New Moon in Leo Guidance

New Moon in Leo Guidance
As we come away from Cancer season which was from June 22st through July 22nd which brought in some emotional turbulence for many, it's not time to embrace the newness. Cancer season asked us to walk away from drama, attachments, codependent relationships and old energies that need to be cleaned and released. Cancer season was pivotal in creating room for higher vibrational energies to enter in support of our highest good. The Sun entered Leo on July 22 and will be with us until Aug 22. The 22 is significant in this season as the number 2 represents harmony, peace and balance, which is why Cancer season asked us to release that which doesn't serve our highest and greatest good.

Leo season (Sun is in its natural home of Leo), is all about big moves, alignment with our Divine intuition, shinning in your natural light, confidence and freedom to express your authentic truth. Leo is a fire sign and offers warmth and a generous Spirit, embracing the playfulness of your higher vibration from your inner child. Self love and freedom to embrace joyful action is the theme here with freedom of self expression, embracing passion for life, showing up for yourself and resisting the urge to hide your natural abilities, talents and intrinsic self. Be bold in your authentic truth and genuine self!

Leo's numerological sign is number 4 and as this sign is in its natural state of being in both the Sun as well as its numerological 4 (July 22 (4) to Aug 22 (4)), your opportunities for feeding your Soul purpose through joyful expression, blissful playfulness in the simplicity of life, confidence in your Divine self and shining like the Sun, will support the energies of beautiful new beginnings in different aspects of your life.

The emotional rollercoaster of Cancer season cleared (if you surrendered what no longer was meant to remain), out stagnant energies and supported your expansion. If you are still working on releasing/surrendering old energy, fear not, each of us have to do things in Divine timing, so work with the energy of Leo to feed your highest good and inner Source through mindful living, self love and alignment with your higher self.

There are certain aspects coming forward that you may find challenging, which can cause some communication issues. It's important to not speak to others from a point of righteousness but rather speak your authentic truth from the heart chakra.

This will also lead us to the final Super Full Moon of 2022 (Fullmoon in Aquarius Aug 22nd), and is based in gratitude for the abundance of the season leading into Fall. So, being present in each moment with gratitude and appreciation will support your bounty.

Overall, take time during Leo season to manifest the Magick being offered through this Leo's Lion-like fearlessness in trust, optimism and allowing the surrender to wonder and awe! Remember, move away from any fear based mentality!

One last note for the singles, this is also a time of unions with our Soul mates/twin flames, as Venus makes a sextile aspect with Mars. Lead with an open heart and trust your intuition. 

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