New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

This Sagittarius New Moon is the first New Moon since we have entered full blown eclipse season. We also have Jupiter retrograde ending the same day as this new Moon and Jupiter, stationing direct forms a trine with the Moon and Sun. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and is considered the planet of expansion, compassion, optimism, abundance, bounty and Guru or teacher when stationed direct. When in retrograde, we are asked to connect to our inner truth, higher perspective and delve into inner guidance in order to re-evaluate and reassess. Since Jupiter has been in retrograde since July 28th it has been a pivotal time of introspection and vital to our journey of self discovery.

We continue to have Mars, Uranus and Neptune in retrograde although Neptune will end shortly, (Dec 4th). 

Mars retrograde (Mars named for God of war), can feel hostile as it brings us face to face with unresolved/ignored/underlying anger, resentment or tension. This is very ego based as it is rooted in inner triggers and underlying, unhealed emotions/feelings. Mars holds an animal instinct energy of survival where we can be very much in fight or flight. Things that surface during this retrograde are meant to be released and healed, in order to free ourselves from lower vibrational energies that are not in service to our growth, expansion and freedom from the 3D malevolent energy (male-volent - lower vibrational Divine masculine). Utilize this opportunity to embrace courage and desire for change within in a positive and supportive way for your expansion. You may feel unmotivated, scattered, fearful/lacking, anger, triggered, even unhealthy sexual connections when he is retrograde, so it is important to find your balance and comfort in surrendering what is not your Divine truth. Remember, triggers are guides to our deepest healing.

Uranus retrograde is a guide to inner changes in response to external forces, asking us to process change in order to create a healthy desired outcome from within. Uranus, the planet of change/disruption, retrogrades in the sign of Taurus (Uranus entered Taurus May 2018 until April 2026), as it rotates through each sign approximately every 7 years. Uranus is considered the rebellious planet and being in Earth sign Taurus, it is all about birthing new, leaving behind old ways of doing things, and breakthroughs following breakdowns. It is about sudden change and shifts, shaking up foundations for the better. We are being asked to reflect and revise in order to embrace new beginnings, embracing Aha moments and sudden incites. As Uranus remains in a sign for approximately 7 years, signs that will be feeling this shift/change in their core are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Release resistant to change, ebb and flow, let go and flow with progressive energy. Growing pains simply mean growth.


Neptune retrograde, ending Dec 4th, which has been in retrograde since June. Neptune is considered the planet of Spirituality, dreamworlds, personal possibilities and seeing through illusions. We have been pushed to explore our inner selves, distinguish between reality and fantasy and guided to remember who we are on an intrinsic level. While in retrograde, you are being given a proverbial wake up call, propelled towards seeing any avoidant behaviors, unhealthy/toxic comforts, looking beyond what we have deemed as “truth”. What you have been using as a crutch, so to speak, things that have kept you in a place of “sameness”, foundations based in things that kept you small and allowing a glossing over of aspects that needed to be shifted and shaken up, consider them shaken with this planet in retrograde. Neptune will station direct in December which will support our freedom from the demands of the unhealed ego and our Spiritual development. We are able to align with the invisible worlds that we are linked with, our energetic expansion as a collective. Signs that will feel this the most are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars is aligned with the Root chakra, Divine masculine, this is where our Kundalini energy aka life force energy lives. It is our Yang energy, the planet of action, sex and desires. We must remember that Mars energy can be either constructive or destructive so choose wisely as to how you utilize this energy. 

Allowing what needs to fall away  is a theme of his retrograde, the more you allow yourself to surrender what is not aligned with your growth, with your inner light/inner Source, the more you will expand. Just remember it is a choice as to how you allow the changes in you life, they can be meet with openness, compassion and alignment or with hostility, resistance and disharmony. Change can feel overwhelming, but is a necessary part of our growth, especially with this years theme of transformation and ascension. 

Crystals you can use to help harness the higher aspects of Mars are: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Coral, Sunstone, Fire Agate, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Hematite, Shiva lingam, Tiger eye, Bronzinite, Black onyx, Serpentine and Shungite. 

Some affirmations/Mantras for Mars: 

I am aligned with my Spiritual warrior in courage 

I am utilizing my passion to align with my highest purpose

I am set healthy boundaries 

I am empowered 

I choose to dominate only my self for my highest good

I am grounded 

I choose to take action for the betterment of expansion

I allow myself to to release resentments, anger, animosity, judgment and attachments 

I allow myself to process my emotions/feelings with confidence 


Jupiter which is also Divine masculine, is associated with our Crown chakra will retrograde until the end of January 2023. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge and unity as it is associated with the Crown chakra. He supports our search for deeper meaning, wisdom and oneness in order to align with the unity consciousness in an active way. Jupiter is the Guru to teach us how to embrace blessings, be optimistic and align with success, while instilling a sense of faith and generosity. Jupiter rules over Sagittarius with the aspects of values and beliefs and guides us to a place of optimistic Spiritual and mental growth. Be mindful of where you seek your wisdom and understanding as the unhealed ego can turn confidence into arrogance. 

Some crystals to use with Jupiter: Lepidolite, Amethyst, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli, Grape Agate, Spirit Quartz, Azurite, Citrine, Topaz, Turquoise, Apophyllite, Clear Quartz,  White Agate, Aragonite. 

Some affirmations/mantras to use:

I am channeling my abundant energy in healthy expansive ways

I choose to feel abundant and limitless

I am abundant and limitless

I am expansive in abundance

I am aligned with my overall well-being

I grow through every experience

I choose to see opportunities in every perceived obstacle

I choose an optimistic mindset

I choose to embrace joy, bliss and move forward with enthusiasm

Neptune is aligned with the 3RD Eye chakra and Divine Feminine energy and her retrograde will end December 4th. Neptune is based in creativity, intuition and expanded consciousness which offers us an opportunity to align with our intrinsic selves. She is the planet of our unconscious minds and connection to our energetic expansion while empowering our hopes and dreams. She will expose deception, deep emotional stagnancy asking for you to engage in stillness and self contemplation. She encourages us (as Divine Feminine nurtures), to go within for our deepest healing in order to clear way for the new beginnings. She will guide you inwards to your inner Source and understanding that you are a part of the wholeness of the Universe. She guides us on our path to our Spiritual growth and the importance of harnessing our expansion to gain incites and a deeper understanding to our personal journey. Being the planet of illusion she guides us to a higher perspective of what is fantasy and what is truth which supports the collective ascension. Think back on the past 6 months and ask yourself what have you allowed to come in to light? How have you overcome (are overcoming) escapism, delusions of “fantasy” or how you were choosing to see situations/circumstances/experiences? As Neptune rules sleep and dreams, all the wild/vivid dreams will begin to make more sense on a conscious level as she goes direct. Much of the outdated energy of the old has been plaguing our dream state, but for our benefit so we are doing much of our work in our sleep state. Dreaming of people you haven't spoken to or even thought of in a long time, old relationship connections and things you may have felt you laid to rest. But this is in order for us to surrender and release the reminisce of the old, old karmic attachments, connections, outdated contracts that needed to come to a close in order to grow. Let go and allow the old to be released lovingly and with gratitude. 

Crystals to use with Neptune: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Lepidolite, Celestite, Petrified Wood, Ametrine, Larimar, Aquamarine, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Fluorite, Clear Quartz.

Some affirmations/mantras for Neptune: 

I am aligned with harmony

I am aligned with inner peace/overall peace

I am love

My essence is love

I am supported, connected and protected by the Universe

I choose to flow effortlessly with life

I am a Divine being filled with infinite possibilities

I choose compassion and a higher perspective in life experiences

I allow myself to give and receive forgiveness

I am aligned with my highest purpose 

Now, what does all this have to do with this New Moon in Sagittarius you ask?!

This New Moon is the last one before the winter solstice, the 1st since eclipse season began and is in the 9th sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius is the 9th sign which represents endings, new beginnings and wisdom. 

The planetary alignment this year of having 5 planets in a planetary parade, which will not be seen again until 2041, is a huge factor in this years energy. Also this year being a number 6 year is the embodiment of the heart, unconditional love, nurture and healing. The last time the 5 planets aligned in this was was 2004, also being a number 6 year. The number 6 is supportive, protective and based in love, hence why healing and self love was such a strong force this year. 

We have experienced a plethora of shifts this year all leading us to feel, deal and heal. It has been a rollercoaster of experiences, emotions, feelings and inner work for our benefit. Growing pains have been felt by all regardless of your faith, spirituality, denomination etc. Energetic growing pains felt as we have had to work through some deep seated feelings/emotions as well as physical growing pains, and we are still experiencing both, although more of the physical is being felt now by many who have done the painful inner work. A common thread for our unity consciousness expansion has been felt at all levels of healing in order to raise our vibrations, align with Source/inner Source, Blessed Gaia, our Spirit team and the overall energy of oneness/unity/5D.

This has led up to this beautiful New Moon energy! The reflective energy of this New Moon will have us looking back only to rejoice in how far we have come, to reflect on the challenges we've had to endure in order to free ourselves from outdated energies, as well as creating room for the new beginnings. An opportunity to step away from you fear and ask yourself if your inner truth needed to be understood in order to reprogram the limiting beliefs of the 3D.  

Sagittarius represents truth and building within a higher perspective from our inner selves rather than the outer world and what society has dictated through fear, judgment, chaos control. Now is the time to write the new chapters of the limitlessness that we are, planting new roots in creating the lives that nourish and flourish, based in overall well-being. Allow its energy and the silver linings Jupiter brings to shift the road you have been traveling on your terms. Rewrite the stories of what has passed in our current energy the now energy from our higher perspectives. Break free from old and expand fully in the truth of your oneness and expansiveness. 

Embrace with new moon with openness, with who you are in this moment and gratefully, lovingly release all that you are not. Stay present and embrace joyful childlike blissfulness in the cocreation of your life, your becoming and begin to reap all that benefits of the seeds you have planted over the past year in your intrinsic truth. Cocreate from your intuition, your heart, your inner Source and no longer allow the ego mind/overthinking mind to misguide you. 

The ego/overthinking mind is based in fear/3D and that is now longer the limited way in which you see. It fears change of any kind so it has tried with vigor to keep you “same”. Keep rising and using mindfulness to create the life you want, the life you deserve and the life your heart truly desires. Remember, we know what we want, but our Spirit team knows what we need, continue to trust the process and in Divine timing. Our time has come and the more we trust and align ourselves with the limitlessness the stronger our manifesting becomes.

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