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Moss Agate Skull
Julia Skelly
I love it so much

The skull is so beautiful and soothing. I held it all day as I travelled, and it soothed me when my plane was delayed.

Cancer Bracelet
Naila Felix

I brought the cancer bracelet and I think it blends really well with the grounding bracelet to give a great balance to my energy.

Worry Stone Key Chains
Amanda Salmen
Love it

Thank you so much for this product, it's going to be very helpful. And the dried herbs for cleanse burning is a nice touch

Consultation with Allison

I had a lovely consultation with Allison! I felt very comfortable listening and talking to her, like I’ve known her for a while. She was spot on with her intuitiveness on what I’m currently going through in my life. Her connection to Spirit was so beautiful and the information and guidance that came through was very insightful. Highly recommend her as a guide for your healing journey.

Amazing !!

Alison is truly a Devine Woman ! You can instantly feel her genuineness through conversation. Whilst delivering riveting messages !
Amazing is all that comes to mind ❤️

Introductory Consultation
Danielle Buchanan
Thankful 💆🏽‍♀️

it was a amazing experience, and I recommend Alison, her soul is jus pure and beautiful. I’m glad I got to meet her. ❤️

So Thankful

I was referred to Allison by a family member, and it was the best thing I did, she’s very kind and easy to talk to, she has such a beautiful soul. I give my experience a 10 of 10. It was so good and helpful.

Blue Kyanite Cluster
Erin Tweedie
Kyanite Cluster

This soothing kyanite crystal has been a stunning addition to my alter. The crystal was exactly as shown. Very friendly customer service. I would recommend this store to anyone and will be purchasing again.

Clear Quartz Generator
Linda Filmore
Clear Quartz

Received today and it’s beautiful. Hoping it will do all that it is said that it will because that’s why I purchased it

Working with Allison has really helped me a lot on my spiritual journey. Working with her as helped me to realize what truly lies within myself and I am so so happy I worked with her. She was very supportive and made me feel comfortable speaking with her. I am happy to say that I have come a long way because of the work I’ve done with her!

Agate Geode Slab
Linda Filmore
Awesome item

I love it

Birth chart reading with Alexandra

I had my first birth chart reading ever with Alexandra and it was so interesting to listen to her explain the positioning of the planets within my chart and what they mean. She has a very calming voice. I felt like I left with a better understanding of how I show up in my everyday life based on my unique design. She was able to point out some strengths and weaknesses as well as how I should approach certain scenarios in my life. I am more aligned in trusting the process and the way I do things thankfully to the information she provided. Highly recommend a session with her. Much love ❤️

Thoughtful and Insightful

I received a complimentary consultation and I would highly recommend it! Allison gave me such a thorough and empathetic session. Packed with exercises to practice in my life that have shifted my day to day. It's so amazing that I was able to learn and take so much away in just 30 minutes!

I love the personalized weekly card pulls

I love the personalized card pulls because it works as a guide to where your thinking is. To me it’s a confirmation that I am on the right path. Though somethings will remain a mystery and reveal it’s self in time. The personalized weekly card pulls will be something I do again and recommend to anyone who is a reflective person.

Insightful and Inviting

I felt so comfortable speaking with Alexandra from the beginning of the session. She went into incredible detail about my birth chart and explained everything with so much empathy. I left with so much insight into myself and feel empowered to achieve my goals. This was such a great treat to start off the year and I couldn't recommend it enough!

Allison is amazing at what she does. I always leave our sessions feeling like the messages are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve recommended several friends that always tell me how helpful she is to them. Love the 808 fam 💞


I know this must be love!!!! that warm beautiful feeling you get when there is a rebirth of joy. I have been on my spiritual path to become a better version of myself. Allison Shaw as my spiritual advisor, guide, the mediator is phenomenal the messages are so on point and on time. I have been seeing signs, of getting the message but I was so unsure, my session with her has clarified all of my questions, my concerns and just to know that what I am hearing, seeing and feeling is so correct. That what I am doing is okay with my Spiritual Source, and I am getting there is lovely, joyful, exciting, and just plain beautiful and warm. It is most definitely Love!!!!!.

Regular Check-in

Since I’ve started working with Allison, my psychic abilities have been sharpened and I’m more attuned to my Spiritual team however there are moments when I’m unsure or confused because of new experiences. I’ll check in with Allison to provide insight and guidance and she always confirms everything I’m feeling and makes everything much clearer. Sometimes I can’t believe how far I’ve come and who I’ve become but I know Allison is always available to provide assistance. Thanks for sharing your gift and knowledge with me.

Always in Alignment!

Just wow, what an amazing combination of energies Allison and Maria are. I always am so grateful for the monthly live card pulls they do for the full moons on instagram, I’m amazed at how they always seem to know what I didn’t even know I needed to hear. They work so cohesively and in sync together, it makes such a powerful impact. I highly recommend !

Amazing as usual!

Love the oracle readings! The messages are always spot on and just what I need to hear. I’m always excited to get readings :)

Soul is Satisfied ♥️

Blessed! These goddesses validated the message in my heart for the last few days - appreciate the confirmation & loved tuning in!

Dual Oracle/Tarot Card Session
Christine Soulliere
Loved my reading

Absolutely wonderful. Resonated so much With me, these ladies are very talented.


First of I would like to say Miss Allison is so sweet. Definitely a eye-opener from just my consultation. I can't wait for this journey with her.

Amazing reading with a true spiritual warrior

I was given a reading as a gift from a friend and I was extremely excited! This woman is such a kind, loving, and beautiful soul that I knew within a minute I felt at home in her presence. She was completely spot on with my session and for those who doubt the truth that comes thru…. Well there is absolutely no way she could have known the things or people that came forward. I was truly a blessing and I got much needed answers from my loved ones on the other side. I just met her but I felt like I had known her forever …she even took time out to go above and beyond to answer some of my other questions. I highly recommend her as she not only is extremely in tune with the spirit world but she is also a truly lovely human being and her energy transcends!

Introductory Consultation
Stephanie Ebanks
10 stars

Allison is a very sweet intuitive woman. The session is a real safe space. Her calm nature makes you feel very comfortable. Got right to the point and really confirmed a lot that was going on in my life. I would recommend her to anyone looking to Decipher whats going on in your world. She is very helpful with motherly instincts and very wise. She read me like a book and the whole time in my head im just yup. Correct. Yup. Shes right. Shes right….She def aids in bringing you “home” to yourself. I appreciate her and the experience. 🙏🏾❤️