March Forecast

March Forecast

What to expect in the month of March  2023?

It's always good to get a heads up on the energies each month so we can work with them and utilize the opportunity to ebb and flow with them. Every month brings a number of energy shifts which can at times feel challenging, especially with the ascension energies flowing daily. 

March 2023 is one of the most powerful months bringing forth new energy, new opportunities and alignment. Towards the end of February we had record breaking creation energies, Solar Flares, high Magnetic field anomalies, CME’S, Solar winds, Solar Storms and more. This plethora of Solar weather has been happening for some time now and increasing as the Earth purges along with us. Coming out of February (and stepping into early March) you may be feeling exhausted as you have had to transmute and release old vibrations of self. Some have found this more challenging as it is based in your deepest “fear”, programmed ways of being, triggers, unhealed aspects and clearing karmic stagnancy. Every day has brought opportunity for clearing and may have challenged you to really step up into your full power of higher vibration. Through this challenge we must remember we are not only Divine high vibrational beings but also human, so finding balance has been key. 

I teach my clients the importance of feel, deal, heal and release as this creates space for the alignment with our highest vibration. The emotions, feelings, challenges and so on that have surfaced in order to ground yourself in your intrinsic self, align with your highest self and find that balance in all that you are. We must allow ourselves to feel otherwise we create stagnant energy blocks that hold us in a state of limiting beliefs. We must allow ourselves to feel without becoming the emotions, allow ourselves to process without attachments and most importantly trust the process. Leave behind bitterness, anger, triggers, animosity and everything that is not aligned with your higher vibration which is based in Source love and your inner Source. Tap into the bliss energy of new beginnings rather than holding the attachment to 3D lower vibrations. Every being has gone and continues to go through great transformation and it is important to work through all that has transpired in order to allow you to live your best life. 

As we embrace the energies of March, ask yourself what you need to release that is keeping you in a vibration of lack, hostility, hurt, bitterness and blinding you to the truth of your higher purpose as the Divine being you are. You have a choice. Remain in the dense energy of lower vibrations or free yourself to allow the bliss to flow within and around you. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. Do not allow the distractions of the 3D to hold you hostage in lower vibrations. To live in bliss you must allow yourself to feel it. We as humans are so programmed to focus on the “ick” - the things that instill fear, lack, anger and so forth - but when you take the time to live mindfully you will have the opportunity to see where best to expend your energy. You are co-creating the life you are living and have the power to create the life you truly desire. Think about it as if you are writing a book, designing a game or writing a script for a movie, you literally have the proverbial pen in your hand. (keep an eye out for our upcoming blog/ebook on creating the life you desire). 

We step into March with Mercury entering the watery Pisces (approx. March 2nd to 18th), which is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. Being the 12th of the zodiac this denotes the number 3 (12 (1+2=3)), bringing the start of March in with a sense of harmony, inspiration, joy, optimism, growth and expansion. Number 3 is also a number of manifesting and abundance, balance in body, mind and Soul (as well as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine), so everything you've been guided to release has created space for this harmonious balance to lead you forward. This transit with Pisces guides us to release limitations and unhealthy emotional patterns asking us to find forgiveness for ourselves as well as others. Mercury will stay with Pisces until the 19th and Saturn will enter Pisces March 7th for the next few years. Mercury will retrograde 3 times this year (April, August, December), the first being in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus in April. Utilize this March vibe to release limited beliefs, outdated patterns and ways of being that are not in alignment with your intrinsic self and it will allow you to ebb and flow when Mercury is in retrograde.  

We have a Venus -Jupiter conjunction in fiery Aries on March 2nd and those with Aries Sun, Moon or rising will feel the effects the most. This is the closest these planets have been in about 7 years which is destined to bring prosperity, bliss and a desire to connect with those who align with higher vibrations. This also leads us to the new moon in Aries on March 21st. Coming out of February you were encouraged to do shadow work, finding balance in your inner and outer world as well as your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Now with this conjunction you should feel the benefits of your divinity in all aspects as your hard work will pay off.  

Saturn in Pisces asks us to allow ourselves to be in an ebb and flow by surrendering and letting go of the desire to control the uncontrollable, teaching us to understand the ability we have to align with our intrinsic truths. The power of taking responsibility for your behaviors, thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, to choose to remain victim and self-saboteur or to choose to allow the truth of your high vibrational self to rise and shine. As Saturn is associated with structure his presence will support you to see from a higher perspective through every experience where you were challenged to overcome obstacles. This transit will also support creating and maintaining healthy boundaries while building healthy, strong foundations. As Saturn tends to focus on structure and is partnering with mutable Pisces, there is opportunity for ebb, flow, compassion and adaptability. Saturn partnered with Pisces is a recipe for creating and directing conscious attention towards your goals and deepest desires without attachment. Remember, Divine timing is for your highest good. 

As Saturn shifts into Pisces March 7th it is joined with the Full Worm Moon in Virgo, our last full moon in the winter season. This moon invites the Earthworms to play in the softening soil as the signs of Spring are close at hand. Our Earth awakens with new life and days begin to become longer leading us to the astrological new year (Spring Equinox). This moon offers a spring of rebirth, new growth, optimism, purification and rises in Earthy Virgo. Take time to leap into the unknown with optimism and excitement, trusting the, not knowing, with vigor and bliss. Saturn's influence may bring up feelings of deep awareness and understanding to our self-saboteur unhealed ego in order to clear the way for what needs to be revealed. You may feel drawn to clear and organize your inner and outer space as well as opening up to bringing your dreams into fruition. Organizing your thoughts, releasing the doubts and need to know the whens, hows or trying to control the uncontrollable. Utilize the grounding, calm, patient energy of Virgo to ground into your truth and fullness of your life. Take time to feel gratitude and let the full moon illuminate all you already have to be thankful for. The full moon intensifies emotions just as it affects the tides and can feel overwhelming, especially when we have been hiding from our deepest fears. Allow this Virgo moon to be your guide to what is no longer working for you and what is in alignment with the life you are creating. Mercury is Virgos ruling Planet and as Mercury is in the opposite sign of Pisces it is an ideal time to find your balance.     

Where have you been resisting change? Where do you need to take responsibility for yourself in order to illuminate the path of your highest good? What disempowering thoughts, emotions, actions, feelings have you allowed to keep you in an unhealthy pattern? Are you allowing negativity to hold space in your vibration? Are you ready to allow the deconstructing of what has blocked your path to enlightenment? 

This full moon supports our role in supporting each other, with healthy boundaries in place, as well as self mastery. Saturn also rules karma (Saturn is known as the Master of Karma), leading us to endings of karmic cycles for you as well as your ancestors through the inner work you have been doing for some time now. This conjunction holds the wisdom and maturity in aligning with your Soul purpose. This also represents the end of a cycle and letting go of any toxicity we’ve held onto. Freedom from what is no longer part of your truth or aligned with your higher self and new beginnings is at hand, but you must let go of the judgment of self and others in order to rise above the 3D. Work with the energy of this full moon to guide you inwards and shine light on the things that hold you hostage in toxicity. Let go and let love in. 

We also have the Spring equinox on March 20th, which is considered the Astrological new year as well as the beginning of Spring. With the Spring equinox we experience a balance of the day and night, equal amounts of light and dark. We begin to experience more life force creative energy within our minds and bodies as the Sun shines longer bringing in the energy of new beginnings. We have been taught to celebrate the new year December 31st, when in truth the Winter months are a time of rest, hibernating and stillness as we cannot plant seeds to harvest in frozen ground. It can feel challenging to be still and know that every season of life has a deeper meaning if you feel you are not being productive, but it is the rhythms and cycles of Earth that show us and encourage us to rest in darkness. In darkness we are asked to be still and await the light and trust that the light will return in Divine timing. The light will illuminate the new path and represents the rebirth of the slumber of Winter. 

A time to overcome fear of change, truly listening to your inner guidance, connecting with your heart's desires and being open and receptive to the fresh warm energy of spring. Our desires reawaken with the Spring equinox, inspiring you, empowering you and guiding you to perfect balance, illuminating your path for your highest good. We may feel a little unsteady as we find our footing in the creation of new beginnings, finding comfort in not knowing the answers. as it is in the uncertainty we can allow ourselves to be open and receptive to our inner guidance. We use all the inner work we have done as fertilizer in creating balance as within, so without/as above, so below. You must feel it, know it and trust in the creation of the life you desire. The seeds you have planted can now begin to spring out of the darkness reaching for the light you have within, the healing and transformation you have nurtured. Your heart and hard inner work is what will keep your dreams and desires fertile, but you must nurture them mindfully in order to harvest the fruit aka fruition. Ask your Divine team for clarity, guidance and to help you hold the light that is part of your inner Source.

On March 21st, on the heels of the Spring equinox, the New Moon in fiery Aries arrives, our first new moon of the Spring. This is the first of two new moons in Aries this year and a perfect time to add to your vision board or vision journal (if you created one on the Spring equinox), to help empower your energy into creating the life your heart desires. This new moon leads the way to the April 20th new moon in Aries accompanied by a Solar eclipse. March’s new moon is a perfect time to plant the seeds of intention and manifestation, feeling within what you wish to create in the physical. Some of Aries higher aspects are passion, determination, confidence, self awareness and are  fearless in their pursuit for greatness. They do not allow fear to stand in their way as they are ruled by Mars (the God of war), first in the Zodiac signs and are natural born leaders. Their optimistic energy is just what you need to spark that momentum towards creating the life you desire! Remember, what you feel is what the Universe responds to, so be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and where your attention is directed.     

Following the Spring Equinox and New Moon, Pluto enters Aquarius, which has not happened since the 1700’s. This revolutionary transit is associated with great transformation on a collective level, endings and new beginnings, shedding old ways and eliminating what no longer supports the ascension. This transit takes place until June, but the 20 year journey for Pluto and Aquarius does not happen until January 2024. Pluto rules the process taking us from one cycle to another, bringing deep transformation as Pluto, planet of transformation snuggles up with Aquarius as the sign of progress. The balance between death and rebirth, creating space for things that no longer serve us, regenerating and advancing us not only individually but collectively . The great transformer boosts inevitable change not to be resisted as it is necessary for our expansion, while Aquarius awakens being both disruptive and destructive for the highest good of all. This transit pushes us to see the bigger picture, to challenge us to see from a higher perspective and find our footing to not only help ourselves but also the collective. Sending out a shockwave of high vibrational energy as we choose to transform and align with evolutionary change. If we all choose to send out Source love to the collective, it will be a game changer. This transit is a major shift is a once in a lifetime opportunity for deeper Spiritual growth and expansion, only limited by your conscious mind and limited 3D beliefs. Pluto will retrograde in Aquarius in May pushing deep personal transformation and reflection, so take time now while he is direct to open your mind to the infinite possibilities at hand for alignment with new beginnings and new Earth (see our Ebook and Blogs for more information). 

As old energy (emotions, people, feelings, thoughts, behaviors etc.) continues to surface for many of us with the ascension/creation energies continue to flood our planet, we must utilize the available energy for our benefit. March energy is offering us the fluidity of death and rebirth, expansion and evolution, so we must remember things happen for us, not to us. We are on a fast track to healing and some say we have jumped two years ahead of our journey which is why we may have been feeling overwhelmed and situations have complied in recent weeks. We are in the midst of a great purge of old and it is up to you how you choose to work with this opportunity. Do not allow the distractions of the outer world (3D) to throw you into a tailspin or blind you with fear, lack, anger, worry or feed doubt in the bliss that is available to you.  (learn more blog on “Supporting your ascension”).   

We were asked to take time for self reflection and see the bigger picture in all that has transpired and see from the higher perspective of  things happening for you rather than the unhealed ego mindset of happening to you. We must trust in the process of becoming and transformation. We cannot create what we do not believe in, so tap into your higher power and your healed inner child and allow the magick to happen within and all around you.  

*It's extremely important to use your healthy toolbox in order to prepare for the days you feel the blahs. What do you enjoy doing? Have a mental (or journal or schedule), plan for the times you feel the ick sneaking in. Generally I teach my clients about ways to plan and what they can put in their proverbial bunker in support of self empowerment. 

Listed below are a few tools:

  • Call on your circle of trust (those 1 to 3 people who you truly trust) The ones you know who understand you and who have the ability to help lift your spirits or simply listen without judgment. We must remember we cannot help others by suffering with them. If you are feeling the blues and start talking about all the things you view as “bad/wrong” in your life, your circle will be the ones to point out the “good/positive” in your life. To hold space for you to communicate, release and give you the space to express what you are feeling. The ones who will hold the optimism rather than jump on the misery train with you. Sometimes it's a simple I love you and you're not alone or a swift kick in the ass to let them know they are wallowing. But at the end of the day it's all based on trust and a healthy relationship with your circle, give and take and authenticity. Who is your circle of trust?
  • Have a playlist of your favorite uplifting music/movies/shows, a list of your favorite uplifting books, new healthy recipes you want to try, things you've been waiting to try ie: skating, making snow angels, volunteering at a shelter or nursing home, even being neighborly and shoveling someone's driveway. If you are crafty or would like to be, try creating some artwork , whether it's painting, drawing, poetry, journaling, a book of memoirs, what ever you feel drawn to. There are many ways in which we can make positive uplifting choices with an added benefit of possibly helping others if we are so inclined to do so. What are some of your favorite uplifting songs, activities, books, movies?   
  • Create a video journal while you are in good spirits. Talk to yourself like you would a friend, even record it with a friend. Remind yourself of your strengths, all you have to be grateful for, the things you admire most about yourself, be your own cheerleader, guru and express how proud you are of yourself.  There is a drastic unequivocal difference between being cocky/arrogant and confident/self aware, so it is important to understand your feeling and expressing to yourself you are friggin' amazing is self love. 
  • What self love/self care actions do you take for yourself? Remember self love/self care is anything from a shower meditation to going for a massage, to mirror work, to reading a book, using things you may be waiting to use for a special occasion. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate self love/self care in your life and it's important to know what that looks like for you. It can be simple or extravagant, whatever feels good to you.
  • Take your vitamins. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C to help your body. Eating a balanced diet is always best and you can add fruits and herbs to your water to help as well. Moderate exercise, walking, stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, anything that includes movement is an extremely healthy addition to your day. What can you add to your day to help your body?

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the Full Moon in Virgo:

Amethyst, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Malachite  

Herbs: Chamomile, Rosemary, Peppermint, Fennel, Lavender, Saffron, Eucalyptus 

A few helpful crystals and herbs for the New Moon in Aries:

Carnelian, Selenite, Fire opal, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Amethyst, Pyrite

Herbs: Rosemary, Coriander Calendula, Sarsaparilla, Peppermint, Ginger, Yarrow, Basil 

Don't forget your affirmations: 

I create the life my heart desires with ease

I am open to receiving all the love I desire

I let go and flow with the Universe 

I have received infinite health, wealth and abundance

I allow the Universe and my Spirit to guide me for my highest good

I see and feel unlimited potential for transformation. 

Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I release the desire to control the uncontrollable 

I am aligned with what is for my highest good

Everything always works out for my highest good

I choose faith over fear and peace over perfection

I allow myself to dream beyond the confines of the 3D 

I am in unity with the limitless abundance of the Universe 

*Remember everything we do is about intention so be mindful of what you are using your energy for (directing your energy towards), when working with the moon energies. Full moons are wonderful to celebrate and reflect on how far you have come, releasing all that no longer serves you, understanding what lies beneath emotions/feelings/actions, seeing from a higher perspective and practicing gratitude.  

Please remember to set yourself up for success and use your healthy tools to help keep you balanced and aligned. We all have our ups and downs but the more we prepare and have a game plan in order to work with the down days, the more we empower ourselves for our highest good. 

We are still in deep ascension energies which play a huge role in how we are feeling and how we work with the energies at hand. There are extremely high frequency energies coming in daily which are felt within and all around us. For more information and all you need to know about the Ascension and what it all means check out our Ascension eBook.



Namaste, Allison Shaw

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