Mars in Retrograde & Building Healthy Habits

Mars in Retrograde & Building Healthy Habits

Our recent Wellness Wednesday Instagram Live (found here) we spoke in depth about the energy surrounding Mars being in Retrograde and about how building healthy habits can alleviate these symptoms. 

Surviving Mars Retrograde starts with 1 key element: 

Stop Giving Your Power Away 

This can be broken down into 4 steps.

  1. Practice emotional intelligence.

Take responsibility for your emotions with mindfulness & self awareness which is part of self regulation practice. Don't allow an emotional reaction to a situation to disempower or blind you. Pause. Breathe. Assess. Reflect. You can also use S.T.O.P stop what you are doing, pause, disengage. Take a breath, breathe deeply. (breathing deeply regulates your BP, oxygenates your cells/brain, expands your lungs & lessens feelings of anxiety. Box breathing is extremely effective as it engages your mind as it focuses on counting. Observe your body. Where are you holding tension (release it) body scanning is very helpful as you scan your body and where tension is gathering, so you can release it (unclenching your jaw, fists, shoulders). Proceed. Come from a place of awareness rather than reactiveness. 


  1. Release control of the uncontrollable.  

We all have our own perspectives, values, beliefs, understanding, life experiences which feed our overall perception of life as a whole. There is no one way or one path as in truth there are infinite ways in which we see life as individuals. How one sees a situation is their right as that is the reality they are choosing for themselves. We each have a choice as to how we want to live, whether that is seen as wrong or right to others. We choose our reality through how we choose to engage with each life experience, how we process that information & how we utilize it to either empower or disempower. It is not our responsibility to control others in any way, but you have a choice as to whether you wish to engage or disengage without judgment.  Each individual is solely responsible for their own behavior & can choose to use every experience to feed their growth, but we cannot force our reality onto another. 


  1. Discernment. 

Assess a situation before engaging & ask yourself if it is worth expending your energy,  will it add value, empower you, add to your energy or deplete it. What is the overall importance of engaging? Is it to feed your unhealed ego/shadow/inner child? Is it to prove yourself "right"? Is it coming from a place of seeking validation?

We must learn not to seek approval or power over another in order to feed our unhealed self through justifying behavior that is not in support of our higher self. Knowing within ourselves when it is best to take a step back & assess rather than assert dominance, to take time to reflect rather than react. Trying to assert power over another simply disempowers you, as you take on the responsibility of  another through trying to force your demands. 


  1. Self image/self awareness/ mindfulness. 

Where are you seeking validation from outside of yourself?  Taking time to delve within & seek where there is a sense of lack where it has weakened your sense of self worth is vital to your self empowerment. Be mindful of your self talk & how you engage in your inner dialect. You cannot live a positive life with a negative self image. Release judgment of self & others, instead, speak with compassion to yourself, take responsibility & take accountability in order to understand where you need growth & healing. Using mindful living aids in your expansion & understanding of self in positive ways. Take every experience as a guide to discovering your truth which strengthens your alignment with your higher self & overall well-being. Do not wallow in self pity or victimhood, as you have a choice to use the shit "aka fertilizer" to use to grow & gain a higher perspective. We use fertilizer to grow beautiful things that nurture us in a plethora of ways.

Building Healthy Habits

Building healthy habits starts with deciding what works for YOU as an individual. Normally when you consider healthy habits you think about eating well, exercising and taking your vitamins. And it is that, but it also taking care of your mental and spiritual self. 

Starting and ending each day with intention is crucial. Let your first thought in the morning and your last thought in the evening be a positive one. It truly sets the tone for the energy of your day. 

Curate the things that make you feel good into your routine. This could include: 

A gratitude journal

A 5 minute meditation (can be done in the shower as well) 

Saying 3 (or more) affirmations 

Stretching and/or yoga 

Breathing exercises 

Spending time in nature (bare feet on the grass or hands touching trees)

It can truly be anything that you can use to ground and center you. To make you feel at peace and not so easily affected by external circumstances. 


If you need more guidance please do not hesitate to reach out! Book an introductory consultation here

Stay well, 

Sandra-Lee and Allison Shaw


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