September Forecast

September Forecast

We are over half way through the calendar year and now stepped into Virgo season and moving towards fall equinox. We also have multiple planets in retrograde as well as the additional energy of Chiron retrograde (the wounded healer). The first week of September brings Venus Retrograde to an end (July 23rd to Sept 4th) in the sign of Leo (signs who were most affected Leo, Taurus, Libra and Aquarius). Mercury Retrograde August 24 to September 16 in the sign of Virgo (signs most affected Gemini and Virgo); Pluto Retrograde began May 11 to October 22 (through Aquarius and Capricorn); Saturn Retrograde began June 18 to November 4 in Pisces (signs most affected Pisces and Capricorn); Neptune Retrograde July 1 to December 6 in Pisces; Jupiter Retrogrades Sept 5th to Dec 31st in Taurus (signs most affected Taurus and Sagittarius); Uranus Retrograde August 29th to January 27 in Taurus; Chiron Retrograde July 23rd to December 6th in Aries (signs most affected Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo). Retrogrades are a reminder that life, healing, transformation and expansion are not linear, therefore it is vital to allow yourself to flow with these energies and allow them to show you what they need you to see. Retrogrades challenge us to review, revise and reassess certain aspects of our lives, addressing any unresolved issues that need to be seen and cleared. 

Each retrograde has its specific purpose (for the full breakdown see the Aug energy blog), and understanding them helps you to work with the energy. It is important to know where each planet is in your birthchart as it brings much deeper introspection into how each retrograde influences you and the lessons you are meant to understand. Below is a quick breakdown of the vibe each planetary retrograde brings:

Venus in Leo: Planet of love (love of self and others), romance, beauty and money. asks us to reevaluate our relationships (romantic, family, friends) in how these relationships influence our lives; a deep introspection and revision of money, relationships, beauty and pleasure.

Mercury in Virgo: Planet of communication, transportation, expansion and information processing; Signifies a time of reviewing, revising, reassessing, reflecting and refining what is or is not working in your current life; refine your way of communication style (more patience, understanding, compassion); be precise and organized in your daily mindsets.

Pluto in Aquarius and Capricorn: Planet of transformation, rebirth, renewal and regeneration. Reclaiming your personal power, reflect on your thoughts, feelings, emotions and what changes need to be made for your highest good.

Saturn in Pisces: Planet of lessons, boundaries, moral obligation and authority; deepen your connection with your higher self, inner healing, letting go of disempowering/limiting thoughts/emotions/beliefs and embrace spiritual growth

Neptune in Pisces: Planet of dreams, inspiration, mysticism and illusion; guiding us to practice mindfulness, see from a higher perspective, deeper healing, working towards feeling safe and secure from within through spiritual practices ie: mindfulness, meditation, shadow work etc. dissolving limiting belief systems 

Jupiter in Taurus: Planet of expansion,growth, healing, prosperity and miracles; deepen your connection of self worth/self love, raising awareness beyond the material world in alignment and allowing higher learning through your connection with your Spirit team.

Uranus in Taurus: Planet of innovation, progressiveness, ingenuity, great transformation; guiding you to release limitations and embrace change, explore new possibilities, finding balance and breaking free from stagnancy; be flexible and flow with healthy change

Chiron (the asteroid) in Aries: Planet of deep emotional and spiritual wounds known as the “wounded healer”; the mythology says Chirons wounds paved the way for his role as a powerful healer allowing them to guide him into his personal power through wisdom, compassion and light - The wound is where the light enters you - Rumi; asks you to cleanse and let go of the 3D ego; releasing all that has held you emotionally hostage/stagnant; clearing your way to balance and self realizations; understanding that your healing not only heals you but others as well

The spiritual meaning of September is based on themes like self love, self care, being of service to self and others (within your healthy boundaries) and self reflection. September is the 9th month in the calendar year and the 7th month in the astrological year (September originates from the Latin term ‘septem’, which means seven; It was the seventh month in the ancient Roman calendar before January and February were added). It is a month of endings and new beginnings as 9 represents the final numeral; it is associated with compassion, forgiveness, success, completion (but not finality), fulfillment and awakening. 9 represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment, introspection and leads us to a place of cycles not only in nature but within ourselves (death and rebirth). In Tarot it represents the Hermit in connection with the Divine and open mindedness through deep introspection. Looking inwards for guidance, spiritual enlightenment through solitude and finding joy and comfort in your own company in order to gain higher wisdom. The ending of unhealthy cycles, patterns and a time of transition, going inwards to discover the answers you seek. A time of awareness of the past 9 months bringing attention to what has not been working and what each shift has guided you to release and clear. For the astrological calendar the energy of 7 represents alignment, spiritual awakening, introspection, wisdom, integrity, intuition and faith. 7 can bring in uneasiness as change can feel uncomfortable but it's in order to guide you to where change is necessary for your highest good. September birth flowers are Morning glories and Aster both symbolize energy rooted in love, harmony, positive symbolism, powerful love, affection, faith, elegance and wisdom. 

Embracing the astrological influence of September allows us to deepen our spiritual connection and elevate our path through change for our highest good.

September’s birthstone, the sapphire, is said to represent wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. Spiritually, it’s believed to bring protection and prophetic wisdom. It is known as a time of Harvest in many cultures as the fruits of our labor are gathered and celebrated. It is a reminder that our inner work allows us to bring forth abundance in all aspects of our lives and see the beauty in our hard work.

September 3rd Venus stations direct in Leo amplifying Venus’ influence, encouraging us to be confidently and authentically ourselves as we have released what no longer serves us, while tapping into our true hearts innermost desires.  As we re-emerge from our introspective journey through her retrograde with a fresh perspective, we find balance in this energy as it empowers us to allow our authentic selves. We are encouraged to celebrate ourselves through confidence, compassion, and how far we have come in order to be who we are in this moment. This brings a renewed sense of clarity, oneness and higher purpose while choosing to foster healthy relationships. 

September 4th  Jupiter, planet of success, luck, abundance retrogrades in earthly Taurus, initiating a period of introspection and transformation. This retrograde asks us reevaluate our relationship between the material and spiritual. This abundant energy paves the way for a more authentic, whimsical and achievable balance in an opportunity to align with infinite  wealth in all aspects of life, especially material. If you think it, it can be so; use your power of visualization and stay out of the thinking mind. Jupiter also influences you to reevaluate partnerships, seeking harmony and shared values, finding a healthy balance in your relationship. Take time to foster healthy connections with self and others, deepening your bonds through healthy introspection, nurturing your sense of feeling safe and secure within yourself thus allowing the same within your healthy relationships. 

September 6: Mercury Cazimi: When a cazimi occurs, the aspects of Mercury are thought to be purified, strengthened, heightened and highly illuminated. The closeness of the sun (in the sign of Virgo) is thought to enrich the planet's energy, creating an intense and concentrated burst of Mercurial energy, amplifying Mercury’s characteristics as well as the qualities of Virgo. This energy expands the synergy between the martial and spiritual realms heightening the energetic influx of higher awareness, wisdom and understanding. Be open to Divine guidance, synchronicities, heightened intuition and deep revelations.   

September 9th brings in the energy of greatness, balance, transformation and all aspects of both the number 9 and 7 (9/9/2023 = 9/9/7) and is a very powerful day for allowing change, creation and expansion. The Moon will be in Cancer that day thus bringing in themes of being influenced by your emotions and feelings so it is important to discern between your own emotions and those around you. Change is good and being self aware, nurturing, aligned and allowing your heart's intuition to guide you will be beneficial in your expansion. 

September 14: New Moon in Virgo: September 14th we have our New Moon in Earthy Virgo. This New Moon comes the day before Mercury goes direct ending his retrograde, although we will still be in the shadow period until we enter Libra session which begins September 23rd. Virgo is known for having attention to detail which is an added bonus to setting intentions in correspondence to this Moon in deliberate creation. This Moon energy is elevated through a trine with Pluto (rebirth/change/transformation), Jupiter (expansion/growth/happiness) and Uranus (change/creativity/breakdown of unhealthy patterns). This harmonious energy helps us to foster and nurture a beneficial alignment with our highest selves while bringing in rapid growth and transformation. This brings more abundant energy into play but we must remember  Abundance is not solely limited to material wealth and has a multifaceted nature. Emotional abundance, spiritual abundance, energetic abundance within and in the material world around you bring in a balance and understanding that there is so much more to this life than solely focusing on material abundance. 

September 15: Mercury Direct: Mercury goes direct in Virgo, one of his home signs, offering an opportunity to integrate all that you have learned since his retrograde period. Ensure you are not over-analyzing or getting lost in the thinking mind as you reflect on the lessons and reassessing you have done.  

September 23: Libra Season & Fall Equinox: The Sun transitions into Airy Libra  marking the beginning of Libra season and the fall equinox. The high vibrations of Libra, represented by the scales (balance), is an air sign known for harmony, understanding, helpfulness, creativity, compassion and healthy relationships  The Fall Equinox (The word equinox is a Latin word meaning equal night), where nights become longer than the days in the Northern Hemisphere.  Energetically, the Fall Equinox is a time of balance, evaluation, harmony, growth, transformation, and pause. It is a transitional time in how we can create more equilibrium within us and in the world around us (be the change you wish to see in the world; as within, so without). A powerful time of integration and introspection in order to assist our alignment with expansive change. A opportune time to evaluate our connections, partnerships, and collaborations through seeking harmony and mutual understanding. High vibes of Libra thrive on being well balanced, bringing in peace through healthy compromise, fair-mindedness, and creating an environment to nourish and flourish. This synergy between Libra season and the Fall Equinox is an ideal opportunity for personal growth, expansion, rapid change and transformation. Finding balance in give and take, and in death and rebirth as the trees begin their hibernation, it's a time of fostering understanding, compassion, mutual respect and balance in all aspects of our lives, allowing the natural transition of new beginnings to occur.

September 29: Full Moon in Aries: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: The Aries Full Moon can push your emotions and triggers with this Venus and Taurs square as old issues may surface that have not been dealt with. This is a time of patience and allowing inner guidance to support you as you resolve old issues without being reactive. Allow yourself to feel your emotions while also allowing yourself to release in a conscious and constructive way. The fiery Leo can be headstrong, assertive and determined leaving little room for compromise, so ensure you are tapping into the higher aspects of Leo who are generous, big hearted, confident and open to positive change. This alignment may ask us to confront the experiences we have had over the past few months which can lead to drama, confrontation and heated situations. You will be urged to use level headedness, patience and calmness in order to clear and resolve any issues. Follow your heart with confidence and allow the energy to work with you in positive transformation through your heart center where you tap into love, compassion and strength in order to truly align with your inner Source. Embrace this energy in order to illuminate your path forward, providing clarity and balance amidst chaos. We are given the opportunity to release the past, break free from patterns that no longer serve us, and step boldly into a new era if we work cooperatively with this energy. 

We are also entering the Solar Eclipse shadow energy as the eclipse is coming on Oct 14th. We also experience a sense of Full moon and retrograde “hangovers” where we tend to feel emotional, exhausted, burnt out, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed by simple things. This is another reason why it is vital to work with the energies so we ebb and flow with them in harmony. This past few weeks we’ve crossed paths with people from the past or found that situations returned for closure, awareness, clearing  or a new beginning. There will also be a focus on partnerships and relationships, which allow us to create stronger bonds with those healthy relationships in our lives or may instead force us to face tension and unresolved issues that have been avoided or ignored. September is overall an energy of joy, new beginnings, happiness and opportunity, teaching us to be present and fluid on our journey. 

It is important to know where Planets placements are located in your birthchart in order to utilize these energies for your benefit (check out our “Birth Date reading to help you gain an in depth understanding of the meaning of your birth date)

We have been on a continuous ride of high vibrational ascension energies entering our planet and every living being is feeling it. This has challenged all of us to do some deep inner work necessary for our expansion and growth. Take some time to do your research and tap into the high vibrations coming forward as they will be getting stronger and more powerful. Check out our blogs and EBooks for more information on a number of topics. As we have been challenged and can feel a rollercoaster of emotions it's important to take care of your overall well-being and have your healing tools in place.   

*It's extremely important to use your healthy toolbox in order to prepare for the days you feel the blahs. What do you enjoy doing? Have a mental (or journal or schedule), plan for the times you feel the ick sneaking in. Generally I teach my clients about ways to plan and what they can put in their proverbial bunker in support of self empowerment. 

Listed below are a few tools:

    • Call on your circle of trust (those 1 to 3 people who you truly trust) The ones you know who understand you and who have the ability to help lift your spirits or simply listen without judgment. We must remember we cannot help others by suffering with them. If you are feeling the blues and start talking about all the things you view as “bad/wrong” in your life, your circle will be the ones to point out the “good/positive” in your life. To hold space for you to communicate, release and give you the space to express what you are feeling. The ones who will hold the optimism rather than jump on the misery train with you. Sometimes it's a simple I love you and you're not alone or a swift kick in the ass to let them know they are wallowing. But at the end of the day it's all based on trust and a healthy relationship with your circle, give and take and authenticity. Who is your circle of trust?

    • Have a playlist of your favorite uplifting music/movies/shows, a list of your favorite uplifting books, new healthy recipes you want to try, things you've been waiting to try ie: skating, making snow angels, volunteering at a shelter or nursing home, even being neighborly and shoveling someones driveway. If you are crafty or would like to be, try creating some artwork , whether it's painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, a book of memoirs, what ever you feel drawn to.There are many ways in which we can make positive uplifting choices with an added benefit of possibly helping others if we are so inclined to do so. What are some of your favorite uplifting songs,activities, books, movies?   

    • Create a video journal while you are in good spirits. Talk to yourself like you would a friend, even record it with a friend. Remind yourself of your strengths, all you have to be grateful for, the things you admire most about yourself, be your own cheerleader, guru and express how proud you are of yourself.  There is a drastic unequivocal difference between being cocky/arrogant and confident/self aware, so it is important to understand your feeling and expressing to yourself you are friggin amazing is self love. 


  • What self love/self care actions do you take for yourself? Remember self love/self care is anything from a shower meditation to going for a massage, to mirror work, to reading a book, using things you may be waiting to use for a special occasion. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate self love/self care in your life and it's important to know what that looks like for you. It can be simple or extravagant,whatever feels good to you. 
  • Take your vitamins. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C to help your body. Eating a balanced diet is always best and you can add fruits and herbs to your water to help as well. Moderate exercise, walking, stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, anything that includes movement is an extremely healthy addition to your day. What can you add to your day to help your body?

    A few helpful crystals and herbs for the Full Moon in Aries:

    Clear quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, Citrine, Carnelian


    Herbs/Essential Oils: Ashwagandha, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Basil

    **It is advised not to charge your crystals during a new moon accompanied by a Solar Eclipse** 

    New Moon in Virgo: Blue Sapphire, Garnet, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Citrine 

    Herbs/Essential Oils: Rosemary, Thyme, peppermint, Lavender, Lemon balm, Fennel 

    Don't forget your affirmations: 

    Remember, be extra mindful during the new moon/Solar Eclipse as it is not a time for manifesting 

    I choose to align with the highest vibration of love

    I release everything but alignment

    I am worthy and deserving of love

    I release the need to be right all the time

    I release the desire to prove myself to others

    I honor who I am

    I allow myself to flow with the necessary changes happening

    I celebrate life and all I have learned

    I choose to step into my fullness

    I choose love over everything else

    I effortlessly and easily flow in alignment

    I glow in my divinity

    I open to a consistent flow of prosperity

    I am the vibration of love and light

    I am a magnet of infinite wealth

    I trust in the Universe 

    I believe in myself and trust the process 

    I am exactly where I need to be

    I keep an open heart and know I am worthy of love

    I only allow authentic loving relationships in my life 

    I choose to create an environment of overall well-being

    I am aligned with my hearts desires

    I allow myself to receive all the blessings of the Universe

    I am ready to embrace new beginnings

    I choose to feel gratitude and appreciation for myself and others. 

    I walk the path of least resistance.  

    I see through the shadows of limitations.

    I can clearly see the path towards my highest vibration

    I feel gratitude and appreciation for all I have and all that is on its way 

    I have released all attachments and 3D programming

    Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.

    Patience brings me into recognition of and alignment to my highest purpose. 

    All my needs are met even though I may not see them in the outer world I open my heart in receiving.

    *Remember everything we do is about intention so be mindful of what you are using your energy for (directing your energy towards), when working with the moon energies. Full moons are wonderful to celebrate and reflect on how far you have come, releasing all that no longer serves you, understanding what lies beneath emotions/feelings/actions, seeing from a higher perspective and practicing gratitude.  

    It's important to remember we feel the Moon's energy 3 days before and 3 days after the celestial event takes place (both of Full and New Moons). 

    You can charge and clear your stones under this full moon by placing them outside or on a windowsill in the light of the moon. You can also make moon water with both the full and new moon energies. Simply place a glass container of water (spring water or even lake water are best), in a place where the light of the moon will shine on the container (as temperatures are cold be careful as glass will break, can place out for a couple of hours before midnight or leave in a windowsill inside overnight). You can use colored glass for an extra umph if you want to use the water for specific things. I make moon water when I am working with certain chakras ie: orange glass for sacral. If you are using spring water or distilled water you can drink it or add it to your bathwater for a spiritual bath. I have used a blue glass container when working with my throat chakra to support speaking my truth and drink a shot of it each morning. You can use moon water in anointing candles, empowering crystal energy, place on an altar, spritz your face with some to help clarity, drip a few drops in your palms when using mudras, drip a few drops on your crown chakra or 3d eye for a deeper meditation, get creative and use it for whatever you feel beneficial. 

    **It's not advised to make moon water or charge crystal under certain full moons ie: when there is an eclipse    

    Please remember to set yourself up for success and use your healthy tools to help keep you balanced and aligned. We all have our ups and downs but the more we prepare and have a game plan in order to work with the down days, the more we empower ourselves for our highest good. 

    We are still in deep ascension energies which play a huge role in how we are feeling and how we work with the energies at hand. There are extremely high frequency energies coming in daily which are felt within and all around us. For more information and all you need to know about the Ascension and what it all means check out our Ascension eBook.




    Allison Shaw

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