New Moon in Capricorn Card Pull

New Moon in Capricorn Card Pull

New Moon in Capricorn: 

Looking for some guidance on this New Moon? Let Allison intuitively guide you through her deck of Oracle Cards. Choose the card that calls to you and read about it below. 

1. Waxing Gibbous: Will.

Decisions Require action. You are in control of your own decisions and life, No one else's. Passion and will determine a great proportion of your success. You will persist. You possess Free Will, which means you should focus on yourself first and avoid placing your will over another's.
"I have the will to make the changes I need"
"Will" Feels like a very old-fashioned concept. Any modern world where it seems like everything is geared up To be as easy as possible or There is always someone else to blame, the idea of placing our personal will persistently into something seems quaint. When we decide we are going to change something in our lives, let's say a particularly negative Pattern Or a bad habit, breaking the old way we do things can be difficult. The change requires a Concentration of our will. We may want the change, but it is our will that insists we stay on the path to that change. To be willful means we have the power of control over our Actions, and that will fires up the persistence we need to get what we want. Contrary to popular belief, in witchcraft Traditions practitioners do not interfere with another's free will. This means we do not cast spells upon people to influence their behaviour. How do we get what we want instead? We cast on ourselves in line with our will, focusing carefully on what we would like in our lives instead. For example, instead of casting a spell to get back your ex boyfriend Who doesn't want us by influencing his will to love us again, we more ethically cast upon ourselves for our ideal Partner. This way, we don't interfere with his Free Will and if the x is our ideal partner, he will return to us freely. If not, we have attracted someone new and better for us. Either way, win win. To use our will productively, we should assess what we really want and make sure this is what We want to reach for.

Crystal: Hematite

2. New Moon: Beginnings.

You are offered a fresh start; your journey is beginning. Take the first steps towards something new. It is time to place emphasis on your health and well-being.
"I accept and rejoice in renewal and beginnings"
There is something incredibly poetic and even romantic about that tiny sliver Pub Silver that is the new moon. After the winning Cycle and depth of the Dark Moon, here is Appearing In the sky. Incredibly, a crescent of the finest light. Almost a scratch upon the Blackboard of The universe , here Is the evidence that even after the darkest night light returns a game. The Crescent of the new moon is an ancient symbol that stretches back to ancient prehistory. There are cave drawings featuring Crescent moons, sculptures of goddesses with crescent moon Diadem's, and the goddesses Aphrodite, Hekate, Diana, Artemis, Inanna and many central Asian Female deities were often depicted with new moon symbology. Go back even further into Neolithic cave Paintings, We're Moon, and Sun, symbology features, with no phase more commonly being depicted than the new moon. When the new moon appears in the lunar cycle, we are gifted with a new beginning and a fresh start. What we have identified as useless or I needed Any more Has being released in the void of the Dark Moon, And here waiting is a new chance. Here we get to renew our lives and feel free enough to risk trying anything. Whether we are asking for a fresh start in relationships or a new love, or are holding The Actioning of intentions such as Better Health, a new business or the start of a new project, riding the new moon energy will assist us. Many creative people Start new works on a new moon and I personally as an author like to begin all my new works on this phase, even if beginning, seems simply typing up a cover page or outline. The most powerful of new Moons for new starts traditionally are within the season of spring.

Crystal: Celestine/Celestite 

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