Florida Water

Florida Water

What is Florida Water (Agua de Florida) and how do you use it?

If you've never heard of Florida water, let's get one thing out of the way first: No, this is not the water you'll find in the state of Florida. Rather, it's a special liquid that's believed to help enhance any number of rituals.

With its sweet floral scent and lemon overtones, Florida Water—named after the Fountain of Youth—is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water. The sacred cologne contains numerous spiritual benefits and has become a staple in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wiccan, Rootwork, American Folk Magick and Santeria practices.

Mixed with spices, herbs, lavender, and citrus oils, the Water can be used as a simple cologne or perfume for protection, to draw in good fortune, and in any kind of spell to block out negativity and harmful entities.

While thousands of fragrances have gone in and out of style, Florida Water has maintained its true recipe since 1808. When Florida Water was introduced in the 1800s, enslaved African-Americans in the Southern United States used the cologne while serving their masters. They would use Florida Water to scent the bed linens, sprinkle in bathwater, mop the floors and shave men’s faces. Enslaved African Americans were forbidden to practice African religions and were forced into Christianity practices

Florida water is an alcohol-based cologne first used in the early 1800s as a perfume. More recently, it has become a staple in mystical practices, explains author of Revolutionary Witchcraft Sarah Lyons. It's primarily made by the company Murray & Lanman and carries a very citrusy, floral scent.

It was given the name "Florida water" because the Fountain of Youth is said to be somewhere in Florida. 

How you can use it: 

  1. Energetically cleanse yourself with Florida water by spraying it around you or putting a bit on your wrists.
  2. Energetically (and literally) cleanse your healing tools like (water safe) crystals with a bit of diluted Florida water to give them a refresh.
  3. Use it to cleanse your altar and anything on it by diluting some with water in a spray bottle and spraying on your altar, then wiping down.
  4. Use it in your usual floor cleaner to cleanse your home and wash away negative energy.
  5. Add a bit of Florida water to your laundry (especially bedding if you frequently have nightmares) for protection.
  6. You can literally use Florida Water anywhere that requires a refresh. Spray or dab some in your car, in your office and in your rooms.


You can make it yourself, but honestly? In my opinion its not quite the same. Here is a recipe I've tried that's about as close as I can get: 

16 oz of vodka
3-5 tablespoons of floral water (orange, rose, lavender, etc)
8 drops of lavender EO
10 drops of lemon EO
10 drops of orange EO
5 drops of bergamot EO
5 drops of cinnamon EO
5 drops of clove EO
3 drops benzoin EO
Fresh rose petals & fresh rosemary 

Add your vodka and floral water to a bowl

Smell each oil before adding it to your bowl. Let your nose and spirit tell you if you should add more or less than what’s suggested.

Let sit for an entire moon cycle before use (29 days).

Remove rose petals and rosemary if you wish.

Don't feel like making it? That's okay we've got you covered! 

Grab your Florida Water right here. 



Stay well, 

Sandra-Lee Shaw

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