Full Moon in Leo - February 16th, 2022

Full Moon in Leo - February 16th, 2022

On February 16th we will be blessed with the Full Moon in the loving sign of Leo (following the beginning of the Lunar New Year and year of the Water Tiger), bringing strength, generosity, confidence and a time to take charge of our lives. 

This Full Moon also falls just before the end of the Mercury retrograde shadow which may have been more of a struggle than the actual Mercury retrograde on a whole. Shadow periods tend to bring up things we may not have been consciously aware of and can also bring in past energies, temptation, challenges etc., in order to push us to fully release what no longer serves us. As this Moon in Leo falls directly before the end of the shadow period (ending Feb 17th), it will allow us to embrace the new beginnings the Universe has for us. 

The healthy aspects of Leo are loving, creative, big-heartedness, generous, confident and also a sign that governs the heart. Venus and Mars will also join in sacred union under this Leo full moon representing both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, which we all have, and this moon will assist us in connecting to the most Divine parts of ourselves in order to balance our energies. Full moons are generally when we release energy but with this conjunction of Venus and Mars we may also draw energy in, in order to embrace more passion and creativity. What do you currently have in your energy that needs to be released? Are you struggling with old energies as the new try to come forward? What old thoughts, people, habits, emotions need to be released? 2022 is a year of union, twin flame, soul mate, soul family unions, and we are guided to our highest destiny when we allow the old to be released. This is not only for destined partnerships in romantic union, but also for soul family to return in building healthy relationships on a whole. It is time to fully align with our true destiny, our higher purpose and what is for our highest and greatest good. 

We feel the Full moon energy 3 days before and 3 days after (shadow of the moon), so now is an excellent time to self evaluate without judgment in order to engage in mindfulness and allow yourself to release all that no longer serves you. Old energies of the past, whether its old ways of thinking, feeling, acting, behaving, old attachments, connections, etc., that are not meant to be part of the new chapter. You must allow this release consciously and with the vibration of Source love in order to free yourself of the things that keep you in a place of toxicity. Choosing to live your life in a place of purpose and align with our soul purpose give you the opportunity to live your best life, but the choice is always yours. Only you know what and how you feel, take time to sit with your thoughts and feelings that hold you back from engaging with your destiny. The full moon offers many gifts of rebirth, joy, release and encourages us to create a joyous life we fully engage with. This moon also falls after Valentines day which can be triggering for some who may have not met their soul partner, but this moon will assist you in transforming and embracing yourself. Connecting deeper with your intrinsic self, with your body, mind and embracing your passion. The fiery sign of Leo will encourage you to own all you are, all you desire and inspire you to enjoy the journey of becoming your highest self in a deeply transformative way. For those who are single, take time to engage in self-love, self-care and mindfulness, embrace self confidence, self awareness and utilize the energy to rise in passion for self and life. 

There are many ways to embrace self-love/self-care in a purposeful way:

Meditation - certain frequencies assist you in attuning with your body ie: 528hz, 432hz and 852hz - use which ever resonates or use them all - there are many ways to meditate and you must do what feels good to you as there is no right or wrong way - traditional meditation, walking meditation, guided meditation, white noise meditation, tree meditation (my favorite), breathing meditation, candle meditation, meditating with a friend (very empowering when you are on the same vibration), dance meditation, sun/moon gazing meditation, mantra meditation, to name a few

Breathing exercises - our breath is literally life and it is a vital tool in clearing energy. It engages our body, mind and spirit as well as oxygenating cells and supports our expansion - some suggestions to try: box breathing, alternative nostril breathing, lions breath, abdominal breathing, clavicular breathing, DMT breathing, breath of fire, mindful breathing 

Chakra clearing - in matters of releasing old heartaches whether romantic, family, friendships, it is important to focus on the heart, sacral and solar plex chakras - you may use different techniques in a combination ie: breath exercises to release past energy, yoni steam, visualization, chakra meditations, meeting with a healer, utilizing crystal energy, sound bowls, burn blends (peppermint, rose, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, palo santo, dragons blood, frankincense)

Yoga - there are a number of specific yoga poses to assist and movement is always and excellent avenue to clearing and releasing - camel pose, child pose, constructive rest, reclining bound angle pose, cat-cow pose, warrior, downward facing dog, goddess pose, mountain pose, pigeon pose, humble horse - these are just a few that are very beneficial and relatively simple. Doing simply poses on your bed before sleep is a simple and healing way to end your day

Positive affirmations/mantras - utilizing affirmations and mantras is a simply quick way to bring yourself back to center - I am in divine alignment with my soul purpose, I am in divine alignment with my hearts desires, I release all lower vibrational energies, I attune to what is for my highest good, I embrace all that I am and remember my wholeness, I surrender obsessive overthinking, I surrender insecurities, I release attachments to my past, I am where I need to be in this moment, I release attention to things that bother me, I release resistance to my overall well being, I have expanded beyond what I have learned to allow, I am creating space for my continuous flow of incoming joy, I release all limiting beliefs in my self, I surrender all perceived emotional physical and spiritual restrictions, I consciously let go and release all old wounds, heartache and hurts, I choose inner peace, I release judgment of my self and others, I attune to the vibration of bliss - its important to allow yourself to release self-doubts and attachments in order for you to free yourself of 3D limited program beliefs

Self-love/self-care and mindfulness are an embodiment of balance and attuning to living your best life. We are individuals with individual thoughts, emotions and desires, so do what resonates with you for your highest good. Do some breathing exercises, go to the gym, go for a massage, cook a nutrient filled meal, talk with someone you love and trust (circle of trust), punch a pillow, have a spa day, snuggle with your pet, clear your space, have deep conversations with yourself, there are infinite ways in which you can utilize this energy for your highest good. This full moon being so closely connected with Mars and Venus’ connection brings loving energy and is one of the most magical times of the year and it is the perfect time to balance our Divine feminine and Divine masculine, trust the process of healing and surrender to your becoming with the power of this Leo full moon. 

It has always been said “if you don't love yourself, no one else will”, true on some aspects. We receive love on the vibrational level of how we truly feel about ourselves and the vibrational energy we send out to the Universe. When we have insecurities we don't even admit to ourselves, the Universe knows and we have to remember the Universe is neutral and simply responds to our output so to speak. Most of the relationships in our lives have to do with soul contracts, lessons we wanted to learn, karmic cycles and much more. But the basis is we must journey home to the intrinsic part or our selves (higher self/inner Source), if we truly want to discover unconditional love. The toxic relationships we participate in, in our lives are guides to show us what we don't want and how to find it within ourselves to discover what we do want and that we are deserving of it. 

This Full moon along with the end of Mercury retrograde shadow and Mars/Venus coming together in the sign of Capricorn, bring together and create passionate energy. If you have been on a healing journey like many, this is a time of rebirth and discovering the depth of love you can offer yourself. Venus (sacred feminine energy), is the planet of love, abundance, harmony, creativity and beauty. Shine from within and your beauty will expand into all aspects of your life, love who you are, who you were, and who you are becoming. No one is perfect (perfection is 3D as no ones ideal “perfect” is the same), we must appreciate where we have been and release it with Divine love in gratitude as it supports who we are as well as our becoming. Embrace the power of Venus and love yourself deeper than ever before and it will align you with a soul mate/twin flame/partnership and soul family to come forward. Mars (sacred masculine energy), is the planet of processing, rational mind, truth, stability, action, fearlessness and brings out our confidence and feelings of security. Surrendering to balance in both these energies is empowering especially with the power of the Full moon in Leo. The influx of energy that is being offered is truly deep and transformational and may challenge you to clear your heart chakra. Love yourself genuinely, deeply, unconditionally and attune to the highest vibration of yourself. 

This energy may also bring forward romantic soulmate connections, especially as this year 2022 is all about love, so if you are single, take time to release all lower vibrational preconceived notions about love and open your heart to allowing genuine Divine love to come forward. If you are in a healthy relationship take time to deepen your connection and release anything that may be stagnant and spice up your connection. For those in a toxic/unhealthy relationship, take time to go within and ask yourself some difficult questions and surrender anything keeping you from walking away, work with your Spirit team, ask for Divine support/guidance/intervention, take your power back and trust the process (if you are being abused in any way seek support/help from friends/family/counselor/legal support to ensure your safety). Remember, everything is a choice, we choose to heal and evolve or we choose to remain the same. Its time to remember who you were born to be and release all that you are no longer! Utilize this energy to come home to yourself and remember you are a child of the Universe and connected, just clear the clutter. You are a Divine being! 


Astrological Perspective 

The Full Moon is a powerful time to release and let go of all that no longer serves you, in order to welcome in a new lunar cycle aligned with your higher self. Full Moon’s are a potent time, and on a deeper level they activate us to merge with our full potential. They also help us to see things in a new full light, it reveals what has been hidden from us, which calls for introspection and encourages change and resolution where needed.

On Wednesday February 16th, the full moon, known as February’s Full Snow Moon, will be entering the sign of Leo. Here’s an overview of what the lessons and effects may be for you.

When the Full Moon is in Leo, a more emotional, playful, inner-child like nature can emerge. Emotions can take on a more dramatic and expressive form. We also may feel generally more open to creatively expressing our authentic selves, and taking chances with the game of life - especially when it comes to all of our big imaginative ideas!

There is more of an enhanced need to feel respected and cherished today. When you simply give love and feel love, your warm and generous instincts rule. Leo energy is very warm, affectionate, and romantic, so with Valentine’s Day and Venus conjunct Mars within the same week, this is a really ideal time to share affection and love with others!

Leo Full Moon energy is also excellent for finding joy through various creative outlets. What creative outlet can you explore to help discover and express who you are to the world? We will also feel strong emotional ties to any children in your life, or our own inner child, or animals as well. This is a wonderful time to express play, joy, and freedom! Honor the psychological need to set free your own inner child and it will honor you.

 The Leo Full Moon is a time to roar loud, and be luminous! Do more of what makes you truly glow and feel illuminated from within. Whether that be spending time with loved ones, creatively expressing yourself, playing in an activity that brings you joy, taking new chances in life, etc.

The road of growth, healing, and changes is a journey not a destination. The Leo Full Moon reminds us to take time to stop and celebrate life itself, and the progress of how far we’ve come every so often. 

Important Planetary Aspects for February 16th:

Moon in Leo opposite Sun in Aquarius:

This aspect may cause external pressures, having the potential to leave you feeling out of sorts or with butterflies in your stomach. The key is to balance emotions (the moon’s energy) and conscious intention (the sun’s energy). Despite these challenges, or because of them, you can actually achieve a lot of progress in your personal and professional life at this time.

Moon opposite Sun transit increases your desire or need to accomplish great things and succeed. But different areas of your life may not be working in the same direction. Perhaps there is a lack of harmony between your personal and professional life to find a balance between. If you are going to make advances in any area of life, all these competing factors in your life must work together, or at least be putting up with each other. Or perhaps this is the time to find acceptance with what must be sacrificed for now in order for proper balance in your life.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Capricorn:

Venus is still emerging out of her shadow phase from her recent retrograde. During this transit we are still re-discovering, honing, and deepening into the embodiment of our core values and foundations in our lives with Venus being in Capricorn specifically. With Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn, Mars is bringing that speed and intensity for us to take action on taking the reflections and lessons we’ve learned during Venus’ retrograde (especially while Mercury retrograde was overlapping) and calling us to put them into concrete implemented changes into our lives. So we can ensure to be the change we wish to see, and make it happen for ourselves instead of waiting for life to happen for us. Mars is here to make sure we don’t just over think and over feel ourselves out of taking the appropriate action needed.

However we are dealing with a push and pull of the fiery intense pushy energy of mars, and the gentleness and compassion of Venus while implementing these changes. So although taking action and implementing change is important, so is ensuring you’re not being overly harsh on yourself, and still being compassionate and gentle with yourself where needed.

This transit is also likely to increase our desires, especially those for intimacy and affection (with Valentine’s Day within this same week) This is an ideal time for both romance and making new friends. You will also find satisfaction in creative activities. This is a good time to start works of art, especially those combining the physical and emotional expressions. Even routine work should be more enjoyable now as you have the drive and creative urge to make things look or work better. Also, this transit combined with the full moon in Leo can make an excellent time to host a party or celebration!

Suggestions for this Full Moon in Leo:

  • Celebrate!! Whether it be celebrating yourself, especially with some added self-love from Valentine’s Day, or celebrating who else or what else you love, just celebrate what brings you true joy and fulfillment to embrace this joyful Leo energy.
  • Connect and play with children or animals in your life, including your own inner child. These beings specifically remind us of pure and simple joys in life, and also remind us of what unconditional love truly is.
  • Create! Find a creative outlet to truly pour into and express yourself. Honour your authentic self by allowing it to creatively express through you to the world, it’s okay to keep expressions to yourself as well.
  • Dream! Feel the surge of creative imaginative energy from this Leo full moon and run with your imagination, allow yourself to imagine where you’d like to take bigger risks and chances in life.
  • Find balance. Many of us struggle to incorporate more of what we love in our lives because of needing more balance between our personal and professional lives or general responsibilities. Where can you find more time for what or who you truly enjoy? Is there something that isn’t urgent that can be sacrificed or put on hold? Are there any ways to get more support into your life to lighten your load? Or maybe are there even ways to bring fun perspectives into the work and responsibilities you do.


- Alexandra Blaauw, Astrologer & Allison Shaw, Spiritual Practitioner. 

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