Custom Crystal Jewellery

So How Do I Bring My Crystal Jewellery Visions To Life?

At 808 Co. our creative juice is always flowing, and we love helping our customers on their healing journeys. This is why we offer the opportunity for you to create something custom, whether that be a combination of stones on a bracelet designed specifically for the energy you are looking to receive, or an entirely new style of pendant that you think would look amazing on you, and everything in between.

  • Fill out the form below.

  • Upon confirmation of the style/design of your piece, a deposit is required.

  • Once the deposit is received, we will begin working on your piece.

  • Please note, some crystals we may not have in stock and will need to be ordered; this will factor into the completion time of your piece. Typically, custom pieces take 2 - 3 weeks depending on the complexity, how many orders we receive, and sourcing any additional materials. This does not include delivery time.


Custom Jewellery Request Form