Full Blood Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

Full Blood Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

Full Blood Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse followed by The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse

What you should know

Are you feeling lost, frustrated, emotional, annoyed and all around off kilter? Well, welcome to the last Eclipse seasons of the year!

This year has been an extremely active energetic year bringing 4 eclipses, 2 solar and 2 lunar eclipses (the longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years). There are major events that happen near eclipses and have intense energy.

There are two major types of eclipses: lunar eclipses and solar eclipses. Lunar eclipses involve the moon while solar eclipses involve the sun. Eclipses are more rare than new moons and full moons: They happen four to six times annually. The partial lunar eclipse comes when the Earth stands between the Moon and Sun which reduces the light from the Sun and this one arrives on November 19th 2021.

This Full Moon is a Beaver Moon also known as the Blood Moon due to its reddish appearance. This is not only a Full Moon but also a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus ending the season of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses from May 26 (in Sagittarius) and June 10th (in Gemini). We are moving out of the fight or flight and into taking our power back! We have had a plethora of shifts to contend with this year bringing about awakenings, ascensions, shifts, highs and lows, and so much more.

With Scorpio season of transformation, the metamorphosis of caterpillar becoming a butterfly for individual and collective energies which have forced us to work towards releasing and harmonizing with our intrinsic selves. A season of hibernation and rejuvenation is upon us, feeling extra sleepy, drained, emotional, then your on track.

This eclipse and Full Moon are a time or retreating, resting, releasing and allowing the ebb and flow of life to progress naturally. It is time to move forward and allow what needs to go, go, stop holding on to the past, otherwise you may be repeating patterns that are not conducive to your becoming and will hold you in an outdated energy. This Full Moon partnered with the Eclipse is a time for rapid change and is much more powerful and potent than our monthly Full Moons, bringing endings, awakenings, revelations and the choice to make a choice! Ready or not this Full Moon will have you in your feeling pushing you to make some possibly difficult choices that you have been avoiding or shying away from.

Change can be overwhelming, scary, frustrating and have you feeling very uncertain, but, Eclipses are extremely transformative and empower your choices, surrendering is key. Fighting against this energy will have you feeling like you are trying to swim up a waterfall, we can no longer hold on to energy, people, places, things, that are not in line with our journey home to our intrinsic self. This is a partial Lunar eclipse which will be followed by a total solar eclipse (not seen again until April 8th 2024) December 4th, so it is vital to “shit or get off the pot”, change is necessary for the next phase of your journey to unfold in the most beautiful way if you allow it.

Eclipses are basically portals for exponential growth, rapid change, both internal and external which can have us feeling out of sorts and off balance, so it is vital to use your tools and face our truth. This partial solar Eclipse is attuned to our unconscious desires, our emotions, intuition and self nurture. Added to the energy of the Beaver Moon (Blood Moon as it is partnered with the Partial Lunar Eclipse), which can represent harvest, reaping what we've sown, expansion, releasing, resting, recharging, and what ever seeds we have planted since the New Moon and most importantly taking stalk of ourselves.

Going within and addressing our own fu*kery in order to shift, release and move forward is a key element with this Eclipse and Full Moon, before the Solar Eclipse. Its time to let go of what no longer serves you, what is not conducive to your becoming, rebirth, renewal and new beginnings, before the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse will bring about more tangible energies in order for you to give power to achieving your goals and hearts desires, but first you must release in order to make room for the new energies to come in. During this transition of the Full Moon with  the partial Lunar Eclipse to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse (which will be in Sagittarius), which is all about new beginnings and new opportunities coming forward, hence why the importance of allowing the release of old energies.

Both of these Eclipses are encouraging us to evolve individually as well as collectively, challenging us to see from a higher perspective while going within. These two pivotal events are life changing and it is up to you whether that is for your betterment or not. Being in alignment with your intrinsic self, higher self and/or Divine Spirit team empowers you and supports you through what can be the happiest or the most difficult of times. The key is allowing the ebb and flow of life to happen, not restricting your self and feeling, dealing, and healing what needs to be felt. The partial Lunar Eclipse brings out our shadow and ego in order to asses what needs to be seen, like the Moon card in Tarot, what’s been hidden is shown. They tend to be emotional as we access ourselves and our place in the world while allowing ourselves to feel what needs to be felt and experienced in order to move forward. This is our opportunity to evolve and embrace change that needs to happen in order to move forward regardless how uncomfortable it may be.

We have to look at this as a gift from the Universe to take our evolution into our own hands in a more direct 3D and higher vibration manor. These past few months (year) have no doubt brought up old energies into the forefront of our consciousness, but it is to guide us towards our highest good, even though it may have been challenging, painful, heartbreaking to do so. What no longer serves us for our highest good, for our higher purpose must exit stage left. Our karmic lessons, connections and attachments have come forward to be healed and released, Sparta kicking us out of our comfort zones (toxic comfort zones especially) to show us what no longer has purpose moving forward as the lessons/wisdom has been shown and hopefully learned.

We have approximately 3 Lunar Eclipses a year which set up the energy for six months but we feel the energy well before and after, that is a major reason as to why it is so important to follow your higher path otherwise you remain in old energy. It is a great idea to see where these energies fall within your birth chart to assist you in where these changes are “destined” to happen in your life. Remember, Solar Eclipses bring you destined new beginnings and have a “Sun energy”, the brighter side of life and Lunar Eclipses are more in relation to destined endings, releasing or expansions that can be painful (reach out to our Astrologer Alexandra for more incite).

The November New Moon in Scorpio has been emotionally intense, bringing up past hurts and experiences that we may have dwelled on in order to bring forward what we have not completely released or still have attachments too. We’ve been asked to get real and honest with ourselves in order to feel, deal and heal what needed to be left in the past, including old ways of being. The Eclipse arrives towards the end of Scorpio season, with Sagittarius season coming in November 22nd , so now is the time to address the hidden parts of yourself, the energies you must relinquish in order to move forward.

Cease the day and energy to attune to your inner strength and overcome challenges you have faced over this past few months or longer. This is not a time to ignore the unconscious or shy away from disharmony. Clear away all that incites negativity or any lower vibrational energies, make room for your blessings and new beginnings using patience and trust. Allow lingering energies to come and go, any repressed emotions, outdated ways of being, thinking, feelings that cause a sense of disharmony no longer have a place in your energetic field unless you continue to give your power to them. It is time for self empowerment, stability, security, balance, bliss, abundance, resolution and embracing your higher purpose.

Be present in the present and envision the future your heart desires! Rest during the Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse, allow yourself to release and rejuvenate and when the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse appears, make those wishes and set your intentions. This is a superior opportunity to embrace freedom, bliss and fruition, but the choice is yours.


Allison Shaw 

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