February Forecast

February Forecast

February is a month that brings movement forward and expansion, thanks to Aquarius’ higher aspects giving us momentum. We also have the uplifting Chinese Lunar New Year (year of the Dragon), and no Planets in retrograde, which offers us time to make bold moves and materialize what we have been trying to manifest over the past few years. We must remember that “manifesting” is about being the vibrational frequency or “match” to that which you wish to create in your physical worldly experience. 

A lot is happening with our Airy Aquarius aspects especially with the once in a lifetime alignment of Pluto entering Aquarius in January. We have Mercury, Mars, Venus as well as the New Moon in Aquarius this month which is all about self empowerment and forward movement in betterment for all, not only as individuals but as a collective. 

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and is associated with the eleventh house, ruling over acquaintances, friends, groups, humanitarian organizations, hopes, wishes, aspirations, personal goals, our sense of our true inner purpose, our sense of the community and humanity. The Eleventh House also speaks to destiny, the direction we are heading, focusing on alignment with a higher consciousness, learning where we needed healing, growth and evolution, aligning with creating our dreams and what we desire in this material place. The power of collective creation, through our individual healing and return to a unity mindset which supports the collective and generates a connection with our inner Being/Source is also important to this house. The 11th house is the final of the four “succedent” houses, along with the 2nd, 5th and 8th houses. The 2nd House deals with our personal finances, food, and shelter. The 5th House deals with how we build our self-confidence through play, competition, and performance. The 8th House “lords” over shared resources and how we deal with changes in life, which require us to have stable identities and finances. And the 11th House helps us understand where and how we need to “fit” in our community and society. Succedent houses are much like the fixed zodiac signs. Here is where we roll up our sleeves to turn the big ideas ignited in the angular houses into tangible realities which in the 11th house is linked to the power of teamwork and technology.  

Knowing where Aquarius is in your birthchart is very valuable in understanding the impact of these transits and alignments. It will also be of benefit to know where Uranus and Saturn are as they rule over Aquarius as well as what houses Mars, Venus, Mercury, Capricorn and Pluto reside.as the overall impact of placements will depend on interactions with other planets, the specific houses they transit in individual birth charts, and the broader astrological information available. It's important to remember we all live in an abundant Universe and the more aligned you are the easier your infinite wealth in all aspects of your life, happens with ease. Using present tense statements are key to support your progression and alignment 

Use statements/affirmations like: 

I live a fulfilling life and love the ease and effortless receiving of my true hearts desires

I speak with compassion and love to myself and others through my inner Source

I am grounded, safe and secure in my alignment and overall well-being

I do what I love and love what I do and I love life and life loves me too

I choose to be present in each moment integrating the highest vibrations of love and light

I effortlessly embrace alignment with the resonance of my true and authentic vibration

I choose to embrace the ecstasy of my evolving wholeness  

Aquarius is associated with many positive traits and characteristics that we can all work with and utilize for our betterment with this month's energy. An evolved Aquarius energy has traits like:

  • their innovative and original thinking fostering and embracing new ideas, unconventional approaches, and visionary concepts
  • strong intellectual orientation, analytical, logical thinkers who enjoy exploring complex ideas and problem-solving
  • Open-mindedness is a key trait of Aquarius, accepting of different perspectives, making them great collaborators and team players
  • associated with humanitarianism and a concern for the overall well-being of humanity 
  • progressive thinkers who look to creating a healthy, happy future for themselves and those they love as well as humanity 
  • technological advancements, scientific discoveries, and societal progress intrigue them
  • value their independence and tend to be individualistic as they appreciate personal freedom and often resist conformity but are wonderful team players for the greater good
  • known for their eccentric and unique qualities as they embrace their quirks and celebrate their individuality confidently 
  • despite their independent nature, Aquarians are often friendly and sociable and enjoy connecting with a diverse range of people as their are open mindedness creates a curiosity for gaining more knowledge and wisdom
  • generally adaptable and flexible as they navigate through changing situations with ease, making them versatile in various environments
  • they inspire others with their ideas and forward-thinking approaches as they often strive for positive change and progress
  • known for their loyalty and genuine nature, valuing authenticity in their relationships and interactions as encouraging others to be their authentic selves 

Now, what is February brewing up for us?

February 5th - Mercury enters Aquarius 

This will have many feeling a thirst for knowledge, innovative thinking, embracing unconventional ideas, exploring new perspectives and being open minded in our pursuits of individual and collective changes. Feelings of thinking outside of the box and embracing philosophical and spiritual revelations, while finding balance in understanding how to not allow our emotions to cloud our judgment as we clear residual clutter from our past experiences and attachments. This gives a sense of stability in knowing we choose how we feel and all have the ability to find balance in our emotions through connecting mind and heart with confidence and compassion. Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect, and in Aquarius, there is a focus on innovative thinking and unconventional ideas and transit can stimulate feelings associated with collective consciousness and humanitarian causes creating a sense of collaborative and collective change. This is a favorable time for discussions, brainstorming, and sharing ideas within communities, humanitarian organizations and business associations. 

February 6th - Saturn Quintile Uranus

Saturn forms a quintile (quintile is an aspect formed between two planets when they are approximately 72 degrees apart. The quintile is considered a minor aspect, falling between the major aspects (such as conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions) with Uranus and Uranus went direct on Jan 27th. This energy is associated with themes of:

Creativity, innovation,  a harmonious blending of energies, discipline, responsibility  and the ability to endure challenges. Saturn is associated with structure, order, and organization. It emphasizes the importance of building a solid foundation in one's life, whether it's in career, relationships, or personal development. Saturn is connected to authority and leadership. It symbolizes the qualities of maturity, wisdom, and the ability to take on leadership roles. 

Uranus represents innovation, change, and unpredictability  and the quintile aspect has a harmonious interaction between these energies, allowing for the integration of tradition and innovation in a way that is supportive and constructive. It's a subtle time of creative balancing, stability and change. We are encouraged to explore how to maintain a sense of inner stability, peace and balance, while embracing transformative and liberating experiences.

February 9th - New Moon in Aquarius 

This New Moon brings new perspectives and understanding surrounding new beginnings, innovation, forward thinking, authority, humanitarian pursuits, control, and community. This might lead you to reconsider where you fall under current power structures and where you may need changed. You may feel a desire to embrace new and progressive ideas that emphasize the importance of collaboration and community.  Aquarius, the rebel, enjoys asking questions, pushing the boundaries and creative thinking and we may feel an intense push for change on a collective level especially with Pluto now in Aquarius. You may feel the desire to explore new ways of approaching spiritual practices and reflect on your place in the larger picture and how you can contribute to a better tomorrow. Breaking free from outdated traditional norms and balancing bringing in alignment for a brighter future for self and the collective. Use this energy to break free from limiting beliefs, outdated spiritual practices, or anything else that hinders your personal growth and emotional maturity.

February 10th -  Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon (Wood Dragon)

In Chinese culture the Dragon holds a significant place as an auspicious and extraordinary being symbolizing power, nobility, honor, luck and success. This brings opportunities for great change, opportunities and favorable shifts in your life. Dragons are majestic and lead due to their dominant nature and ambitious spirits. They are gifted with innate courage, tenacity, intelligence, charisma and strive to break away from traditional outdated norms, paying way for a brighter future. The Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions, and there's a strong emphasis on honoring ancestors and many families participate in ancestral worship ceremonies, where offerings are made to honor and seek blessings from deceased family members. The period leading up to the Chinese New Year is often marked by thorough cleaning to symbolize the removal of any lingering old energy, stagnant, outdated and “bad luck” energy making space to welcome good fortune for the upcoming year which aligns with spiritual themes of purification and renewal. Various traditional rituals and customs are observed during the Chinese New Year, such as the dragon and lion dances, the giving of red envelopes (hongbao) containing money for good luck, and the lighting of firecrackers to ward off evil spirits. These customs have symbolic meanings and are deeply rooted in Chinese spiritual and cultural beliefs as well as prayers and offerings as many visit temples during the Chinese New Year to offer prayers and seek blessings for the coming year. Temples are often adorned with decorations, and ceremonies are held to invoke divine favor and protection. The festival is also linked to the concept of Yin and Yang, the balance of opposing forces, representing the cyclical nature of life and Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, plays a role as people may rearrange their homes and incorporate specific symbols to enhance positive energy flow and attract good fortune. Some also incorporate meditation and reflective practices into their Chinese New Year celebrations, taking time to set intentions, express gratitude, and envision positive outcomes for the coming year.

February 13th - Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius 

Mars, the Planet of war and Pluto, the planet of power, this conjunction can feel uneasy and may cause some tension and feeling fed up with authority and controlling aspects of your lives if power dynamics in relationships (of any kind), are unbalanced. Mars represents energy, drive, and action, while Pluto is associated with transformation, power, and depth, so this conjunction of Mars and Pluto intensifies the energy, potentially leading to powerful and transformative actions, particularly in areas related to Aquarian themes such as innovation, technology, individual and collective change. Be mindful as this may bring a heightened passion and determination to contribute to collective causes, social justice, and innovative initiatives through power struggles and it is important to ensure you understand your passion for purpose and your  position in what you are “fighting” for. Both Individuals and collective energy may face challenges that require confronting power dynamics or dealing with issues that have been hidden beneath the surface in order to bring balance. It is important to remember not everyone sees things from the same perspective and it's not about expecting someone to see things the way you do, but understanding and looking at things from a different perspective with openness. We all experience life through our individual life experiences, thus seeing things through the emotional attachments we have created within, due to those experiences. Pluto is associated with deep spiritual transformation and regeneration and this transit is an opportunity for intense spiritual growth, where individuals are driven to confront and transform aspects of themselves on a profound level in order to ascend. Shadow work is also a theme as you are encouraged to confront any deep seated issues that you have or have not been working on, just remember to work with healthy detachment and ask yourself where is this (behavior, emotion, situation, thought, action etc.) serving me. Allow yourself to release attachments.  

There may be a drive for spiritual activism, where individuals channel their spiritual principles into collective efforts for positive change and social transformation and the integration of technology with spiritual practices for the betterment of all. Collective healing is fueled by Aquarius and the conjunction may drive individuals to actively engage in collective healing initiatives through addressing systemic issues, creating change in social justice through Being the change, and contributing to the well-being of the community.

February 14th - St Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day falls during the Sun's transit through Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) bringing the energy of Aquarius influence and expressions of love that go beyond the traditional, emphasizing friendship, community, and authenticity of love. Many see this as a time of celebration of Love and connection and can be seen as a celebration of love in various forms like romantic love, platonic love, self-love, friendship love and Universal love. Take time to celebrate love in all its glory! It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the interconnectedness of all beings,  with the spiritual essence of Valentine's Day extending beyond romantic love to encompass broader spiritual values, such as compassion and kindness expressing love and kindness to friends, family, and even strangers. Using Heart-Centered practices such as heart chakra meditations or practices that cultivate feelings of love and gratitude are an important part of the many ways we express our love. Take time to express gratitude for the relationships in your life, recognizing the spiritual growth and lessons that come with self love/care, connection and companionship. opportunity for self-love and self-care while recognizing and nurturing your own well-being as a vital aspect of spiritual growth and balance. It is also a wonderful time to look beyond the societal aspects of Valentines day and embrace the idea of universal love and oneness, extending  love beyond personal relationships and embracing a sense of interconnectedness with all of existence. 

February 16th - Venus enters Aquarius 

This brings in an energy where you can experience changes in your relationships, spend more time with friends, and open up your social circle. Venus in Aquarius combines the planet of love with the sign of innovation and individuality signifying a desire for intellectual stimulation in relationships, freedom to be your authentic self and fostering a love style that is open-minded as well as a passionate for social causes and dynamic change in societies outdated limited belief system. A desire for deeper emotional and intellectual compatibility in friendship and in romantic relationships fostered through shared ideas, common interests, compassion, openness to other perspectives is also a theme with this alignment. Aquarius, as a sign associated with collective consciousness and can infuse Venus with a sense of unconditional love for humanity, feeling a deep connection to the well-being of the collective, fostering compassion and a desire to contribute positively to societal growth, healing and expansion. 

February 18th - Pisces season 

Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign and the twelfth sign of the zodiac, associated with the element of water being a mutable sign, indicating adaptability and flexibility. As a water sign, Pisces is often linked to emotions, intuition, and a deep, sensitive nature, ruled by Neptune, Planet of dreams, intuition, and spirituality with influential aspects enhancing Piscean qualities such as empathy, imagination, and a connection to the mystical. The high vibrational aspects of Pisces bring in a compassionate and empathetic nature as they feel deeply connected to the emotions of others and are inclined to help and support those in need. Pisces is considered one of the most spiritually attuned signs who are receptive and open to spiritual insights, making this a time when individuals may be more inclined to explore their spiritual beliefs and curiosities. With Neptune's influence, Pisces season encourages creative and imaginative endeavors  when artistic pursuits, music, and other forms of creative expression are inspired. Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac, marking the completion of the astrological cycle which offers a time of reflection, closure, and preparation for the start of a new astrological year in Aries. This energy encourages the idea of surrender and letting go,  a time to release what no longer serves you, to forgive, and to embrace a sense of spiritual expansion and higher perspective.

February 19th - Alignment between Chiron and the North Node 

Chiron is referred to as the "wounded healer" and symbolizes the areas of our lives where we have experienced pain and vulnerability but also where we can find profound healing and wisdom. Chiron's influence can bring attention to our wounds, both physical and emotional, and how we can work towards healing and integration. The North Node represents the path of growth and development in our life and highlights the qualities and experiences we are encouraged to embrace for personal evolution. Let go of the past completely through allowing yourself to heal and be present in who you are in this moment rather than allowing your past hurts and experiences to define you. We become “attached” to our suffering and tend to seek out validation to support us continuing to  carry our trauma, triggers and past experiences through our unhealed ego/shadow/inner. North Node specifically points towards the collective growth and evolution of humanity in alignment with their true path anchored in a unity. This alignment encourages individuals to integrate their wounds into their spiritual journey and recognize the value of personal challenges, using them as tools for growth while developing a deeper innerstanding of practicing compassion for self and others. 

February 24th - Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign associated with practicality, attention to detail, and a service-oriented approach and is ruled by Mercury. This Full Moons symbolizes culmination, completion, and the peak of emotional energy in balancing our heart and thinking mind as they can feel like two opposing energies, feeling a need to balance Virgo's analytical and practical tendencies with the more emotional and intuitive qualities associated with the opposing sign, Pisces (as the Sun is in Pisces during a Full Moon in Virgo). It's also a time to find harmony between the material world and the spiritual realm through integrating more or new spiritual practices into your daily life for a more balanced and fulfilling existence and human experience. Virgo is a sign associated with service, and Pisces is linked to compassion. This Full Moon may encourage acts of kindness, service to others, and an increased awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings. Virgo is also associated with health and healing so this Moon will shine a light on areas of your life that require attention to promote physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. 

February 28th - Mercury Cazimi Saturn in Pisces

On February 28th, the sun and Mercury cazimi Saturn in Pisces, marking a definitive moment of synthesis and closure. When the Sun and another planet are in cazimi, it is considered a moment of heightened influence and potential empowerment for that planet. When Saturn, the Planet of karma sits in cazimi with the Sun in Pisces you will feel inspired and empowered. Mercury, being in cazimi with the Sun is a time of enhanced mental clarity, communication, information and ideas feeling more readily expressed and understood. Saturn's influence adds a touch of discipline and structure to Mercury's communication style and alignment supports focused and organized thinking, making it a beneficial  time for tasks that require attention to detail and creative bliss.

February 29th - Leap year

Every 4 years is considered a Leap year in the calendar year and the concept where an extra day is added to the calendar every four years, which has more to do with astronomical and calendrical adjustments than with direct spiritual or religious significance. Leap years are introduced to keep our calendars in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun. Some people see the extra day in a leap year as an opportunity for reflection, introspection, and taking stock of one's life and it can be a time to pause, set intentions, and consider personal growth. The additional day in a leap year can be viewed symbolically as a "bonus" or a gift of time every 4 years seen as an opportunity for personal transformation, growth, or achieving goals. From a spiritual perspective, some see the alignment of our calendar with astronomical cycles as a reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity with the natural world and symbolizes a recognition of the Earth's journey around the sun. Some utilize this extra day to practice or rituals such as meditation, setting intentions, or engaging in activities that foster spiritual well-being. Take some time to align with the “leap of faith” in new beginnings and positive transformations in various aspects of life.

Crystals for February 

  • Amethyst:
    • Amethyst is a classic choice for February. It is associated with spiritual awareness, intuition, and tranquility. It is believed to promote clarity of mind and balance the energy centers.
  • Garnet:
    • Garnet, with its deep red color, aligns with themes of passion, vitality, and protection. It is often associated with grounding and manifestation of creative energies.
  • Rose Quartz:
    • As the month often includes Valentine's Day, Rose Quartz is fitting for its associations with love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is said to open the heart chakra.
  • Moonstone:
    • Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and the cycles of the moon. It is believed to enhance intuition, balance emotions, and promote spiritual growth.
  • Onyx:
    • Onyx, a black stone, is associated with protection and grounding. It can help absorb and transform negative energies.

Herbs for February:

  • Lavender:
    • Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. It is often used in rituals or practices related to relaxation, peace, and promoting a restful sleep.
  • Rosemary:
    • Rosemary is associated with clarity, memory, and purification. It can be used in rituals to enhance mental focus and spiritual awareness.
  • Chamomile:
    • Chamomile is known for its calming and gentle properties. It is often used in teas or sachets to promote relaxation and peaceful energy.
  • Mugwort:
    • Mugwort is associated with intuition and psychic awareness. It is believed to enhance dreams and aid in spiritual journeys.
  • Cinnamon:
    • Cinnamon is associated with warmth, abundance, and protection. It can be used in spells or rituals related to attracting prosperity and positive energy.

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