Full Moon & Fall Equinox

Full Moon & Fall Equinox

The Full Moon on September 20th and the Fall Equinox on September 22nd (also, Mabon Sept 21st), brings a beautiful energetic shift. The full moon in Pisces is related to good fortune, generosity, new beginnings and positivity.

Shortly after the Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde begins as well, in the sign of Libra and will be the third and final retrograde for this year ending October 18th. All of these energies combined are the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past few months and your progress, also a time to heed your overall health and self care. Take time to ground (essential)! Communication will be vital during this transit as energetically it's vital to deflect negative energies (fear, anger, doubt etc.) and stay positive.

With this Full Moon entering the water sign of Pisces, make sure you're not letting go of your own wants and desires in order to people please, conform or dimming your light. Do not allow Mercury Retrograde to throw you off-balance as it can be challenging. Ground, breathe, meditate and stay positive! Full moons put us in our feelings and Pisces as a water sign, we may be feeling even more sentimental and emotional than usual. This Full Moon will ask us to purge some of the emotional baggage we've been carrying through the season and to process challenges that we are overcoming.

With the Fall Equinox on the heels of the Pisces Full Moon, its important to remember this is a time of shedding what you no longer need, like the trees shedding their leaves. The Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces and culminates a cycle of spiritual growth, increasing our divine connection to the energy within ourselves. Going within and taking time to set healthy boundaries and seeing life through a higher perspective. Do not get lost in the exterior 3D illusion, escapism and settling during this period. Is it a beautiful time of connection as Libra being an air sign, this is a time of making healthy connections and finding better balance.

Mabon is also beginning September 21st until September 29th and is a time of Celebration, reaping the benefits of your Harvest which you have planted over these past few months. A time of rest and celebration after the labour of harvest, the movement of reaping what you have sown over the past few months and a time to look at hopes and aspirations, reflect on how they have been manifesting within your life.

Some wonderful companion Crystal's to assist you:
Lapis Lazuli

You can find all of these crystals here.

Remember, attune within and choose to only engage in positivity, move away from fear, anger, judgment and embrace the healing energy available to you. 


- Allison Shaw

Spiritual Practitioner, Medium and Reiki Healer


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