February Forecast

February Forecast

What to expect in the month of February?

It's always good to get a heads up on the energies each month so we can work with them as best as possible. We shift into February with the push of Aquarius' new moon energy boost as well as all planets stationed direct, meaning no planets in retrograde. We also have Venus and Neptune planetary alignment supporting a romantic idealistic love. Be mindful to stay balanced in your self love and healthy boundaries when others attempt to take advantage of your loving nature, remember to trust your instincts but also ensure you are not listening to any unhealed ego.     

With Venus and Neptune in planetary alignment, they support  potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual connection and expansion in an existing healthy relationship. The opportunity for rebalancing and smoothing the flow of what has felt out of balance over the past few weeks is offered with this conjunction. Venus is a Divine feminine energy while Neptune is a Divine Masculine, so balance is key. Neptune energy brings an energy of connectivity partnered with Venus, planet of love, which can create a place of spiritual connection and compassion. This conjunction is a beautiful opportunity for balance in harmony, purpose and boasts well for intensifying spiritual expansion in relationships and for those who are single, a great sign for new partnerships. Be mindful that you understand the difference between healthy passion and toxic passion (learn more on blog “What about love”), as this energy can be intense and overly dreamy with this conjunction. 

Neptune as a Divine masculine energy known as God of the Sea, is all about inspiration, intuition, mysticism, imagination but also delusions. He rules spirituality and spiritual development, with a youthful spirit for those who have a strong Neptune placement in their charts. Neptune rules Pisces influencing our dreams, imaginations, hopes but can bring delusions of how we see someone rather than who they truly are. It is important to trust your intuition rather than being guided by your unhealed ego as it will lead you astray from your authentic truth.  


Venus is known as the Goddess of love as well as harmony, creativity, wealth, connection, harmony, beauty and influences pleasure.  Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus, imparting wisdom on how we love and what we value. She influences how we give and receive love while we learn what feeds into our happiness and how we approach relationships of the heart. She also feeds into our enjoyment of the material luxury of what life has to offer as she enjoys the blessings of both love and wealth.   

This balance of the two planets can be utilized for your benefit if you hold true to your authentic selves and not allow your unhealed ego to influence you. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, while Neptune rules Pisces, so those with these signs in Sun, Moon or rising (ascending), will feel the most affected. Balance in your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine will be of the utmost benefit in working with their energies for your highest good. Remember loving yourself truly and unconditionally will aid you in discovering (giving and receiving), the love for another in an authentic and genuine way.  

We have also celebrated the Lunar new year (Chinese New Year Jan 22nd), which followed the new moon on Jan 21st, symbolizing the water Rabbit which boasts luck, peace, prosperity, longevity and is most beneficial for signs born in Tiger, Ox and Snake. February will be all about balance and bringing harmony, inner peace and creative purpose to all aspects of our lives. Taking time to be present, while allowing ourselves to be human through the emotions, feelings and thoughts that surface. All old energy has been surfacing over the past few weeks in order to allow us to heal on a deeper level and truly align with our highest selves, our inner Source. Things we may have thought were healed or things we may not have realized still lingered, surfaced for our benefit as we cannot take 3D energies into the 5D vibration we are being asked to align with (learn more blog on “Supporting your ascension”).   

We were asked to take time for self reflection and see the bigger picture in all that has transpired and see from the higher perspective of  things happening for you rather than the unhealed ego mindset of happening to you. We are also still in Eclipse energy which began in October and November and will be with us until the next eclipse season beginning with a total Solar eclipse April 20th, a Lunar eclipse May 5th and again in October. Eclipse’s add to the guidance of releasing the old unhealthy energies in order for the new to come in and allow positive transformation to happen.

As we shift into February's energy of forward momentum due to the fact we have no planets in retrograde until mid April, we are asked to relax into the flow of alignment. We will be in the shadow of the last planet to go direct (Uranus went direct Jan 22nd), until about February 5th - 7th. This last phase of the retrograde shadow energy, which we are already feeling a little lighter, will help us align with more fluidity of being present. Taking time to breathe, rest and feel into each moment will help us feel more steady and light. It's important to remember to breathe into holding steady in the now, your breath is life force energy (Prana, Chi etc.), and will help you not only expand but remain present (check out our ebook for more details on life force energy, ascension and much more). We are in the cycle of completion and endings, offering space for new beginnings. 

2023 is a number 7 in numerology and is the most spiritual of the numerology numbers granting deep introspection and inner wisdom. This offers deep incitement and spiritual wisdom, which is a great partner and alignment with Neptunes' energy this month. Going within in search of answers, self reflection, and time for solitude while tapping into your inner wisdom will bring victory as with Tarot, 7 is in relation to the Chariot (Major Arcana). Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, the collective is undergoing a shift of epic proportions bringing us to a heightened sense of awareness and desire to deep dive into ourselves.  

We will have the full moon on February 5th in fiery Leo, the 5th sign in the zodiac filled leaders of the celestial jungle as represented by the Lion. This moon is also known as the Snow moon symbolizing growth and change at a time of year when the cold may feel like a never ending winter but the symbolism of inner awakening is set beneath the snow. Guiding us to look within, what lies beneath the surface of our feelings, emotions and thoughts allowing the stillness of winter to give us time to tap into the coming of the newness and rejuvenation that lies ahead. Under the snow, new life grows and prospers. This moon urges balance and inspires pleasure, romance and self expression as Leo is the sign of Love and an opportunity to strengthen relationships. The karmic lessons we have been learning the past few months will allow us to truly be the leader of our “destiny” as we have created space through our deep dive into healing, for the truth of the power we have. It is important to rise above feelings of insecurities and attention seeking as the validation we seek is within. Reflection, introspection and embracing wholeness through all the inner work you have done (and continue to do), are leading to the evolution of your soul and return to your inner Source (Soul self). Take time to feel, deal, heal and release, addressing the attachments to why you may be feeling insecure. Take time to be present with yourself so to not lash out at others due to any feelings of insecurity. Full moons shine light on what's been hidden so take time to tap into the higher perspective of your emotions and feelings. We will be feeling the full moon energy 3 days before as well as the shadow of her for 3 days after, let this be of benefit to your expansion.  

On February 19th we enter the new moon in watery Pisces, ruled by Neptune (Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces Feb 15th), leading to a feeling of new beginnings, expansion and creativity. As Pisces rules imagination, creativity as well as what is hidden it allows us to integrate the fresh starts and the resonance with fluidity of embracing the what you have envisioned for your highest good. Pisces rules our intuition and is the last sign in the (Western) zodiac cycle, which gives us opportunity to truly engage with the essence of new beginnings and flow in harmony with new cycles. Pisces is a water sign which is adaptive, fertile and has the ability to ebb and flow like a body of water giving ease to flowing with a new cycle of life.  

*It's extremely important to use your healthy toolbox in order to prepare for the days you feel the blahs. What do you enjoy doing? Have a mental (or journal or schedule), plan for the times you feel the ick sneaking in. Generally I teach my clients about ways to plan and what they can put in their proverbial bunker in support of self empowerment. 

Listed below are a few tools:

    • Call on your circle of trust (those 1 to 3 people who you truly trust) The ones you know who understand you and who have the ability to help lift your spirits or simply listen without judgment. We must remember we cannot help others by suffering with them. If you are feeling the blues and start talking about all the things you view as “bad/wrong” in your life, your circle will be the ones to point out the “good/positive” in your life. To hold space for you to communicate, release and give you the space to express what you are feeling. The ones who will hold the optimism rather than jump on the misery train with you. Sometimes it's a simple I love you and you're not alone or a swift kick in the ass to let them know they are wallowing. But at the end of the day it's all based on trust and a healthy relationship with your circle, give and take and authenticity. Who is your circle of trust?
    • Have a playlist of your favorite uplifting music/movies/shows, a list of your favorite uplifting books, new healthy recipes you want to try, things you've been waiting to try ie: skating, making snow angels, volunteering at a shelter or nursing home, even being neighborly and shoveling someone's driveway. If you are crafty or would like to be, try creating some artwork , whether it's painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, a book of memoirs, what ever you feel drawn to. There are many ways in which we can make positive uplifting choices with an added benefit of possibly helping others if we are so inclined to do so. What are some of your favorite uplifting songs, activities, books, movies?   
    • Create a video journal while you are in good spirits. Talk to yourself like you would a friend, even record it with a friend. Remind yourself of your strengths, all you have to be grateful for, the things you admire most about yourself, be your own cheerleader, guru and express how proud you are of yourself.  There is a drastic unequivocal difference between being cocky/arrogant and confident/self aware, so it is important to understand your feeling and expressing to yourself you are friggin amazing is self love. 
    • What self love/self care actions do you take for yourself? Remember self love/self care is anything from a shower meditation to going for a massage, to mirror work, to reading a book, using things you may be waiting to use for a special occasion. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate self love/self care in your life and it's important to know what that looks like for you. It can be simple or extravagant, whatever feels good to you.
    • Take your vitamins. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C to help your body. Eating a balanced diet is always best and you can add fruits and herbs to your water to help as well. Moderate exercise, walking, stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, anything that includes movement is an extremely healthy addition to your day. What can you add to your day to help your body?

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the Full Moon in Leo:

Tourmaline, Obsidian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Ruby, Japer, Tigers eye, Pyrite, Aventurine  

Herbs: Dandelion, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rosemary, Ginger, Peppermint, Citrus, Frankincense, Cinnamon

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the New Moon in Pisces:

Aquamarine, Quartz, Amethyst, Black Moonstone, Blue Aragonite, Amazonite

Herbs: Sage, Lavender, Chamomile, Mint 

Don't forget your affirmations: 

I leave what no longer serves me behind and align with Source love.

I release the desire to control the uncomfortable.

I embrace the empowerment offered through every experience in life.

I trust in my intuition and release fears. 

I feel my connection to Spirit.

I see and feel unlimited potential for transformation. 

Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Patience brings me into recognition of and alignment to my highest purpose. 

All my needs are met even though I may not see them in the outer world I open my heart in receiving.

*Remember everything we do is about intention so be mindful of what you are using your energy for (directing your energy towards), when working with the moon energies. Full moons are wonderful to celebrate and reflect on how far you have come, releasing all that no longer serves you, understanding what lies beneath emotions/feelings/actions, seeing from a higher perspective and practicing gratitude.  

It's important to remember we feel the Moon's energy 3 days before and 3 days after the celestial event takes place (both of Full and New Moons). 

You can charge and clear your stones under this full moon by placing them outside or on a windowsill in the light of the moon. You can also make moon water with both the full and new moon energies. Simply place a glass container of water (spring water or even lake water are best), in a place where the light of the moon will shine on the container (as temperatures are cold be careful as glass will break, can place out for a couple of hours before midnight or leave in a windowsill inside overnight). You can use colored glass for an extra umph if you want to use the water for specific things. I make moon water when I am working with certain chakras ie: orange glass for sacral. If you are using spring water or distilled water you can drink it or add it to your bathwater for a spiritual bath. I have used a blue glass container when working with my throat chakra to support speaking my truth and drink a shot of it each morning. You can use moon water in anointing candles, empowering crystal energy, place on an altar, spritz your face with some to help clarity, drip a few drops in your palms when using mudras, drip a few drops on your crown chakra or 3D eye for a deeper meditation, get creative and use it for whatever you feel beneficial. 

**It's not advised to make moon water or charge crystal under certain full moons ie: when there is an eclipse    

Please remember to set yourself up for success and use your healthy tools to help keep you balanced and aligned. We all have our ups and downs but the more we prepare and have a game plan in order to work with the down days, the more we empower ourselves for our highest good. 

We are still in deep ascension energies which play a huge role in how we are feeling and how we work with the energies at hand. There are extremely high frequency energies coming in daily which are felt within and all around us. For more information and all you need to know about the Ascension and what it all means check out our Ascension eBook.



Namaste, Allison Shaw 


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