Unity in the 5D

Unity in the 5D

Unity in the 5D, where do you choose to be?

The 3D Earth which we were born into is based in
fear, separateness, power struggle, hierarchy
structure, keeping ourselves small, judgement, hate,
war, sickness, limits, controlled from external
sources, attachment, and victimhood.

I am what others want/expect me to be
I do what is expected of me from external forces
I follow 5D is (where we have the opportunity to transition
too) based in awakening, Love, unity, oneness, self
actualization, being the Alchemist/co-creator,
unbiased, freedom, knowing, higher perspective,
living from within, living a genuine/authentic
existence, benevolent, manifesting life through your
Etheric heart (spiritual heart).

I am a co-creator with the creator of worlds
I choose the path of least resistance
I embrace my intrinsic self and know I am worthy of
living an abundant life

Do you choose to live in a vibration of oneness and
unity consciousness. A place of higher
consciousness where we grow together, supporting
the highest good of humanity. As above, so below...
drawing from the unity consciousness of Source
(God/Creator/Jehovah/ Allah/ Shiva etc.), and below
drawing from the connectivity of Mother Earth (Gaia,
Magna Mater, Terra, Great Mother, Goddess Earth
etc.). This creates a center of the Universe within
each of us, our inner Source.

Do you choose to live in a vibration of separateness
where we are separated by nationality, color, religion,
socioeconomic status, gender etc. And there is one
vs one, a hierarchy generated through the construct
of those who benefit from our segregation/separateness.

Chaos through power
struggles, one trying to be "better" than another, one
trying to prove their betterness through materialistic
lives. A place where the price of a car has more value
than a life. A place where we are controlled through fear.
If people continue to choose to live in a fear based
3D energy, the continue to choose separateness.
How do we as a human race benefit from
separateness? We don't. Only the top of the
proverbial "pyramid" benefit. Keeping us divided by
fear and constantly causing conflicts that keep that

The past 3 years have been another example of that
and historically, there is a constant feed of fear based
control from the ones want us to continue to believe
they are in power. Fear is the greatest prison. If each
of us mad a conscious choice to delve deep within
ourselves, away from fear, away from the ingrained
3D perspective, we would all remember our intrinsic,
genuine, whole connected selves.

Our power stands within each of us, within the
remembrance of our connectedness our oneness.

If we made a conscious choice to stand unified,
unified in a rising in knowing we, together make a
difference. Unified in power of the highest vibration of
Love, power in our freedom to be the Divine beings
we were born to be, power in oneness. Or we choose
to remain in a prison and simply exist. Prophets
throughout the centuries have been telling us this, in
countless different forms, through music, poetry,
writings, art, speeches, direct and indirect ways, they
have highlighted the path for all of us.

We achieve this through self healing and expansion.
If we come from a place of healing, a healed place
from within where there is no judgment, no hate, no
desire for power over another, no desire for validation
from another, no desire for being anything less than
your Divine authentic, genuine being of Love. Corny
as it may sound, it is truth and those who shy away
from truth will mock and belittle things they do not
understand, things they may unconsciously fear.
There are so many ways in which we can work on our
self healing and being open to allowing your self to heal, we just have to want a
better life for ourselves. To truly and deeply desire a
healthier and happier way of being and living.

What do you have to lose by surrendering to your
healing besides leaving behind, suffering, heartache,
wounded inner child and wounded versions of your
ego and shadow. Unhealed versions of self who hid
in the darkness within. We all have darkness within
us but it's within that we find a balance of light and
dark, being human as well as an extension of Source.
Things can happen outside of us that cause feelings
of grief, anger, heartache but when we find a balance
we see able to transmute any lower vibrational
energies and utilize them to feel our continued

Thinking of ourselves as an extension of Source,
having an inner Source and the power to cocreate a
healthy, blissful abundant life, can feel
incomprehensible. It takes openness, patience,
surrender, stillness, mindfulness, willingness, and being open to allowing your Divine Spirit team to work with you to begin your healing
journey. Once you've made your choice, seek healthy
support when needed and trust in the ebb and flow of

It's time to align with and open the book of wisdom
that lays within you, within each of us we hold this
book for our highest knowing and understanding.
When we choose to move away from a fear based
mentality and truly connect with all that we are and no
longer allow ourselves to be victims of circumstances.
You are the architect of your reality. You are a drop in
the Ocean of oneness. You are the writer of your

The logical thinking mind a is fear based, 3D
programmed aspect of self, a disempowered self.
But, when we live through our Spiritual heart, we no
longer fear our journey and finally genuinely trust in
ourselves, our Divine Spirit team and the journey

I generally don't speak on topics in the mainstream
but, I will speak on these as they are relevant.

Woman not having choice for their personal bodies,
coupled with the issue of the bill regarding "extreme
intoxication". If every lawyer, doctor, nurse, law
enforcement officer, etc. said No, we will not
be party to this... there would be no one to sue,
charge, condemn, prosecute, arrest, file paperwork,
and so forth. This is what unity is, no judgment of
each other, simply standing together for freedom from
the prison of an age old outdated, crumbling
hierarchy of suppression. We are in power, major
rules and we, unified, are the majority. In the 1970s
and 80s, Icelandic women took a day off to
demonstrate the importance of the contributions
women make daily to society as a whole and income
equality. This created historical change, without
violence, volatility or destruction, simply by unifying.

The choices we make, construct the life we live. You
are an infinite Divine being, who has come here to
find your way home, back to oneness.

You are worthy and deserving of a healthy, happy,
prosperous life.

You are loved.

You matter.

You are limitless.

You are not alone.

You are love.

You are ready.


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