Protecting Yourself From EMF Radiation

Protecting Yourself From EMF Radiation


The past couple years people have started becoming extremely concerned about EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. The question is.. WHY?

Well, there are a number of concerns associated with EMF and with the new installation of 5G towers.

In a recent Instagram post, @TheHoodHealer summarized EMF Radiation and what she uses to protect against it.

“5G is essentially the fifth generation of cellular network technology. 5G has higher frequency bands than 3 and 4G. It offers low-latency, high-efficiency data transfer. This is achieved by breaking data down into smaller packages, allowing for faster transmission times. We (humans) won’t actually notice the difference in speed but the machines will.

5G technology can only travel short distances and doesn’t move through buildings, trees or plants well. Because of this, cell towers need to be closer together and higher in number. The most logical place is to add the onto street lamp posts and utility poles. Right now, our towers may double overnight. If we could see the radiofrequency radiation it would look like smog thats everywhere, all the time. “

So, what does this do to us?

5G basically cooks our cell tissue and even mutates bacteria. The long term affects are still unknown. Some people have reportedly died, with initial symptoms of this frequency feeling like a cold or a flu.

So what can we do?

At this point, not much because the 5G towers have already been put up. We really have to start thinking about our technology addiction. But we can try and combat some of the effects.

Using Himalayan Salt Lamps combats negative frequencies, along with neutralizing electromagnetic radiation. Other benefits include cleansing and deodorizing the air, reducing static electricity and improving sleep.

Other crystals that are useful (and that we carry) for radiation protection are:

  • Pyrite

  • Lodestone/Magnetite

  • Hematite

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Shungite

Some house plants that are useful in radiation protection are

  • Spider Plants

  • Snake Plants

  • Succulents

  • Cacti

Some foods that are useful in radiation protection are:

  • Soursop

  • Sea Moss


If you are looking for more information on protection from EMF radiation, you can contact us at

***Disclaimer: We are not doctors & we are not giving medical advice. We feel crystals should be used as a compliment to a sound holistic health plan & not as a replacement for regular medical and/or psychological care & consultation. Please check with a doctor first before applying any advise given here.***


Not only is this bath great for detoxing excess EMF build up but this bath is super-relaxing.

Magnesium is a magical mineral that increases serotonin in our systems which creates calm relaxation in us. This bath is perfect for use after radiation exposure of any sort (going through TSA, x-ray screenings, etc.) or even too much time on your mobile device or computer.

I adapted & slightly tweaked the original recipe of this bath.  DISCLAIMER: (Children, pregnant women & anyone with chronic illness should avoid this bath or consult with their doctor first re: high water temp.)

  • 1 lb. Himalayan sea salt (can sub regular sea salt)

  • 1 lb. baking soda

  • 1-2 tablespoons of ionic Magnesium Concentrated trace minerals (stress from EMF & radiation pollution drains magnesium & increases adrenaline)

  • tub of very hot water (hot as you can stand)

  • 1 tumbled stone each of serpentine & rhodonite (magnesium containing minerals safe for plopping into your bath)

Now just soak in the tub until it cools. Then after your bath, don’t dry off or shower off right away. You can choose to rub down with some magnesium oil or if you’re going to bed you can rub some on the bottom of your feet. You want to allow the minerals to soak into your skin.

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