New 'Black' Moon in Taurus

New 'Black' Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is happening April 30th, 2022 and is also known as the Black moon due to the it being the 2nd new moon in a calendar month.

Well, this has been a powerful start to the astrological new year which began March 20th, 2022. This month has 2 new moons (April 1st was the first new moon of the astrological new year), first being in the courageous sign of Aries on April 1st with its fiery momentum of renewal and collective rebirth and showing us where we need to find harmony in our lives. This new moon also aligned with Mars and Saturn, with Mars being the planet of action and Saturn, the planet of Karma. 

As Aries is seen as the 1st of the zodiac signs and is ruled by the planet Mars, it was a force not to be reckoned with. Aries higher aspects are known for being natural born leaders with their element of fire, giving lead to their boldness of determination for achieving goals. The energy of the Aries new moon asked us to embrace the highest vibrational aspects of Aries through confidence, courage and optimism in order to align with our highest and greatest good and trust in the process.

This planetary meeting was the beginning of a shift of releasing energy that is not aligned with our highest good for our future selves and giving all a proverbial energetic shove, to put it mildly, to release old outdated energies. This started a domino effect in highlighting where we needed to surrender and align with deep healing and long term goals for our highest and greatest good in the coming year. This new moon was followed by the full moon in the sign of Libra on April 16th, when Mars shifted into Pisces correlating with Venus (who rules Libra) as well as Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and Jupiter. This alignment was to help dissolve obstacles in the path of our energetic ascension to a place of personal power and elevation, while leading us to the end of the Lunar Eclipse cycle in Taurus that began November 2021 as well as the Solar Eclipse beginning in December 2021. 

Eclipse energy echoes for approximately 6 months, which is a very important reason to work with the energy rather than against it. Libra’s higher aspects feed our sense of diplomacy, balance and looking on the brighter side of life for our benefit. Many tower moments (change) during this month have and are happening but they are for the better if we allow them to be, surrendering to the process of change and releasing control of the uncontrollable will help the transitions that need to take place for your benefit. As this energy from the 2nd new moon for April arrives, which energy has been felt already thanks to the 1st Solar Eclipse happening on the same day, this is a Divine opportunity to plant ourselves firmly in the energy of new beginnings. This Solar Eclipse melding with the 2nd new moon in the Earth sign of Taurus brings grounding, new stability and supercharged fated events, clearing the way for fruition of new blessings.

This Eclipse energy will last until about the end of October, bringing with it only positive aspects and turning points. Generally speaking Solar eclipses and new moons are wonderful times for new beginnings and planting seeds, and this one in particular is immensely powerful offering us the energy of the Gods so to speak. Anything we have been resisting and or chaotic energy lingering must be surrendered so that the positive changes can root themselves with our true hearts desires for our highest benefit in living a fulfilling and purposeful life. We must allow the freedom of positive changes into our lives and release outdated energies. The positive aspects of Taurus being offered are based in patience, generosity, determination and trust, asking us to align with the beauty of the life we choose to create for ourselves. Being flexible during this transition and really working with mindfulness will help this energy be of full benefit to you and the co-creation of the life that is being offered. It is a chance to truly engage with optimism, trust and flexibility while you release anything freely that does not serve your true desires in this life.

You have climbed the staircase to a doorway of uncertainty and new beginnings so its time to decide if you wish to turn and go back to what was or kick in the door of newness and heartfelt treasures. When we go through this type of transition/accession it can feel like a tower/death moment, a drastic change of energy raising us in a higher vibration of fruition and setting the stage in allowing the new to come forward. If we choose to descend back down the stairs to the familiar, it will hold a repetitive cycle which will stay with us over the next 6 months due to the Solar Eclipse's power adding a tsunami of energy. As humans we tend to stick to what we know rather than trusting in the unknown and uncertainty of change, but this is truly an offer from the Universe to surrender and embrace the unknown. 

The Universe is offering us deep healing, growth and an abundance of alignment for our benefit in all aspects of life, it's all in how we choose to see and accept change. This powerful duo of alignment will open doors, guide us to new paths, experiences and literally hand us the platter of fruition if we allow the ebb and flow. Truly trusting the process and releasing doubts, fears, worries while relinquishing control to your Spirit team, higher self, God consciousness, asking them for Divine healing, Divine guidance, Divine intervention, Divine support, gives them the freedom to work closely with you in order to achieve your truest hearts desires (they truly know what is best even when we think we do). Our Spirit team works with us every moment of every day in love and support, but we have free will to which they cannot interfere as we have lessons we have come to learn, so it is vital to ask them to assist you even when we are not sure with what. Simply say things like my Divine team I need you, I surrender to your love for my highest good etc. and truly allow them to guide and support you. 

Eclipse are known for bringing destined experiences to light and guiding us to new beginnings for our spiritual ascension and evolution. Eclipses are also thought to accelerate timelines showing us what is ultimately inevitable while challenging us to trust the process of our individual evolutions and personal power. This power packed event also offers a planetary parade of Mars (governs passion, determination, confidence and personal power), Jupiter (healing, expansion, miracles and growth in all aspects of life), Venus (governs values both in relationships and material, pleasure) and Saturn (governs achievements, values foresight and significant events in life), offering all a once in a lifetime astrological event. Eclipses are known to help realign us with our destiny even when it feels painful so with this astrological line up of events this is putting the deep emphasis in embracing our true self-worth, environments and new opportunities in our highest benefit in all aspects of our lives. 

As this is happening in the Earth sign Taurus, it will offer stability, clarity and a deeper sense of emotional strength in order to ebb and flow with this influx of energetic shifts. This bountiful burst of change may feel overwhelming, uncertain and chaotic, but you have the power to choose to ebb and flow while allowing to go what needs to go and aligning with the newness being offered, even when we don't consciously understand. Fighting against this type of energy is like griping the sharp end of a knife and refusing to release it, you will only be causing yourself unnecessary pain. You are a deeply powerful being and you have a choice in how you live your life. 

Below I've listed some healthy tools to assist with this powerfully beautiful shift:                   



There are a number of ways to incorporate meditation into your life which are extremely beneficial in supporting your body, mind and spirit. 

Sitting/standing meditation, Crystal meditation, Shower mediation, Candle meditation, Visual meditation, Walking meditation, Dancing meditation, Tree mediation, Breathwork meditation, White noise meditation, Art meditation are just a few options to try. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, try a number of different methods and do what feels good and resonates with you. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel like you have to do it a certain way, we are all individuals and must find the ways that work best for us.

Breathwork exercises

There are breathwork exercises that assist us in relieving anxiety, stress and bottled up negativity. Belly breathing (diaphragmatic breathing), Lions breath/Dragon breath, Alternative nostril breathing, Box breathing, Mindful breathing, 4,5 breathwork  (inhale for the count of 4 or 5, hold for 4 or 5 and controlled release for 4 or 6), and Tapping breathwork are just a few techniques you can try.

Other techniques include: 

  • Programming your water (talking into your water with positive affirmations before drinking it)
  • Self talk mirror work (saying kind, loving things to yourself while looking in the mirror, talk to yourself in a supportive way), or self talk “therapy” talking to yourself out loud like you were talking to a friend who needs support in a healing and positive way “I know you are feeling overwhelmed right now but you are strong and supported by the Universe”
  • Journaling
  • Using sticky notes around your home with supportive affirmations
  • Utilizing crystals in your daily routine (carrying them in your pocket, wearing crystal jewelry, putting them under your pillow while sleeping etc.)
  • Movement is vital as well (go for a walk, do stretches, practice Yoga, workout, just keep it simple)
  • Staying hydrated and eating clean is vital. Drink lots of water, herbal blends, avoid sugary/caffeinated drinks, and try to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies into your daily routine
  • Talking with your Spirit team all day every day
  • Embrace your creativity (if you like to draw, paint, plan, organize etc)
  • Excellent time to spring clean and declutter (our outer space reflects our inner so the more you clear and organize your space the better the energy will flow)
  • Be mindful of what you engage in (TV shows/music that have you feeling lower vibrational energies, people you talk to, unhealthy situations etc) we must remember what we choose to engage in and participate in give situations, people, places and things power over us when we allow them to. 

It's very important to find that happiness that is already within you, the place of inner peace which we all have when we release everything that distracts us from our own power. Do simple things that feed your soul, dance around your home to your favorite music, write poetry, spend time in nature, go for a drive, play with your pet, plant some veggies or flowers (planting is an excellent reminder that it takes time to grow and prosper, we dont keep digging up the seed to see why its not growing, we trust that is will and it does). Ebbing and flowing is not about being perfect it's about surrendering and trusting the process, we don't scold a child learning to walk because they fall, we encourage them and know they will get it eventually. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity offered to all over the next few months, it's up to you to choose how you want it to support you. It starts now and it starts with you, you are the alchemist of your life! 



Allison Shaw 

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