Full Flower Blood Moon | Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Flower Blood Moon | Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Flower Blood Moon total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 15/16th

This post covers a lot, including the art of practicing Mindfulness. Buckle up!

While Full Flower Blood Moon sounds ominous (beauty and the beast indeed!), it is all for the betterment of each of us. Ready or not, this brings our conscious and unconscious emotions to a climax and will push us to purge anything that is not meant to be part of our becoming, our future or our new beginning. This has been a very transformative time energetically and this Full moon eclipse is a continuation of what we are being asked to work with for the next 6 months. This is also following the Solar eclipse and Mercury going retrograde in the sign of Gemini.

This Full moon Lunar eclipse in the water sign of Scorpio, passionate and determined, the healthy aspects of Scorpio are assisting us in making positive changes. Full moons as well as Lunar Eclipses (also as we are in Mercury retrograde this energy is ramped up even more) are all about transformation, new beginnings, release, ends of unhealthy cycles and new beginnings. This is a triple whammy offering all of us an opportunity to truly release and transform in order to make way for new beginnings. This is not the time to shy away from our transformation and emotions but a gift from the Universe to create the life our hearts desire. Allow yourself to face any fears, past hurts and feel, deal and heal from them. If you have been struggling these past few months with old energies (people, place, things, thoughts, emotions etc.), now is your opportunity to truly move forward and free yourself from outdated, unhealthy energy. Let it go and let it flow. Face your fears with confidence as you have the entire Universe behind you to support you and the determination of Scorpio.

This alignment includes a polarity of “positive and negative” with many more positive aspects supporting the personal revelations and breakthroughs that have occurred in the past few weeks. We are finally fully closing out old toxic cycles (if we choose to work with the energy rather than against it), as we engage with the full moon allowing her to bring forth what is unseen and what needs to be released from our unconscious. The sun represents the conscious mind, what we see in our conscious state and the moon represents the unconscious and what we are not being consciously aware of. Hence why many are triggered by the full moon energy and struggle with what she brings forth. The unconscious comes forward whether we want it to or not, this is why it is vital to work WITH this energy and surrender to the ebb & flow. Scorpio energy is asking us to face and release our fears, trauma, attachments, codependency and anything that feels out of alignment with our highest and greatest good.

This is the energy that will stay with you for the next 6 months and choosing to allow your Higher self and Spirit team to work with you through energetic release is vital. What are you allowing to hold you back? A job, friend, partner, ex, negative thoughts (toxic inner dialect), unhealthy habits? I ask my clients to list out ways they allow anxiety/overthinking to get the better of them, then cross out what they know they have control over. Do you dislike your job? What is stopping you from looking for another or taking classes to do something your heart desires. Do you have a friend who is toxic? What is stopping you from communicating your authentic truth (if they are truly part of your tribe they will understand your feelings)? Are you allowing yourself to put things into a higher perspective and see past the lower vibrational ego/shadow/inner child? Whatever feelings or emotions surface during this elevation, allow them to come, work with them and allow yourself to release them. Holding onto unhealthy, unexpressed emotions is the same as slowly sipping poison.

This is such a Divine opportunity to feel, deal and heal, setting yourself free from outdated energy and truly aligning with your highest and greatest good. This connectedness in planetary alignments can bring out feelings of hardship, sadness, frustration but at the same time offers the courage to forge forward and conquer any challenges that you may face. Balance is key. We are shifting away from a planetary energy of conflict, judgment and overall stagnancy in how we have been not only living but also in how we see the world around us.

Taking time to assess how you see yourself and how you have been choosing to live your life, the actions you choose, the people you choose to associate with, the thoughts you choose to allow to pledge your mind, the unhealthy (avoidance) ways in which you've learned to compartmentalize life (fight or flight) and any toxic tools you have utilized in order to survive are all part of the old 3D vibration.

We are being asked to release and surrender to the newness of what the Universe is offering. Can this energy bring us into feelings of spiraling, uncertainty, depression, anger, frustration etc., simple answer, yes. I steer away from going in too much depth of the fear based energy as that's what people tend to focus on. We tell someone 10 wonderful things and 1 negative thing, which do most latch onto? The negative thing. Focusing on the “ick” energy keeps us in the vibration of fear, so I focus and share about self empowerment and opportunity for growth and expansion. We always have a choice in how we feel, what emotions we engage with, what we hold and or release, how we choose to show up for ourselves and how we love ourselves during difficult transitions. Could we focus on the negative and allow it for feed the fearful vibration or simple acknowledge that yes this expansion will bring things forward we may not have been fully aware of, things we've been hiding from, things we have simply been avoiding dealing with and accept that, it is what it is.

People have stained the term “it is what it is” with a negative connotation, when it is simply factual. “It is what it is”, is meant to be a supportive phase of acceptance that a situation, person, experience etc. simply is what is it, it is what it showed you to be, does this mean we accept nonsense from others or allow ick energy to control us, no. It is about releasing the desire to control the uncontrollable and re-centre within ourselves for clarity. I have worked with clients healing from toxic relationships (family, friends, lovers), who hold blame, judgment, animosity, hurt, heartache and so much unresolved emotions and feelings. When we allow ourselves to align with our highest good and see things for the lesson, truth, attachment, karmic connection etc., that allows us to work with and through it. We must remember one simple rule: every individual does their best according to who they are at any given moment. We all live our lives through our own individual, personal, intimate life experiences and this is not an easy concept to accept.

From information I have received over the years from Spirit it breaks down to we are born into this life with a soul contact to experience specific things and we have soul contracts with others. For instance, a karmic romantic relationship, both parties (before being born into this 3D world), agreed on a contract, one will “play the bad guy/girl” to help the other achieve the lesson/experience they wished to learn in this human life. That can be triggering for some, myself included when I began my healing journey, I was combative against the idea that I, in any way shape or form chose the “suffering/abuse/ptsd” of what I have endured. In hindsight, I learned after the test, I was able to grow, expand and gain infinite wisdom through each experience I had looked at as “why me” or “what did I do to deserve this”. Taking my power back from a victim perspective, a programmed sense of lack, unworthiness and feeling I was here to suffer, was by far the most challenging part of my expansion.

This current full moon eclipse and mercury retrograde energy will force you to be with yourself, your feelings and emotions, which is most definitely a point of power opportunity to engage with. Releasing all resistance to your growth, becoming, vibe up, glow up; whatever you wish to label it, is now. How do you want the rest of the year to play out for you? Do you want the same actors on your stage or are you ready for new ones to support the person you are and who you are becoming? Or do you want to revert back to an place of disempowerment; the choice is always ours. Toxic comfort is still toxic and until you are ready to trust the process of becoming and allow your team to work with you, inviting them to support you with Divine guidance and intervention, that feeling of inner conflict will be distracting. Don't get me wrong, conflict is good as it shows us where our energy is best directed.

When you are feeling overwhelmed take time to do a self assessment, where am I feeling this, where is this emotion coming from, where is the opportunity to grow from this and really allow yourself to receive the support and guidance. If you feel you need more than seek more support from a therapy, healer, psychologist, coach, wherever you feel drawn to reach out for that added support. We ALL need support in this life and there is infinite strength in not only asking but also in allowing yourself to receive that support. That old outdated and toxic “f*ck your feelings” energy has no place in this new vibration of aligning with the healing being offered to everyone.

We have to allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel in order to deal so that we can heal! Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. Now, remember it is not our job to “heal” anyone as that is not possible, but by each of us doing our own healing we raise our vibration to a place of self empowerment and in turn the natural flow of our energy is added to collection healing, which assists in healing our ancestral lines.

We were not just gifted the trust of our ancestors in doing the extremely difficult work of ancestral healing, but also gifted with their love, support, wisdom, guidance and power. Remember, our ancestors have trusted in us, they know each of us has within us the tools and power to do the hard work and clear way for all the blessings available to us and to align with our birthright of a beautiful life. There are things that happen in life that diminish that feeling of love and light so to speak but its about coming through the darkness, working with the darkest parts of our unconscious, our shadow, our ego and our inner child who all have both lower and higher vibrations.

I am all about love and light 80 percent of the time but I am also part of a world that does not always align with my vision so I make the choice to align with the love and light of the world when I feel the ick encroaching. Whether that is people, places or things we always have a choice. You're watching the news and it has a dismal energy, turn it off, you're listening to a song that insights feelings of sadness/anger, turn it off and this goes for anything we choose to engage with in life. CHOICE. Now, this isn't about ignoring your feelings, it's about choosing where those learning opportunities come forth, the knowing you have choice, the knowing you are not in alignment with your highest good, the knowing you are feeling off. That in itself is empowering and is something to celebrate. Hey, I felt drained and ick after talking to that person; Acknowledge that you have that awareness and that moving forward you will either engage less and distance yourself or prepare yourself for being around that individual's energy.

Our self-awareness and mindfulness is always cause for celebrating in any given situation. Is life always rainbows and butterflies, definitely not, but the opportunity to grow and learn in every situation is a blessing. These planetary aspects are very much based in spiritual warfare so to speak which has been reflected in the 3D world and the conflicts happening around the world as well as bringing up our internal battles. It is what you choose to do with this energy that matters, personal revelations, breakthroughs, sudden change and can bring forth energy from any unresolved issues from the November 2021 Lunar Eclipse.

Ask yourself what was transpiring at that time in your life, what is left unresolved, unfinished, or simply outdated energy coming back to pick the proverbial “scab” of the past that may not be as healed as you anticipated. This is not to cause you suffering, it is a gift of guidance to close out chapters and guide you to rebirth and new beginnings. Letting go of outdated energy (people, places, things, emotions, attachments, codependency, karmic contracts etc.), aligning with your authentic self, living your life in a genuine way in healing, being vulnerable with yourself, loving yourself, showing up for yourself and most importantly working WITH this energy, is the Universe literally asking you to co-create your most beautiful life, freeing yourself from all that does not serve your highest and greatest good.

Look at this shift as an opportunity to write a new story, a story filled with joy, happiness, blessings and aligning with your true heart's desire. Align with the full moon, eclipse and retrograde energy as it has the potential to assist us in facing our deepest truths, see beyond the surface and bring our deepest heart's desires into fruition. Utilize the Scorpios energy in purging and releasing while aligning us with growth and opportunity as  well as prepare us for this new journey into uncertainty, newness, clarity and expansion. 

Some tips for assisting you with this:

  • Do not avoid your emotions/feelings - Feel. Deal. Heal. Release. This is not the time to allow the overthinking mind to take a hold, you are in control of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, choices, projections, reactions, how you interpret the outer world and the people in it etc.
  • Meditation - even taking 5 mins to meditate before bed, when you wake up, before leaving the house, when you have some down time; take 5 and ground yourself while allowing your team to connect with you - ask for Divine guidance/support/healing/clarity/intervention and always love
  • Get out of your head and into nature - the overthinking mind can hinder our growth when we allow it to pull us into the ick (past woes, fear, anger, judgements, blame etc.) Taking a walk in the sun or even in the rain is incredibly beneficial in helping us clear a path and choose the path of least resistance on our journey (what we think about we invite in so be mindful of thoughts etc) If you were skiing down a hill would you rather think “don't hit the trees” (which takes the fun out as now fear has arrived) or will you simply choose the clear path and focus on that (enjoying the moment and trusting)
  • Write down what you wish to release and burn it - feel the release as the paper or whatever you are writing on, burns away - I now choose to release fear, animosity, heartache, attachments, judgment of myself or others, any sense of lack, obsessive overthinking, drama, codependency, toxic comforts etc. feel the release when you do this. I like to go to the lake and either write on a rock with chalk or burnt palo santo or simply hold the rock in my hand and transfer all I wish to release into it then throw it into the lake turn around walk away feeling the release with every step - you can meditate with a rock as well and focus releasing whatever comes forward (that doesn't serve your highest good) into the rock - whatever resonates 
  • Visualization exercises are extremely beneficial as well - you wish to release someone from your energy/thoughts; try 2 mins of just mindful breathing, visualize a contract between you and this person, call forth that person's energy through your higher self, thank the person for the lesson/experience; saying something like “thank your for playing your part in my life our contract is now complete and I release you, I let you go and free myself from this attachment”, than visualize tearing up the contract holding only gratitude for the lesson, and say goodbye throwing the contract into a fire or light it and watching the pieces float away; turn and walk away choosing to only hold the wisdom gained/lesson.truth etc. - allowing ourselves to take our power back from hurt, blame, anger etc is a vital part of our healing and when we are able to let go through Source love we are able to truly move forward; remember holding the ick only causes more ick as we reply scenarios in our heads, holding us hostage. Understanding that every individual plays a part in our lives good guy/girl or bad guy/girl, we have to have a “villan” in order to propel us to coming home to self and truly falling in love with ourselves unconditionally 
  • Utilizing mindfulness - there are so many valuable ways we can embrace mindful ways of being. Mindfulness is based in non-judgment, releasing criticism of self and others, owning your feelings and emotions and showing up as your genuine self. We are living a human life which means we experience everything through our emotions and feelings. If we never suffered we would never fully understand success, if we never allowed ourselves to be vulnerable we wouldn’t understand the power there is - balance is key! Mindfulness also pertains to mindful eating/drinking (what nourishes your body), remember finding balance with our body, mind and soul is all about aligning with our overall well-being. Also what we watch, listen to, put on our skin, fill our thoughts with, engage with etc.
  • Finding healthy ways to release - breathing exercises, physical activity (walking, stretching, dancing etc), journaling, doing art, writing poetry, screaming into a pillow, cleaning/organizing (our physical space reflects our inner space), asking for support, being playful (go swing on the swings, skip stones in the lake, sing/hum/whistle (humming helps to clear your throat chakra and vibrates healing energy into your body
  • Mirror work - look at yourself in the eyes and talk to yourself, be that supportive cheerleader for yourself (even if its to say we made it through today and I am so proud of you and I love you), keep it simple and be creative, you have to show up for yourself and be your loudest cheerleader 
  • Saying affirmations/mantras - keep it simple and powerful; I am divinely aligned with my highest and greatest good - I am divinely aligned with my inner Source (higher self), I am open to receiving the support, guidance and love from my Spirit team, I am divinely aligned with joy/happiness/bliss, I am open to the new beginnings the Universe has in store for me, I am divinely guided and loved - use whatever “feels good” to you and whatever you resonate with 

This journey is not easy for anyone but that's the magick of it, if it were easy it wouldn't feel as beautiful when we overcome the difficulties/suffering and every single individual has the inner power to live their best life if they are willing to go within. Be brave, courageous and determined like the high vibration of Scorpio energy and surrender everything that is not serving your highest and greatest good.          


Allison Shaw 

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