What was Mercury Retrogrades' message for you?

What was Mercury Retrogrades' message for you?

This Mercury Retrograde in Libra is a sign known for being relationship oriented. Relationships with self, loved ones, partners and the world around us have been challenged by the last Mercury Retrograde of 2021. What is it you needed to see and know for your journey?  What was the Retrograde in Libra saying to you?

Take a deep breath. Choose a crystal and scroll down for your message. Don't second guess yourself. 




* * * 

1. Fluorite
It is always true that whatever you are living always matches your chronic vibrational patterns, or beliefs. And it does not matter if you have an excellent excuse for your negative thoughts and negative emotions, they still equal your point of attraction. What is manifesting on every subject in your life is an indicator of the beliefs you leaves you hold and your chronic patterns of lot. Mindfulness of thoughts create a path of your hearts desires. Using gratitude even for the stormy times as there are always unlearned lessons and light being shed onto patterns of thoughts and actions.
Cherish the lessons you have learned on your journey thus far and embrace change with a grateful heart. Storms come as a way to clear the path for new fresh beginnings and now is your time to allow the ebb and flow of what is to come. You've made great strides and now it is a time of rest and receiving. Keep your heart open and know that this storm was meant to clear out the debris of past situations that had to come to an end. Surrender to the new growth and joyous wonders on the horizon. Know you are worthy and know you have done inner work of warriors, champions and Gods/Goddesses. Surrender the debris willingly and you will bring forth the wealth of abundance waiting for you. Trust in the Universe and feel gratitude for what was and what is to come.
2. Moonstone
You came as physical extensions of Swiss energy, understanding that you would explore contrast, causing expansion not only for you but for all that is. You knew that you could find your way back to the resources of your source by, feeling, your way and your way and by understanding that the relationship between you and you is not one of separateness but of alignment and resonance. When you master the art of allowing your consistent Alignment with the source within you, every other relationship will be beneficial and pleasurable.
This is a time to rest and rejuvenate, not take action. Ground yourself in a you are and all you are becoming. Feel the force of Divine Source within you, supporting and loving you unconditionally. Master the calmness within you so that anything happening outside of you cannot disturb your peace. We must remember, it is from within us that we see the world around us and no amount of worry, fear, stress or anger will change what is meant to come to pass. Your attunement with your inner Divinity offers you stability and strength to see the light in any situation. You are more powerful then you know and taking time to accept that and work with your intrinsic self (Higher self/Inner Source(God)/Universal Love), will empower you beyond the 3D distractions. Even when a storm is brewing around you, you have all you need within to secure your place to overcoming and to rise above the chaos into the Sovereign divine light and love where you originated from. You are an individual being and fully connected to the Universe. Remember, every storm passes and a rainbow will shine with glorious light and fruition if you choose to ebb and flow with the cycles of life.
3. Clear Quartz
When you pay attention to the way you feel and deliberately choose more thoughts that feel good while you think that, you will begin to recognize the nature of your broader non physical desires. The majority of negative emotions that you feel are not because the subject of your thought is wrong, but instead, because you are condemning something that your source does not condemn. Your source is one of love, not of condemnation. New beginnings are on the horizon and fruitful abundance is being offered. It is no longer time to hide or stay I'm the shadows afraid to be seen for who you are.
Releasing yourself from old ways of being, old ways of seeing yourself or the world around you bring forth abundant new beginnings. What was is not longer what is. Your transformation is beautiful and engaging, bringing you to a higher level of awareness and closer to your higher purpose. You have moved from one form of being to another and to many may be unrecognizable, but that is simply due to your transformation. Those who you no longer resonate with are simply attached to a lower vibrational past and you no longer live there. Free yourself and be seen in all your splendor and glory! Remember, how others see you or receive you is not your burden or responsibility, as you are your first priority. Your journey has been challenging and painful, but now you are ready for the joyful successes of overcoming. Continue to stay true to you and your journey, maintain healthy boundaries and embrace the becoming with fearless abandonment. New blessings and new beginnings await. 
Allison Shaw 

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