Full Pink Moon in Libra

Full Pink Moon in Libra

Full Pink Moon in Libra

This full pink moon is a brilliant opportunity for celebrating the abundance life has to offer us. This pink moon (although the moon is not actually pink, just appears to be), is a color of compassion, love and is about nurturing body, mind and soul. This moon will help you shed light on both aspects of higher and lower vibrational energies in your life and encourages balance. This will magnify your most dominant thoughts, feelings and emotions, hence why it is so important to go within and find your inner centeredness, security and divinity regardless of your gender.

It will challenge you to be present with yourself as a whole, allowing this energy to ebb and flow and being mindful will be key to utilizing this energy in the most beneficial way. This may have some people feeling on edge, overwhelmed, moody while others it will feel expansive, feelings of increased energy and elevating your intuition.

This is the 1st full moon in the astrological new year which began March 20th. This moon is power packed as it is followed by the upcoming partial solar eclipse on April 30th as well as a total lunar eclipse on May 15th and brings a once in a life time alignment with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in watery Pisces. This empowering energy is based in illuminating inspiration, creativity, expansion, embracing your personal power at level of heighted awareness and growth.

This full pink moon in Libra, which is the 7th sign in the zodiac, ruled by Venus, which governs our values, pleasures, love and relationship with our finances, gives us the opportunity to balance our thoughts and emotions with our hearts desires. The high vibrational aspects of Libra represent sociability, charm, versatility, enjoyment, pleasure and intuition all while aligning with the already powerful full moon. This energy of late has been challenging everyone to align with their higher vibration in order to allow the influx of abundance in life, including love, happiness, ease (ebb & flow), prosperity and so much more. 

This is a time of allowing the old energy to dissipate and the new to anchor into our 3D life, asking us to assimilate thoughts and emotions into our current lives. Its is TRULY time to release all limiting beliefs of self and expand your mind, release any doubts, fears, insecurities, sense of lack, old unhealthy ways of being, attachments, codependency and everything that you allow to hold you back from your most Divine vibration. There are no dreams too big, no hearts desires that cannot be obtained and nothing to stop you from achieving your success! Remember you only have control of yourself, your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your responses, your action etc. Choose to align with your highest self, your higher purpose, your dreams and all you wish to manifest into this reality. You are the alchemist of your life, this is your stage and you control how you choose to engage with it. be mindful and align with receiving not doubting or trying to control how things come forward for you. This is the time!

Try these affirmations to assist you in mindfulness and self-awareness:

Today is a beautiful day

Today I choose to align with my highest and greatest good

Today I choose to align with my hearts desires

Today I choose joy in receiving

Today I choose to align with my overall well-being

Today I chose to be present and ebb and flow with life

Today I choose to stand strong in my own power and energy

Today I choose alignment with my higher self

Today I choose to see myself and others through Source/Creator/God consciousness

I release obsessive overthinking

I release anything less than love

With every breath I breathe in bliss and exhale any negativity

These are just a few affirmations you can utilize in order to assist you with elevating your energy to a healthier, happier place. It is also important to ensure you take care of your self as a whole, in body, mind and spirit.

Eat as clean as possible, stay hydrated with WATER and or herbal teas, move around (exercise, stretch, dance, walk etc), be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, be present with the now, feel what you need to feel but also allow yourself to release anything that does not serve your growth, do simple things you enjoy (listing to upbeat music, spend time with loved ones, meditate, sing, laugh for no reason), these are all simple things to help you attune with this powerful and potent energy. Most importantly, remember you are a Divine being of the Universe who is worthy of living their happiest most bountiful life. 


Allison Shaw 

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