Venus Goes Direct

Venus Goes Direct

Venus Goes Direct 

Venus has been in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, since December 19th 2021. It has finally stationed direct as of January 29th, 2022. 

When Venus goes retrograde, these areas in our lives are intensified, and brought to our immediate awareness through learning experiences. The purpose during this transit is to reflect, revise, and re-align. We are being made aware of where we have been neglecting certain reoccurring lessons to heal. While Venus was retrograde in Capricorn specifically, we were being asked to re-evaluate and transform: our personal beliefs and values, our relationship to ourselves and how that affects our relationship to others, as well as our relationship to our personal finances and businesses. Capricorn energy with Venus, wants us to ensure that we are building the strongest possible foundations in each of these areas, to ensure their long term success and sustainability. 

It’s important to note that although Venus has stationed direct today and we will start feeling less of it’s retrograde effects, the “shadow period” of it’s retrograde still will be in effect until March 1st 2022. Especially with Mercury still in Retrograde until February 3rd overlapping this transit.

Until Venus retraces back the degrees she covered during her retrograde period. The retrograde issues and lessons are not expected to be entirely resolved until after March 1st, this is more of an energetic shift, for us to start turning reflections into resolutions. 

So what are some ways we can define and ensure success in these Venus areas of our lives? By reflecting most on what we wish to define our self worth and personal value by, and how these align in each Venus influenced area in our lives.


  • How do my personal beliefs and my personal value of myself, affect the relationships I have with others? Example: how I allow myself to be treated, what I feel I deserve.
  • What are my biggest beliefs, visions, and goals? Do I align myself with people in my life who support these, and do we help each other build? 
  • How have I let my personal value and worth be defined by things outside of myself? Such as what I own (titles, money, possessions, etc) What actually  defines my soul, who I truly am.


Venus Retrogrades have a way of bringing up actual past relationships, or the unfinished lessons of them. Notice during this transit, did anyone from your past (or a reminder of them) re-appear? Ask yourself  what lesson this was here to show you.

It’s also important to reflect on our finances and material resources. Have we had a healthy relationship with our money and possessions? Do we let ourselves be excessively defined or consumed by them? What needs transformation? 

This retrograde period is best spent getting in touch with our deeper needs and wants. Which can often be more unclear during this time, hence why it’s suggested to hold off on any major decision making in these areas until we are clear and beyond the retrograde shadow phase.

If you’d like to find out more about which area of your life Venus has influenced the most during this transit, you can look at your birth chart to see which sign and house Venus is in for you.

For example, Venus is in Cancer for me in the 9th house. The 9th house rules intuition, higher learning, personal philosophies and beliefs, understanding world cultures, the expansion of horizons, and our philosophical pursuits. I can definitely say I’ve had a lot of personal reflections during this transit about how important being aligned with others who share a passion or similar beliefs and pursuits in spirituality has been for me. I’ve had to ask myself if I am surrounding myself with those who are willing to grow together in these areas, so that we can build together and bring out the best in our highest selves. I’ve had to ask myself if I’ve been compromising myself or holding back my voice in these areas as well, and how they play an influence on how I define my personal worth and values.

How has this Venus Retrograde been for you? Feel free to reach out if you’d like assistance working on your own personal reflections, by revising which areas of your birth chart were influenced most during this transit.


- Alexandra Blaauw, Astrologer. 


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