Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite)

Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite)

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Peacock Ore is Chalcopyrite as natural rough pieces and is called Peacock Ore when there is the presence of Bornite in the stone.  Raw Bornite is a brown to copper-red coloured mineral and becomes known as Peacock Ore when it tarnishes and becomes an iridescent purple, green and or blue colour on the surface of the stone.

The Peacock Ore meaning is to assist in achieving and maintaining a deep state of meditation. If you are attracted to this stone, it’s likely that you want to find an inner state of peace. This Peacock Ore stone will help you get to that point. It stimulates your inner spirit, allowing you to find happiness and contentment in the moment.

A Peacock Ore crystal reminds us that without the darkest, rainiest days we cannot have a beautiful rainbow. The Peacock Ore meaning encourages us to see the positive in any situation. Just glancing at this stone will remind you of all the joys in life, ridding your body of any negative emotions you may be holding. Peacock Ore also helps us to deal with feelings of low self-esteem and our fears. It enhances our connection and communication with the universe, helping us to remember that we are not alone and the universe has our back. Working with these rainbow stones on a regular basis reminds us of the happiness and joy that resides all around us, encouraging you to approach life in a more positive way.  

**Listing is for One piece of Peacock Ore. Each piece is between 2” - 3” and weighs between 150g - 250g. Piece may not be exactly as shown, as naturally occurring stones can vary.

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