New Moon & Lions Gate Portal 8/8

New Moon & Lions Gate Portal 8/8

New Moon in Leo, The Lions Gate Portal and 8/8.

What's it all mean? 

Let’s start with the New Moon in Leo energy; Leo entices and encourages us (when you listen), to embrace our uniqueness, creativity and individuality. We live in physical form as humans, when in truth we are continuous beings of energy; exploring, learning, evolving and finding our way home to self. Home to a place within us, (our inner Source, intrinsic self), home within us that is directly connected to Divine Source energy, our inner Source born from unconditional Universal Divine Love. New Moon in Leo is about growth and moving away from our comfort zones and embracing our fullness and wholeness. Confidently standing in our true, authentic power, walking our path of purpose and embracing the rebirth of who we are becoming. It is about owning all of who we are, being proud of what we have overcome, appreciating the wisdom and the lessons and gaining confidence in our journey. Forgiveness is key to moving forward, forgiveness of self and others in order to free ourselves from old outdated patterns of being and moving into healthy patterns of becoming. Leo energy is heart centered and calls us to see beyond conflict and to embrace our light of consciousness, awareness and intrinsic truth. Connecting with Your Higher Self, the Divine within you and around you who always knows what is best for you and the journey of your soul contract. Working from this state allows you to work in harmony with the Universe and the journey of your soul.


The Leo New Moon is a time of high creative energy and a power time for connecting to higher frequency energies; connected to the Leo Sun sign which is intensely individual and not content with simply being just one of the team. Our Sun sign embodies our emotions, personality, our basic identity, representing self-realization, directly associated with our ego, also connected to our judgmental and over analytical self (which relates to our Ego). Sun is in Leo from July 22 to August 22. The Sun is confident, outgoing, joyous and playful (excellent time to work with your inner child and embrace the playful energy). It’s time to shine, be creative, and allowing the flow of becoming and expressing ourselves through our individual creativity. Also, Mercury is in Leo from July 27-August 11. When Mercury is in Leo, our thinking is more confident and grand. The focus is now on the goal–and the more grand a goal the better! Working with manifesting our hearts desires without attachment to the outcome or the how/when.


New Moons are always a power time for intention setting, but this is even more so when the New Moon falls in the highly creative sign of Leo and alongside the Lions Gate Portal 8/8. The Lions Gate Portal is activated due to the rising of the star, Sirius. Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun which ancient civilizations believed it is a powerful time of rebirth (which has been the overall energy with the Full Moon in July and August in Aquarius), higher consciousness and awareness as well as a deep Spiritual advancement (Ancient Egyptians believed it was a time of renewal and advancement). New Moons are also the best time to work with manifestations (as Full Moons are associated with releasing and reflecting). Take time to truly think about what you want and what's important and set goals for the weeks ahead. Of course, the Lions Gate Portal is one of the most powerful energies for manifestations in the calendar year, which gives this New Moon extra momentum. A cosmic vortex opens up, bringing with it waves of powerful light that hit Earth from the galactic centre. The activation of the sun brings in amplified sun energy which is intensified also by the fire energy that is harnessed from Leo, being a Fire sign. 


What is interesting about Lions Gate is that it is the 8th day of the 8th month, when we have Leo, the 8th sign of the zodiac. ​Thus it is often referred to as 8/8. This means that you have double impact and presence of the powerful 8 energy. Also, if you are an 8 person, born on an 8 day, have 8 somewhere in your birth chart, it is your life path number in numerology, or if you happen to be a Leo or fire sign, well, expect major change, transformation and illumination! The number 8 sideways signifies the powerful infinity symbol the shape of the number 8 reminds us of the DNA spiral, as well as abundance. Attuning yourself to the energy of receiving brings forth the power of manifesting. Think of it as buying a new car, you choose the car you want, the color, the HP but you don’t build the car. When you want to manifest you don’t control how or when it comes forth, you simply put your order in as to what you desire and once you are in the receiving energy (removing your need to control how or attachment etc.), and trust that what you desire will come forth in Divine timing, remember you are the creator, not that builder.  


With the New Moon and the Lions Gate Portal aligning this year, this will be an intensely powerful time of manifesting your deepest hearts desires. As we step into higher levels of consciousness, as a collective (by doing our individual work on ourselves) we are being called to see that what we create is divinely connected to the energetic consciousness (so within, so without) around us. What we give attention to (thoughts and emotions), we empower. What we choose to birth through our thoughts, emotions and attention, comes from each of us and how we “see” the world around us. Choosing to remain in a healing and higher vibrational state changes the outcomes outside of us simply by attuning to a higher vibrational state uniting together in the energetic healing of the totality of consciousness. If you view the world through fear, anger, injustice etc., then you attract more of the same. Take time to work with this spectacular and magikal event in the heart of Leo before the major cosmic shift beginning Aug 22nd, as the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius (Blue Moon), arrives on the same day as Virgo season begins.


This Lions Gate in Leo New Moon represents infinity, enlightenment, DNA activations and time to integrate the high frequency of Sirius. Think of Sirius energy as a key, helping to unlock greater awareness, our destiny, new layers of our soul contract, and light codes that we came to this Earth to explore and work with. Integrate with your higher self, your Spirit team, your inner Source and the New Moon. Consciously connecting with your Higher Self allows you to reach a new place of freedom and power in a state of complete trust that all is unfolding for your highest good. It is through shaking up our perceived reality we begin to see things from new light and growth, moving away from victimhood, lack or fear. The comfortability of uncertainty is a part of the process and also and essential powerful teacher in learning how to detach, stay in the present moment, and open to our full potential. Some of us may be working through feeling unsteady, and now is the time to choose to shift that into a sense of unlimited possibilities and awakening. Use this time to empower yourself, push boundaries out of your comfort zone, explore the depths of your soul, meld with that inner confidence and heart-centered activates that feed your passion for life.


Take time to meditate, use affirmations, stay hydrated, focus on self-love, self-care, allow the ebb and flow of life to happen with confidence! Also, review your astrological chart to see where your Leo placement is (reach out to our Western Astrologer Alexandra) Do things you enjoy, get some sunshine, walk in Nature, plant some seeds in your garden, dance, sing, re-read your favorite book, hang out with someone you love, paint/color, or do what ever feeds your Sacral Chakra with passion for life! Work with your inner child, embrace the pure loving energy that they bring. Remember, stillness speaks! Take time for you and make room for this transformational energy lovingly. 

- Allison Shaw

Spiritual Counsellor, Medium & Reiki Practitioner.




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