Friday the 13th - Oracle Card Reveal

Friday the 13th - Oracle Card Reveal

Oracle Card Reveal for Friday the 13th! Take a deep breath. Choose one of the four crystals pictured in the cover photo. Don't second guess yourself.

Scroll down for your divine message.

1. Amethyst 

Full Moon - card 29 which breaks down to 11 (1).

The vibration of the number 1 is related to new beginnings, leaving your past behind you, growth,  success, optimism, safety in moving forward as you are Divinely supported. 

This Mandela is guiding you to connect with the cycles of grandmother moon, especially the phase of the full moon. Every 28 days grandmother moon shines in full grandness upon the shadows you have allowed to creep into your heart. She does so to guide us to release the burdens and all that no longer serves. Humans are creatures of habit and over time humanity has become accustomed to carrying stories, beliefs and fears, some of which can become unwanted, unnecessary baggage. During accelerated times of learning,  As we each shift in Consciousness, we are creating new ways of being within the physical self and may find it necessary to let go of aspects of our old selves. For eons, people have honored and celebrated the full moon and the light she brings into our lives. This card is a reminder of how important it is to celebrate this journey called life and let go of all that is holding you back. Allow the wings of the dragonfly to carry all that you release back into the moonlight where the ancient mother turtle carries it on to the sisters of the night sky. This card indicates a time of dance and celebration as you move forward, Lighter on your feet. Your connection with the Earth is deepening. Love yourself and your spirit expanding the infinite relationship you share with your heart and the heart of all that is. 

Full moon meditation. (We will be posting examples of Full Moon Meditations and Releases on Fri Aug 20th)

This is an excellent meditation for the Full Moon in Aquarius (2nd one following the July Full Moon in Aquarius), and is all about releasing and new beginnings. Take time to do this or another release ceremony to celebrate your growth and letting go of all that does not serve your growth. Full Moon ceremonies, reflections, releasing are an intimate process, so do what feels right for you. 

Where possible create a sacred space outside. You can do this by adorning the space of you're choosing with beautiful things that sing to your heart. Flowers, crystals, feathers, rocks candles, plants, anything you wish that resonates with you. You may wish to go for a walk and gather pieces from nature. With the items you have chosen, create a circle large enough to stand in, physically or using visualization, use a compass to mark the 4 directions if necessary (West, North, East, South). Visualize the full moon Mandela card (or screen shot it) in the center of the circle. Then address a list of all you wish to release to your higher self and the great beings of light, divine source energy. Continue to write down the things to be released until you come to a place of peace. You may wish to write down how your intentions for moving forward. Remember to finish the letter with appreciation. Take your letter and stand outside your circle. Hold the letter to your heart and step into the circle from the East. Place your writing at the center of the circle and take a moment to feel the emotion of the release and what they bring (freedom). You may feel joy, relief, sadness or trust. If you wish to burn your letter (which I suggest or if you cannot be outside burn it safely then flush it down the toilet) the sacred smoke will return all you have released to the universe. When you have completed your release ceremony, exit your circle to the West. 

Full moon healing exercise.

Find somewhere to sit comfortably. Visualize the Full Moon Mandela card in front of you, Kneel down, take a  Deep breath in, lean forward and place your hands at either side of the "card". As you slowly exhale, lean back and rest your torso over your thighs so that your forehead touches your knees or the ground. Remain kneeling, as you stretch and return to an upright position. Complete this healing process at least 3 times or until you feel at peace. To close this process, Bring your hands together above your head and then down over your heart with gratitude.  

Key elements. Silver ray, and road green ray. Heart shocker. Water. 3rd eye chakra. Flow. Surrender. Lotus flower. Ceremony. Ancient mother.


2. Selenite. 

Mount Shasta. Card number 37. Breaks down to 10 (1). The vibration of the number 1 is related to new beginnings, leaving your past behind you, growth,  success, optimism, safety in moving forward as you are Divinely supported 

Your origins; the seeds that make you what and who you are; star beings; sacred power places; unexplained mystical phenomena; intuitive messages and downloads; dreams and visions. 

Aware that their entire continent would be destroyed, the lamarians traveled to other parts of the globe. Mount Shasta has a profound connection with the lumerian people, as it was one place they journeyed. There are many tales of multi dimensional beings living inside the mountain and sightings of all kinds of unusual phenomena there. When I received the intuitive message that I would be writing and delving more deeply into the emerging theme of these cards, I had a strong vision to visit this mountain and channel a painting on it. After a range of synchronistities, I found myself there. The ambience of this magical place cannot be denied and the image you see on the card is what came through. Mount Shasta also seems to have connection to star beings and portals to multiple worlds and parallel realities. On arrival at Mount Shasta town, I was involved in a Pleiadian channeling circle where I had a vision of the stars communicating with the mountain through light code and interconnected glowing Gridlines lay over the entire Earth. I have experienced these  Luminescent gridlines before period I have been told I put my hand into them and connect my healing light with all other lights during their work across the planet. During my time at Mount Shasta, I came to understand there have been many ufo sightings there and I realized how connected the lumerians were to star beings. Further research revealed several accounts of lumerians being of mixed origins, from throughout the universe. This place holds many stories and I had my insights, but it felt right to keep the imagery for this card simple. I felt as if what Was depicted spoke beyond the mind. I was quite perplexed at what the meaning of this card would be. I knew Mount Shasta would be an important card in the deck, but I didn't realize how significant it would be until the following was revealed. I planned to include the symbols on the 10 chakra cards that would activate the chakras, but I wasn't sure how. The creation of these cards has been a profound unfolding and when I sought guidance, I received the message that The chakra activation codes were in this Mount Shasta painting. This image is The seed crystal that this whole deck is based around. This card is about origins. It is time to honor and look more deeply into your ancestry, both your bloodline and your etheric lineage. Do you have an affinity with any starving? Connecting with them might allow you greater insight into your traits, your strengths and challenges. Perhaps you have a lumerian connection? This card may also be encouraging you to visit sacred places you feel attracted to. They may have an intuitive message for you.


 3.  Moonstone. Full Spectrum. 

Card number 26. Breaks down to 8 (2 +6), number of infinity. Number of Karma. Cause and effect. Success. Fortitude. Strength. 8th sign of the zodiac. Achievement. Abundance.  Spiritual and material gain. 

Creating heaven on Earth by honoring the perfection of nature's cycles. going beyond the judgment of good and bad. the merging of duality. raw nature. Earth wisdom. connecting to ancestors. shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth. the way forward is in the whisperings of the land. honoring the full spectrum of life. 

What does heaven on Earth look like to you? Do you imagine lush green nature, ancient forests, pristine beaches, crystalline water systems and all the planets resides in full health, living in harmony with each other ? And yet, nature in its purest rost form is a balance of life-and-death, growth and decomposition, the eaters and eaten, in one way or another, this is the natural flux of life. We already live in Eden, but our efforts to own and segregate bring us further away from this paradium. Power trips, the need for imagined security, fear or avoidance of the shadow, keep us out of our freedom. They need to preserve and hold on tightly, only stunts our growth and leaves us drowning in a sea of plastic. The real disease on Earth, the barrier to Eden, is in Our minds. Life happens, but it is our perception of good and bad and our black-and-white judgments that prevent us from seeing the greater truth. When duality becomes one, we will find shambala before us. Perhaps perhaps we can find inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom. Does the tiny frog spend its day anxious over its vulnerable future? What happens when we realize fertile compost greets us when we allow ourselves to transmute our pain? When we honor all that came before, our roots and nourished and we grow with more vitality, vibrancy and life force. We can anchor more light for the collective and in turn, seed new growth. What happens when we realize the keys to our future are in the wisdom of the Earth and the dreamings of the indigenous? That the answers are in the geometry of the marco and and  Microsome, the nurturing embrace of oneness, in Mamma nature's arms? What happens when we find peace within the full spectrum of life? Even the notion of separation, this disease, can be symbolized as no more than a blackened leaf on a healthy tree. The oven flow of our evolution and devolution is a temporary blip in the universe. The message is to be what we can, to ground heaven on Earth, but not out of fear. We often try to Avoid or run from negative situations, but when fear steers our decisions and action's far more Devastation can result. When we choose to let our hearts lead us away from stories and outdated patterns, our challenges become the fertile compost that Feeds our ascending tendrils as they reach to the heavens and ground it's light back on Earth. Step out of the black-and-white mentality of judgment. Go beyond the concepts of good and bad. This card invites you to honor the full spectrum of life and find a new Way of perceiving your situation. When we judge something, we create a story around it. These stories often create illusion. Subconsciously, we gather so many of these stories over a lifetime. To heal our disease and crystallize  The new way, we need to create a space of our story where miraculous healing can happen. This space empowers us to be all we are and allows us to know our truth.. Embrace the full spectrum of creation in all her colors and the raw, muddy, earthbound shadow parts of a situation, to determine whether they are actually bad or if stories you have held onto are limiting your perspective.


 4. Rose quartz. Record keeper. Card number 4. 4 symbolizes stability, value, achieving goals, Divine angel guidance, you are supported, inner wisdom, discipline, integrity, Archangels, take action, making dreams come true, master manifestor, know you deserve it and it will be yours (heart centred desires). Your divine path. Shared learning. The wisdom of an elder.. 

This Mandela holds the energy of the great halls of wisdom and brings forth divine guidance of the ancient ways. The great halls of wisdom contain all that we are and have been. It is a library of divine wisdom that, just as each soul continues to grow, is ever evolving. The great hall's also contained divine blueprints or one's Akashic records. Beyond the earthly plain, the record keeper also contains ancient keys that can unlock sacred teachings from advanced civilizations that inhabit Alternative planes of existence. To access information from the great halls of wisdom, one must learn with an open heart and with no expectations for there is a consciousness held within and only those that seek with pure intention will gain entry. You are being called to bring higher ways of being into your present life for the greater good. This Mandela seeks to unite each person, 1 at a time, to increase awareness and expansion by harmoniously blending ancient ways within modern times. It is time for you to be aware of the birth of a melodic sound vibration that will sing to the song Lines across the globe. 

Record keeper meditation. 

Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down and visualize the record keeper Mandela in your receiving hand (dominant hand), Close your eyes, focus on your breath, bring your awareness down to your heart space and take a moment to be within the vastness there. When you are ready, call forward the consciousness of the great halls of wisdom and do so with pure intention.. Breathe, relax and listen as you  Begin to hear a sound, than a song. This is your soul song. Your heart's song is a pure vibration that can unlock all that the great hall contains. Do not worry if you hear no sound. At times your song can be felt as a vibration as it is something the ear shockers have not been accustomed to for some time perior sometime. Trust that you will know and feel when you are within the great halls. Take your time and be guided whilst within this space you may receive what you are needing without awareness, but awareness, but all will be revealed in perfect time. When you feel ready, imagine a rose pink orb within the hand that is holding the Mandela. Watch as it begins to spin and become one tone with your hand. When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your hands, your feet and the rest of your physical body, then open your eyes. You may wish to journal your experiences.

Key elements. Rose pink ray. Hand shocker's. Air shocker's. Heart shakra. Air element. Music. Vibration. Song lines. Divine blueprint. Wisdom. Whales.


- Allison Shaw

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