May Forecast

May Forecast

What to expect in the month of May 2023?

May brings us into the 3rd month of the astrological year (March 20th is the astrological new year), and 3 is all about harmony, balance, creativity, moving beyond fear, empowerment, abundance and to remind us that everything we seek is already within. Also, the number 5 for May being the 5th month of the calendar year. 5 represents significant positive change, freedom, new beginnings, ascended master number, growth, expansion and creating your reality. 

But the energy we are already vibing with continues and some ending in May are intense. We have Jupiter, planet of expansion and miracles in Aries until May 16th before he returns to Taurus until May 2024. This planet of boldness will be leaving Aries which was all about rebirth, higher consciousness and creation, while Taurus materializes and operates in the material realm embodying fertility. This alignment is pushing us to bring things to embody our intrinsic values and the evolution of our collective consciousness. Don't fall prey to the lower vibrational cynical aspects that mislead and diminish the truth of your integral part of the collective ascension. We are also in the 1st Mercury retrograde of the year (although we began 2023 with a Mercury retrograde from 2022), which brings us opportunity to revisit, review and reassess what is and/or not working as well as what is in alignment with the life we are creating for ourselves. 

On May 1st the planet of transformation, domination, death, rebirth and the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, retrogrades in Aquarius, which will be felt on a psychic level asking us to review the transformations of your healing journey. Pluto entered Aquarius March 23rd 2023 and will weave in and out of Aquarius until 2044. As this is partnered with the Mercury retrograde you must flow with the lingering shadows of what is not serving you any longer and feel, deal, heal and release as we work with the energy. This is the first time Pluto has been in retrograde in Aquarius in our lifetime! This is a gifted opportunity to flow with the aspects of transformation, rebirth, regeneration, reinventing yourself as well as digging deep into the unknown, unafraid to birth your own system of Spirituality. A time of the energy of rebirth and rising from the ashes of what you have overcome. This retrograde may feel like it is slowing the progress of transformation as it is asking to take time, be still and see yourself in this moment. Take time to be still, stand in your power, reflect, release what is not serving you, do shadow work and reassess the relationships in your life that disempower you. Remember you are in control of you and nothing has power over you without your consent. This is not a time to make major decisions, manifest, or start new projects. Rest, reassess, rejuvenate, rethink and surrender all limiting beliefs. This Plutonian vibe can feel uncomfortable as it is meant to shed light on the things that may have been hidden in the shadows. Overall it is an opportunity for profound expansion, spiritual growth, financial abundance but be mindful as it can also lead you on a path of obsessive behaviors, power struggles and a victimhood mentality if you don't keep yourself in check. Mindfulness, shadow work and self awareness will be keys to working with this energy.    

We are in Eclipse season and On May 5th we will experience the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This is a multifaceted energy bringing in the aspects of Scorpio, the Lunar eclipse, the full moon and the retrogrades. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto (Pluto retrograded May 1st), bringing forth the energies of the Phoenix, Scorpion, transformation, regeneration, stubbornness and expanded psychic abilities. This Lunar eclipse activates your first house of self (offering insight into how you experience new situations, self image, how you see yourself  vs how you are seen), which stimulates us in all aspects (physical, emotional, mental). This is a time to look at external things that affect you in order to understand where you need to release control of the uncontrollable. A time of significant change (theme of 2023), while we tap into our progressive nature allowing ourselves to hear our Spirit team as they lead the way to necessary growth and expansion. The cosmic push of the full moon illuminates conflicts seen and unseen within us, which will be felt more deeply due to the Lunar Eclipse, bringing unconscious emotions to the conscious. This time of great change can be potent, emotional, freeing and may have you in a state of uncertainty as you are asked to see the unseen to support your growth.  

On May 7th Venus enters Cancer until June 5th 2023. Venus is the planet of Love, relationships, finances and influences how we feel when it comes to any loving relationships, with ourselves or others. As the planet of Love partners with Cancers’ nurturing, emotional and fertile energy we may feel increased sensitivities and the cosmic energy influencing all of our relationships. Be mindful of how you are feeling as this transit intensifies our vulnerability and seek feeling safe and secure. Feeling the desire to nurture others, move things around in our homes, and feeling cuddly towards those we love are some of the sweet traits of this transit. 

On May 14th Mercury goes direct, saying goodbye Mercury retrograde until August 23rd. Mercury the messenger of the Gods, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, who also rules communication, conscious and unconscious sensory information, intelligence and knowledge. When direct Mercury is concerned with how we think, how we form thoughts, our rationality and how we process information. Mercury offers a vibration of reasoning and rationalizing but can have you feeling restless. 

On May 16th Jupiter enters Taurus leading the way for expansion, growth, optimism, abundance and an increase in our spiritual awareness. Jupiter is the largest of the planets and the planet of luck, blessings and expansion in wealth. We align with higher vibrations, seeing from a higher perspective allowing us to be more charitable, compassionate and giving without attachments. This pairing balances the feeling of infinite possibilities of Jupiter with the patient Taurus allowing us to bring our dreams into fruition when you flow with this energy. Going within when these two align highlight deep transformation and remind us to steer away from outer distractions and listen to our inner guidance and Divine Spirit team. We will have the opportunity to shine light into every aspect of our lives as Jupiter only shifts into signs once a year, so allow the good fortune to be embraced. 

On May 19th we have the new moon in Taurus. Taurus is focused on fulfillment, security and comforts which offer this new moon vibe a creative partnership in feel good energy. Taurus energy can be stubborn so don't limit yourself in what you desire (dream big, you are infinite), good big or go home! Root yourself in the energy of new beginnings, feel the growth of what you have been nurturing over the past month and feel the love of the creative energy. Take time to visualize the life your higher self is already living, what does it feel like, smell like, sound like, look like; feel your way into the life you are creating. Remember, its about feeling it in the now, not in the future or “it will be” as the Universe only responds to energy, so we will get more of “will be” vibes rather than “is”. Saying things like “I love choosing the type of material for my curtains, they are so soft and vibrant in color”. (see our upcoming EBook on manifesting for more details). Use this creation energy for your highest good!     

On May 20 Mars enters Leo. This pairing brings us confidence, self assurance, passion, motivation, action and a desire to seek pleasure. We will feel the desire to be full of grand gestures for dramatic results as we feel the need to follow our heart. We may seek what sets our soul on fire with Leo’s Lion energy and may even feel competitive as Leo is a “take charge” sign who wants to be in the thick of it. We may crave fun, enjoyment, playfulness, happiness, but make sure you are confident and not cocky in your take charge energy. Steer clear of drama and keep your ego in check with this transit, find your balance and empowerment in your higher vibrational ego. Mars is a Divine Masculine energy and will be with Leo until July, so embrace the ambitious drive to fuel your confidence and leadership skills, taking charge of your choices, actions, emotions, feelings, thoughts and be mindful of self sabotaging behaviors.  

On May 21st Gemini (Air sign) season begins as the Sun enters Gemini, leaving Taurus (Earth sign), asking us to focus on your hypocrisy with self and others. We are triggered by others because we ourselves, have something within us to be nurtured and healed, so look without judgment at yourself and others. You will be feeling more social and want to find activities that incorporate more social activities and events.    

Gemini season begins on May 21, lighting up our desire for social connection and putting our curious minds on hyperdrive. As the sun enters this clever air sign’s realm, it’ll make an easygoing sextile to Mars and a mystical trine to Pluto in Aquarius. These positive solar aspects grant us motivation and higher energy levels, and give a rich depth to the many fresh ideas that are flowing. Throughout the final week of the month, the sun will be squaring off with stern and serious Saturn—bringing personal responsibilities to the forefront and forcing us to get real about our commitments and obligations. These energies remind us we are a balance of body, mind and Soul and need to love and nurture all aspects of self. 

From May 29th to 31st we enter the Aldebaran Gateway. Aldebaran is known as one of the Four Royal Stars and considered the Star of enlightenment opening us to deeper connection to the Universes knowledge and wisdom. As the Sun aligns with this fixed Star it brings forth success, fortune, 3rd eye chakra activation, a rise in higher consciousness and extremely high frequencies. This opens an opportunity to reflect on our Soul contracts, connect with our higher selves and find appreciation in every experience we have encountered this lifetime. This energy may also spark hostility in those who are out of alignment fueling their attachments to bitterness, judgment, fear and anger, triggering the unhealed ego and shadow. Do not allow the overthinking mind to misguide you with this energy as it is ultimately linked with success, fortune and manifesting your dreams into this reality. Use vision work, breathwork and meditation to tap into this powerpact energy, add to your vision board/journal, feel the feelings of success and living your dreams. This is following the Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of the month where you created space through releasing what is not in alignment with your highest vibration, so take time to really work with this energy for your betterment.   

*It's extremely important to use your healthy toolbox in order to prepare for the days you feel the blahs. What do you enjoy doing? Have a mental (or journal or schedule), plan for the times you feel the ick sneaking in. Generally I teach my clients about ways to plan and what they can put in their proverbial bunker in support of self empowerment. 

Listed below are a few tools:

  • Call on your circle of trust (those 1 to 3 people who you truly trust) The ones you know who understand you and who have the ability to help lift your spirits or simply listen without judgment. We must remember we cannot help others by suffering with them. If you are feeling the blues and start talking about all the things you view as “bad/wrong” in your life, your circle will be the ones to point out the “good/positive” in your life. To hold space for you to communicate, release and give you the space to express what you are feeling. The ones who will hold the optimism rather than jump on the misery train with you. Sometimes it's a simple I love you and you're not alone or a swift kick in the ass to let them know they are wallowing. But at the end of the day it's all based on trust and a healthy relationship with your circle, give and take and authenticity. Who is your circle of trust?
  • Have a playlist of your favorite uplifting music/movies/shows, a list of your favorite uplifting books, new healthy recipes you want to try, things you've been waiting to try ie: skating, making snow angels, volunteering at a shelter or nursing home, even being neighborly and shoveling someone's driveway. If you are crafty or would like to be, try creating some artwork , whether it's painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, a book of memoirs, what ever you feel drawn to. There are many ways in which we can make positive uplifting choices with an added benefit of possibly helping others if we are so inclined to do so. What are some of your favorite uplifting songs, activities, books, movies?   
  • Create a video journal while you are in good spirits. Talk to yourself like you would a friend, even record it with a friend. Remind yourself of your strengths, all you have to be grateful for, the things you admire most about yourself, be your own cheerleader, guru and express how proud you are of yourself.  There is a drastic unequivocal difference between being cocky/arrogant and confident/self aware, so it is important to understand your feeling and expressing to yourself you are friggin amazing is self love. 
  • What self love/self care actions do you take for yourself? Remember self love/self care is anything from a shower meditation to going for a massage, to mirror work, to reading a book, using things you may be waiting to use for a special occasion. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate self love/self care in your life and it's important to know what that looks like for you. It can be simple or extravagant, whatever feels good to you.
  • Take your vitamins. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C to help your body. Eating a balanced diet is always best and you can add fruits and herbs to your water to help as well. Moderate exercise, walking, stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, anything that includes movement is an extremely healthy addition to your day. What can you add to your day to help your body?

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the Full Moon in Scorpio:

Crystals: Clear Quartz (amplifier), Smokey Quartz, Topaz, Opal, Labradorite, Amazonite  

Herbs: Lavender, Rosemary, Burdock Root, Black Cohosh 

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the New Moon in Taurus:

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Clear Quartz (amplifier), Emerald, Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Pyrite

Herbs: Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, Bay leaf, Ginger, Coffee, Lavender, Yarrow 

Don't forget your affirmations: 

I have created the life my heart desires with ease

I have received infinite wealth in all aspects of my life

I have invited all forms of infinite abundance into my life 

I am Divinely guided for my highest and greatest good

I am a vibration of overall health and wealth 

I have aligned with my highest vibration grounded in bliss

I have created infinite wealth doing what I love and loving what I do

I have all I need to live my life freely

I have chosen to life in a vibration of overall well-being

I have achieved financial freedom

Financial prosperity flows freely to me as I am aligned with the vibration of wealth

*Remember everything we do is about intention so be mindful of what you are using your energy for (directing your energy towards), when working with the moon energies. Full moons are wonderful to celebrate and reflect on how far you have come, releasing all that no longer serves you, understanding what lies beneath emotions/feelings/actions, seeing from a higher perspective and practicing gratitude.  

Please remember to set yourself up for success and use your healthy tools to help keep you balanced and aligned. We all have our ups and downs but the more we prepare and have a game plan in order to work with the down days, the more we empower ourselves for our highest good. 

We are still in deep ascension energies which play a huge role in how we are feeling and how we work with the energies at hand. There are extremely high frequency energies coming in daily which are felt within and all around us. For more information and all you need to know about the Ascension and what it all means check out our Ascension eBook.



Namaste, Allison Shaw

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