Choosing Your First Crystal

Choosing Your First Crystal

Interested in Crystals? You’re in the right place!

So you’ve decided to give crystal therapy a try but might be confused with which crystal to choose from with such an abundance of options. Every type of crystal has unique characteristics with a different purpose. You may want to get one of these beautiful stones to assist you in your spiritual growth, or maybe to achieve a tranquil mind, or could be to assist you in developing a better relationship with your family, friends, or your significant other. Whatever it is, there is definitely a crystal out there to help you on your journey. Keep reading for assistance in choosing your first crystal!

To find your ally for your wellness journey, you first need to understand your intention and what exactly you need help with, since each crystal has different energy and therefore different uses. The following is a list of some of the most popular crystals along with their purpose:

Carnelian - One glance at its’ fiery look, and you will feel your creative potential unlocking combined with an urge to get things done. This vibrant gem is your friend if you need confidence and to make difficult decisions that could prove pivotal in your life.

Rose Quartz - Everyone's go-to love crystal. It will nurture your compassion and teach you to forgive others and more importantly forgive yourself. It supports you in loving all kinds of relationships – family, friends, and yourself.

Citrine - This crystal is enhanced with the power of the sun and emits positive energy. If you are suffering from low confidence and depression, a Citrine crystal can assist with toughening your mental resilience. Citrine is also known for being an abundance and prosperity crystal. Who doesn’t need more of that?!

Black Tourmaline – One of the most powerful stones against negative energy, having one in your home, car and/or office is incredibly effective. It can create a circle or wall of energy that helps keep the bad vibes off you.

Tigers Eye - In case you are going through a challenging situation, you should get yourself one of these to help you fight out of it. It is a stone that amplifies your inner strength to confront your hardships with calmness. It has also traditionally been used as a protective talisman against ill-wishes.

Amethyst - A stone known for bringing tranquility to your home and life. Include them in your meditation for an enhanced connection with your Higher Self, and place one under your pillow or at your bedside. Amethyst is a soothing stone, effective at helping release stress, anxiety, or tension.

Clear Quartz - One of the most recommended and versatile crystals. If you are still confused with exactly which crystal you need, you can't go wrong with Clear Quartz! It can be programmed to assist with almost any purpose, and it enhances the energy of your other crystals. You may use it however you like. It also works as a great cleansing tool to reenergize all your other crystals!

Following your intuition is an exceptionally useful tool as well. It is often said that you don't choose your crystal, they choose you. Seeing or holding crystals can help you determine which one is speaking the most to you. You might be able to feel its aura, energy and power. Many people are surprised at learning that the crystal they were drawn to often ends up reflecting the purpose of what they need that crystal for. What you are drawn to is often what you need assistance with while on your wellness journey.

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We wish you well on your healing journey!

- Sandra-Lee

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