Dragon's Blood Incense

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Dragon’s Blood Incense

The Dragon’s Blood flora incense features a star ingredient from the family treasure trove.

Description/Key Notes:
Potent, Earthy, Harmonizing
The Dragon’s Blood incense helps protect and strengthen your aura from external negativity and psychic attacks thus energizing your psychic and spiritual core. Dragons Blood Incense Sticks instantly fill your home with a heady and uplifting aroma. This age old scent is ideal for setting a romantic mood and is also believed to have strong medicinal qualities.

Satya masala incense are all natural and are made from a unique blend of herbs, flowers, resins & oils. They are free from toxic materials which brings you a safe and natural experience.

Each incense stick burns for about 45+ mins. Each pack contains 15 grams (about 12 -15 sticks).

Female Empowered

808 Co is a black and indigenous female owned, and empowered brand. Our holistic approach to wellness is focused on healing your mind, body & spirit.