a collective effort to address issues of power, control, and inequality, fostering a more spiritually aligned approach to governance and social organization in a unity consciousness.

January 25th Full Moon in Leo

High vibrations of Leo are associated with qualities such as creativity, self-expression, confidence, and a desire for recognition. The full moon in Leo may inspire individuals to embrace their creativity and express themselves authentically and could involve exploring artistic pursuits, sharing personal stories, or simply being true to oneself. The full moon may bring spiritual themes of self-empowerment and embracing one's unique qualities and a time to celebrate individual strengths and shine one's light with confidence and alignment. Leo is associated with the heart, and this full moon may emphasize the importance of heart-centered connections with a sense of Spiritual growth during this time involving deepening connections with others, expressing love and compassion, and radiating positive energy. Leo energy loves recognition, and the full moon may be a time to celebrate personal achievements and milestones on the spiritual journey. Acknowledge the progress made, express gratitude, and honor the lessons learned thus far along your journey. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which can symbolize the ego involving finding a balance between the ego and spirituality. It's an opportunity to recognize the divine within oneself while staying humble and open to expansive growth. This full moon inspires us to share spiritual insights, wisdom, and love with others with acts of kindness and generosity as powerful ways to contribute to the collective spiritual consciousness. Use this full moon energy to empower yourself, connect mind and heart while dropping into your heart center for the benefit of self and the collective. 

January 27th Uranus goes direct

This marks a pivotal time as all planets align in direct motion until April. Uranus is associated with innovation, change, and disruption, while Taurus is linked to stability, material possessions, and the Earth. The aspects of Uranus direct in Taurus are associated with sudden insights and breakthroughs and, these revelations may have a connection to the material world, finances, and the Earthly aspects of life. Individuals  experience spiritual awakenings that lead to innovative and unconventional approaches to their relationship with the material world. This encourages liberation from the status quo with a spiritual call to embrace change in the realms of material security and values. Part of this could involve letting go of attachments to possessions, reevaluating priorities, and seeking a more liberated and authentic spiritual path through your heart center. Taurus is an Earth sign,  prompting a deeper connection between spirituality and the physical world by co-creating and BEing the frequency of what you have created energetically. Finding ways to integrate spiritual practices into daily life, fostering a greater awareness of the sacred within the material realm give you the opportunity to truly align and live in the physical realm in a place of abundance. Uranus often brings innovation and a desire for progress and as he is in Taurus, this will manifest as innovative approaches to material concerns such as finances, possessions, and the environment while adopting new, sustainable practices that align with higher consciousness. Uranus rebels against traditional views of possession and wealth which will  encourage individuals to find greater meaning and fulfillment beyond the accumulation of material wealth and what has true meaning. Uranus is known for its eccentric and unconventional nature and when direct in Taurus, you may be drawn to unique and innovative spiritual practices that resonate with your current values. This could involve exploring alternative healing methods,exploring more holistic healing, earth-based spirituality, or eco-conscious living.

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