Healing Sessions


Who is Allison?

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Healing Sessions

Curious about what healing sessions consist of? Click below to find out:

A form will be given to the client to fill out prior to treatment. A 1 hour Reiki session consists of the client lying on a treatment table fully clothed (wear comfortable clothing). Reiki is offered through the practitioner holding her hands over specific areas of clients body or light (never intrusive or inappropriate) touch with the practitioner's hands placed and held on a series of locations ie: head, shoulders, limbs etc.

Also offered Reiki healing with crystals:  Practitioner may also use crystals placed on specific non intrusive or inappropriate places on the client ie: forehead, heart, hold crystals in hands etc.

Allison offers distance healing which can be done via Facetime or by sending her a picture and name for who the healing is being requested for. 

Example of a Facetime healing: Allison and the client would meet virtually (via Zoom, WhatsApp etc.) after client fills out a “client intake form” (which will be emailed and returned before appointment date.)  Allison will discuss information on the client intake form with client, go through what will be done, with time given for the client to ask any questions. A short guided meditation will commence and once the client is relaxed, Allison will do a prayer, ground herself and call for the healing energy of the Divine and will then proceed with the energy healing session.  Each session takes approximately 60 to 120 minutes depending on questions or concerns a client may have. Client may lay or sit comfortably with a blanket if they wish, eyes closed (generally with a cloth covering their eyes for relaxation), and they have the option of speaking or just laying quietly during the session. During sessions Allison may receive messages from Spirit which she will ask in advance if you are open to receiving any messages that may come through.

Have you ever wondered if there were crystals that could help you with any specific need or goal you have? Have you wanted to learn more about crystal energy and healing in general? We’ve got you!

Simple List of Crystals - We will provide you with a simple list of crystals based upon the information provided via email.

Complimentary 10 Minute Consultation - Book a free 10 minute consultation where we can provide you with a brief overview based upon your questions.

30 and 60 Minute Consultations - We offer a further in depth consultation that would allow us to expand into additional details about how to use the crystals, including where the best place is to wear them and in what form, as well as answering any questions you may have. After our consultation we will be able to provide you with a summary based on our discussion provided via email. We also provide the option of building you a custom crystal kit to assist you with your healing journey based upon our discussion. The cost of these kits vary based upon which crystals you will need, and we would provide you with a quote in the email summary.

What other types of healing services does Allison offer?

Allison offers a variety of styles of healing services. Click below to read about them:

A session with Allison to connect with past loved ones. Psychic mediumship readings are spiritual readings, creating a link between our world and the spiritual vibration. Allison connects with loved ones, beings and energies in the spiritual world, including angels and spirit guides, higher dimensional beings, spirit animals etc., for information for your highest and greatest good.

Allison works with clients through spiritual connections to support and assist clients to cope with and overcome life challenges, relationship conflicts, traumas, inner work, energy healing. To assist clients experiencing any symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, feeling lost or any other feelings or emotions causing issues in their life. Clients begin by filling out an intake form then a consultation either in person or via video call. Session packages available for individuals, couples, and families.

Allison does intuitive readings using Tarot Cards, Oracle cards and Crystals.  She works with Spirit and her “Clairs” and Chanelling.  Her Clairs include: her Clairvoyance (“clear seeing”, seeing that occurs “in the minds eye” and not in a physical form),  her Clair-audience (hearing the thoughts and voices of Spirit, even from objects), and her Clair-sentience (“clear sensing” to feel the psychic impressions through emotions and sensations).  She also uses her Clair-alience/ Clair-gustance (physical sensing , “clear smelling” and “clear tasting” Spirit will manifest a smell and or taste to share information with the Medium),  Clair-cognizance (“clear knowing”, recognition/acknowledgment/feeling of knowing, having a sense of knowing without logic or reason) as well as Channeling ( the channeler also known as a Medium, with an ability to communicate with the deceased).   

Along with her gifts, Allison uses Tarot and Oracle cards to assist with her intuitive readings. A typical reading would consist of pulling cards from a chosen Tarot deck (amount of cards depend on the type of reading ie: mini read or full reading) and Oracle deck.  A mini reading would consist of 3 cards (past, present, future) plus 1 supporting card and 1 Oracle card. A full reading would include additional cards and looking at specific areas the client wishes to look at ie: job, relationships, children etc., as well as any additional information/messages Spirit feels to share for the clients highest and greatest good.  A mini reading takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes and a full read generally 60 to 120 minutes depending on what Spirit wants to share. 

Great.. So how do I book?

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