Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 2022

Summer Solstice shines the Sun directly overhead where we receive the light and warmth most directly, making the shortest nights and longest days of the year and the signs are all around us!

We have been in a spiritual labor so to speak, birthing new and transformative ways of being. We’re learning that fighting the natural flow of life and understanding we are literally magnets, is a process of becoming and alignment. It's up to us what we choose to align with, do we fight the natural flow of clearing, rebirth and expansion or do we surrender to the ebb and flow of life.

When women give birth, our bodies know what to do and we couldn't stop the process if we wanted to, if we allow fear to control us it makes the process more difficult as we are fighting against the natural process of life. When we get a wound or break a bone, we don't tell our body how to heal it, it just does because we surrender to it unknowingly, as we know that it'll heal in time. Do we have to tend to a wound? Yes, we make sure we keep it clean and change bandages etc. otherwise it could become infected if we allow the bacteria/germs to fester. It's the same with Spiritual hygiene, being mindful of your thoughts, emotions and feelings supports your healing rather than allowing them to run away and have the thinking mind talk shit to you (so to speak). If we use our healing tools like self-awareness and mindfulness, it keeps our energetic field “clean”. Holding on to unhealthy thoughts, emotions, feelings, attachments, old programming and any sense of lack/scarcity, keeps us in old unhealed energetic stagnancy. Not tending to your “wounds” (unhealthy thoughts/emotions etc.), allows things to fester and then we end up feeding irrational behaviors, obsessive over thinking, victimhood mentality, holding onto the past (co-dependent attachments, toxic comforts, old outdated mindsets etc.), remaining in a fear based energy and fighting against uncertainty, keeps you in the lower vibrational “lack” energy. 

Understanding, there is power in uncertainty, it feeds building trust in the Universe, yourself and this process of healing and becoming. Summer Solstice is a time of blessings, fruition and allowing the harvest of the seeds you have planted to bloom. Being mindful of your body, mind and Spirit in finding balance and surrendering to your healing while surrendering the unhealed parts of self are food for the Soul. Feed your mind healthy thoughts, supportive and loving thoughts, feed your body healthy foods and stay hydrated with water and herb infused teas (mushroom coffee is a great alternative to add if your love coffee), feed your soul things that bring you joy and lightheartedness (being in nature, being present, listening to upbeat positive music, doing art, spending time in solitude and learning to love your own company), will support your growth in exponential ways. There are infinite ways to feed your body, mind and soul in supportive, healing ways. It's time to find your balance and embrace bliss! 

We are moving into a rare planetary alignment on June 24th Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus will join together in a grand symphony. Our Sun will shift from the Air sign of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) asking us to be flexible, observant and open to learning new ways of seeing, into the Water sign of Cancer. As we shift with the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer we will feel more connected to family, friends and deepen our emotional roots. Cancer is the 1st Water sign of the Zodiac and we may feel more emotional, don't shy away from it, embrace the fluidity of your emotions and see the power in vulnerability with self and those closest to you. We are beings who are living in a human, who lives through emotions, feelings and everything in between. It's time to embrace the true fluidity of emotions through this Cancer transit and uncover that balance. 

Where are you allowing your emotions/feelings to control you? 

Where do you need to work on healthy boundaries? 

What are emotions/feelings asking you to witness and surrender? 

Asking yourself these challenging questions while our Sun is in Cancer is part of surrendering to your healing and growth and will support you bringing your true heart's desires into fruition (remember we may think we know what is best for us but in truth our higher self knows the deepest of our hearts desires). It's time to allow everything that is not serving our highest good to exit our lives as the Universe is working to shine light on the shadows of self, the unhealed parts of us. Work with your inner child, shadow and ego in order to release the lower vibrational ways of being. Our entire being is asking us to be present with ourselves and how we see ourselves and the world around us. We are magnetic beings, we attract what we feel, this is why it is vital to allow yourself to heal and create space for all the new beginnings that are being offered. 

This Summer Solstice energy is an offering of new beginnings as it shifts us into the 2nd half of 2022 (like another new year). Cancer being a Water sign is the perfect way to flow with our emotions and deepen our healing, bringing forth freedom if we allow ourselves to fully flow with rather than against this energy. What has been trying to exit your energy (unhealthy thoughts, relationships, old ways of being/dealing etc), and why have you been grasping so tightly to things you know within you are not in service to your highest good? 

We all struggle with underlying fear which exposes itself through our behavior, reactions, defensiveness, anger, judgements and our inner dialect. We must remember the importance of the basic concept of how we choose to think, feel and transmute our experiences, creating our perception of our reality. Choosing to take the path of least resistance, living in a place of non-attachment (ebb and flow), adapting the mindset (in a high vibrational way) of “it is what it is” and finding comfort in the uncertainty, will open up so much energetic space for you to receive. This is such a powerful time of empowerment, trust, connection, opportunity, mindfulness and self love, if we are willing to move away from the conformity of a fear based mentality. We must work with the darkness within us in order to balance the light and give love to all parts of ourselves, even the parts we shy away from or feel guilt or shame towards. We all have lower and high vibrational shadow, ego and inner child energy and it's vital to work with them in order to heal and release the weight of what was, in order to embrace the offerings of what is and can be. Utilize this energy to love all parts of you. 

Many have lived in fight or flight, fear, judgment and lower vibrational shadow energy for many years and now it is time to rise above and flow with the stream rather than constantly trying to swim upstream. 

Whenever the Sun is in the sign of Cancer it's an opportunity to align with our intuition, trusting our gut instincts, as we are more in-tune with our emotions in a healing and observant way. Don’t allow the fear based thinking mind to guide you in the direction of doubt, unworthiness, judgment etc.,  It's time to release the judgment of self, others and the world around you. Judgment is a lower vibrational energy that feeds fear, anger, insecurities etc., and is programmed into us. We have been taught/programmed to judge everything, rather than to observe, which is not easy to conceptualize as it goes against everything we've come to know and understand. But this is where pettiness, hate, insecurity and reactiveness are born. If we were truly in the energy of self-love, balance (Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine and emotional intelligence), mindfulness and self-awareness in body, mind and soul, we would all be in a place of inner peace. 

As we shift from the lower vibrations we will feel “ick” when we are judging ourselves and others, when we eat something that our body deems as unhealthy, when we have negative thoughts, it will feel like inner conflict as we align more closely with our higher self. We are an extension of Source/Creator/God consciousness as well as Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia (as above, so below), and we are literally the center of our own Universe. What we each emanate unpacks the whole, the oneness, the collective energy and when we choose to align with the lower vibration of the unhealed, which includes our ancestral healing responsibly and honor, we send out a vibrational ripple. So, it is imperative to do your inner work, surrender to your healing and love all parts of yourself, heal the parts that lay in the shadows and expand the light instead of the dark. Embrace the entirety of self and rise above the judgment, we all do the best we can according to who we are in each moment but it is up to us to learn from each experience without judging it but rather learn, grow and expand from it. We use fertilizer (poop) to grow healthy foods, so use the “poop” from your past to feed your growth and expansion rather than allowing it to consume you and block out the small of the roses and the deep nutrients of the food being offered. 

Many have been in burnout mode, so take time to embrace this energy of the Summer Solstice and feel the connection to the higher self in personal empowerment, healing and evolving. Come home to that intrinsic part of self and embrace your authentic, genuine truth of who you are here to be and all you have and continue to overcome. Understanding and having some appreciation for the shitshow of life experience and seeing them as the fertilizer for your healing and growth will offer you a more supportive mindset rather than the victimhood that we can all fall prey to. Take time to be present in whatever is being shown to you, allow it to open the path to your home within your human.

Summer Solstice is a point of power where we can choose to work with the energy in fluidity or against it causing us to remain “stuck” in stagnant outdated energies. We don't have to look outside of ourselves for closure, confidence, connection, expansion, trust, faith, it is all within us. Surrender any unhealthy thoughts, emotions, reactions, connections, emotions, feeling, to Source and allow yourself to move forward away from the fear based mentality and into the true vibration of unconditional love, which is where we began, in the oneness in unity. Spirit shows me in different ways how we are connected to oneness. One being the Tree of Life, Source is the trunk and we are all branches and leaves experiencing life and unconsciously sending the experiences to the collective, to Source. We may be living in separate bodies but we are energetically connected and this is why when you meet certain people you feel an immediate connection to them, a familiarity, a sense of knowing. We are infinite beings here to experience a plethora of things, like children learning how to walk and being reborn in ways we don't always understand. 

Take some time to look to the southeastern sky just before sunrise on the Summer Solstice tomorrow and witness to the moment when you can see Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon. Rise with the Sun and feel the power this beautiful day brings. Be present, enjoy the moment and don't allow your thinking human mind (or other people) to talk fear into your dreams and hearts desires, it's time you fully believe/know in the Magick that you are and the unlimited being you were born from.  

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