Supporting your Ascension

Supporting your Ascension

The Importance of Shadow, Ego & Inner Child Work.

This ascension is something that has never happened in our Galaxy before and is a power move for all humans. With this comes the responsibility of each of us doing our inner work and healing. This is no easy task and causes every single one of us to experience suffering on some level. We are individuals but are also energetic beings connected on a higher level of existence.

Think of how a computer works, it has many elements to it that are based in a CPU (central processing unit), and we work in very similar ways. Every experience each of us go through is energetically sent to Source (CPU). We are born from One, from Source and our connection is an energetic link that is infinite and when we choose to do our inner work, our healing, we choose to expand our consciousness and align with our Soul self.

Our healing is part of an awakening consciousness and Soul evolution to clear karmic and ancestral stagnancy in order to connect with our intrinsic Soul self, our inner Source. This is why our healing is vital to our expansion and is done through our higher heart chakra (Thymus/Etheric chakra), which is known as “the seat of the Soul”, our inner Source. This chakra is associated with selflessness and Spiritual love, Source love aka Divine love. It is our link to Oneness/God-Christ consciousness/Source self-Soul self, and governs our connection to our Thymus gland and immune system. Working with our higher heart chakra aids in a balance with our ethereal energy body and physical body. This is why we are feeling physical symptoms during this ascension, as we receive this influx of high vibrational energies our physical body struggles to clear the lower vibrations we have been imbedded with.

We have existed in a 3D world, dense and based in fear, power struggles, separation, judgment, war, hate and control. This has caused illness to attack our bodies as we have allowed our higher heart chakra to be suffocated with heavy dense energies, blocking our Soul evolution/Soul mastery. We are now in a time of great expansion, healing and high vibrational energies to bring us back to who we are intrinsically, which is no easy task. We are clearing a millennia of toxicity through the influx of high vibrational energies entering our solar system. These energies not only change the pulsing/vibration/frequency of Earth but of every being as they are felt within and all around us as the energy transmutes and upgrades the density.

Although the higher heart chakra is the main focus to transmute the influx of these higher vibrational energy through our system, to expand the (Source/Soulself) love vibration, there are higher vibrational gateway chakras involved in transcending and opening access to information like the Akashic records and other dimensions. The energy activates and travels through our higher chakra system beyond the standard 7 chakra system most are aware of. There are said to be 114 chakras (according to the teachings of Master Shi Amit Ray) in and around the body which before this energy reaches our Crown chakra it filters through the following:    

Divine Gateway Chakra/Stellar Gateway: Spiritual knowledge; Divine connection; Gateway to the cosmos; connection/alignment with Galactic beings

Galactic Chakra: Outer worldly connection; Advanced/heightened spiritual gifts; Divine thinking; Spiritual galaxy

Universal Chakra: Divine integration and alignment balanced in both Spiritual and physical planes; Divine understanding; Sense of knowing; Expanded energetic/spiritual gifts

Spirit Chakra: Alignment with Spiritual realm; Alignment to knowledge of Soul purpose; Open communication with Spirit/Spirit team (guides, angels, ancestors, galactic beings etc.)

Soul Star Chakra: Stores information on all main chakras; Access to Akashic records; Guide to self-mastery; Higher knowledge; Soul self activation

Crown Chakra: 7th Charka known by many and taught about by practitioner’s and healers; beginning of the gateway to opening to the Divine and higher vibrational information access; supports physical body to transmute/filter higher vibrations before funneling through the other 6 main chakras

All inner work we choose to do or not do is a vital part of our ascension and activation. This ascension energy will filter through our chakra system whether we want it to or not. Every being on Earth is going through this ascension and it is in our highest benefit to allow ourselves to do the inner work to make this transition as fluid as possible. There is no easy, simple or quick fix to working with these energies and is why we have witnessed many people struggling and transitioning (leaving this physical dimension). Inner work and healing is something we need to do for our benefit in order to align with the high vibrational energies for our highest good. It is important to do your research, ask for guidance and support (from your Spirit team and healers/spiritual counselors etc.), use your healing tools, ebb & flow and trust in yourself, the higher perspective and the Universe.

Working to heal and release our unhealed Ego/Shadow/Inner child is challenging for everyone as they are integrated into who we are. Each aspect is based in fear (3D) as they have been created in the 3D dimension.

The unhealed ego seeks outside validation, projects, takes everything personally, uses avoidance behaviors, is hyper independent, resists change, avoids any discomforts, holds on to toxic familiarity/comforts, exhibits spiteful and bitter behaviors, to name a few traits. When we truly work to heal and release our unhealed ego we exhibit emotional intelligence, look within, release attachments, feel confidant (not arrogant or judgemental), see the higher perspective in every experience, have a deep understanding of compassion for self and others, has healthy boundaries, embraces change/new beginnings, understands the power of forgiveness, does not become the emotions/feelings but works with them to feel, deal and heal. Remember our unhealed ego is attached to every experience lived and is incapable of creating new experiences as it is based in fear.  Fear is the basis of negative emotions including anger and sadness.

The unhealed Shadow also referred to as our dark side, represses (unconscious) and suppresses (conscious), holds onto guilt, shame, judgment (of self and others), has an adverse reaction to others whenever he/she/they are challenged, destructive behaviors (self-sabotaging and addictive personality), attachment to victimhood mentality, volatile, self-loathing, insecure (although presents as confidant), ill-willed and bitter, competitive (wants to win at any cost), and very much where the “misery loves company” term lives. When we work to heal and release the unhealed parts of our shadow we exhibit understanding of unity, higher perspective, compassion, confidence, self-actualization, self-awareness, mindfulness, freedom to be your authentic self, loving all aspects of self (what was once perceived as dark can now be lovingly released and understood), understanding every experience offers opportunity for deeper wisdom, relinquishing control of the uncontrollable and knowing you have a choice to align with your highest self.

The unhealed inner child exhibits many aspects of both the unhealed ego and shadow. This also includes a sense of low self-esteem, worthlessness, emotional instability, over-nurturing others, fight or flight, unhealthy relationships, trauma bonding, codependency, attachment, easily manipulated, overachiever, stifling emotions (due to a fear of another’s reactions/avoid conflict), overly sensitive to criticism/judgment, unhealthy sexual relationships, history of abusive relationships (physical/emotional/mental), inability to complete tasks/projects/goals, putting others needs/desires/wants before your own and deep insecurities are to name a few. When we work to heal and release the unhealed aspects we exhibit confidence, healthy boundaries, feeling of security, feeling safe, enjoying alone time, take pride in yourself/speaking your authentic truth, recognize and understand triggers, you show up for yourself, self-soothing using healthy tools, practice self-love and self-care regularly, no longer feel the desire to “save” others or over nurture, develop healthy relationships, practice non-attachment, recognize red flags, no longer downplay others negative behavior towards you and you understand the meaning/feeling of unconditional love.

These are simply a few examples and reasons as to why our healing is so vital in supporting our expansion and how to recognize if you need to work with your ego/shadow/inner child for your betterment. There are many aspects to working with our healing and allowing ourselves to release the unhealed aspects of each of these energies. Remember, they are part of us and have had a higher purpose and when we choose to work with the energies we are able to lovingly release the unhealed parts of each while embracing and aligning with the higher vibrations of each.

The ascension is here to guide us home to an awakened consciousness and Soul evolution, aligning us with our inner Source. We experience a number of spiritual deaths as we transform, expand and evolve, which empowers us in unfathomable ways. When we lovingly surrender to our healing we are able to engage with the higher vibrational energies in the best possible ways. It is imperative to be compassionate, patient, understanding and most importantly loving with yourself on this journey.

The Universe responds to energy, frequency and we cannot lie to our Spirit team or the Universe as we are an extension of them in oneness and know how we truly feel. Mindfulness, honesty, self-awareness and working through your higher heart chakra are key to your evolution and fully integrating with the ascension energies. Trust that you are a limitless Divine being worthy of the life your heart truly desires and find comfort in understanding we may not fully understand this process but that we are Divinely supported and will, when open to, see beyond the falsehood of the 3D.

Your birthright is to live a blissful, fulfilling, healthy, wealthy, abundant and unconditional loving life, but you are the only one who can do what is necessary to align. Release resistance to knowing this and trust you are the co-creator of your life, you are co-creating with the creator of worlds!

It’s time to remember who you are, the power that you have, the Divine being you are and that your healing matters. The more each of us choose to heal and go within, the stronger and more unified the collective becomes. If you continue to live in a fear based vibration choosing to give your attention to the things that lower your vibration you are essentially stunting your growth, but, when you choose to trust and give your focus to the beauty, power and expansive, limitless Universe we are part of, you will create the world in the highest vibration of love.      

Where attention goes, energy flows…. You are loved, You are not alone and your healing matters.

I choose to be part of the creation of a blissful life based in love and oneness   


Namaste, Allison Shaw 


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  • Nails

    This was a great read again very informative and clarifies what is happening to our bodies and why we feel the way we do. The tools we are given to work with this definitely helped me stop wondering about my headache or my sudden pains. I take the time out to rest and meditate,
    Thank you for sharing this with us

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