New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Our New Moon arrives on April 1st 2022 in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac is aligned with an ambitious, optimistic and courageous energy. Technically this is also in alignment with the astrological new year and spring equinox leaving us feeling ready to spring into fresh and new energy. As we shift into the Ram’s energy we will feel the fiery passion of inspiration to leap forward and embrace the new beginnings being offered.

New moons in general are all based in the energetic vibration of new beginnings, expansion and forging ahead. When we align with the higher vibrational aspects of Aries we are directed to be an unapologetic powerhouse of going for what you want and achieving our goals. This new moon pairs with creativity, initiative, adventure and desire to move forward in the flow of planting seeds. Be mindful of impulsivity in your decision making as this energy can be very heated and abrasive when not balanced. With the new moon forming a sextile with the forceful planet of action and communication, Mars and the planet of Karma and responsibility, Saturn this partnership of energy brings us opportunities for fruition, abundance and healing.

Allow yourself to feel, deal and heal any old lingering emotions that have come up from the new moon in Pisces in March followed by the Full moon in Virgo. Aries new moon is based in the fruition of new beginnings, balance, planting seeds of intention, curating the life you desire with confidence. Mercury will also be part of the celestial line up of power bringing a need for clear communication with self and others.

This moon falls on April fools day, so don’t be distracted by pranks and try not to take things to seriously, ebb and flow, enjoy the influx of fun, but remember to communicate. Rather than playing pranks, utilize this moon in confidence and channel the positivity of healing and allowing new beginnings. The cycle of endings and new beginnings is powerful, a time of celebration and emotional balance when you align with it.

Take time to assess how you wish this next 28 day cycle to be, release any unhealthy old habits, behaviors, judgements, negative energy and anything that is not in alignment with your becoming. Enjoy this powerful new beginning as we forge forward in divine wholeness.


Allison Shaw 

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