Reiki Healing

So, what is healing energy?

Reiki energy is referred to as life force energy, like an all connecting web or energy that promotes natural healing by activating relaxation and balance withing our bodies and energy fields.  These types of natural healings have been used for centuries in various forms.  Reiki comes from the Japanese work “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy) which targets the energy fields around the body. Healing energy is viewed as energy flowing from the Universe (higher powers) to and through the practitioner and out of the practitioner hands into the clients body. It is not the practitioners own energy, but rather the practitioner is but a transcendental conduit for Universal healing energy. As energy can become stagnant in our bodies and cause emotional and physical pain and stress, it is important to assist with the flow of energy to remove blockages and return the flow of energy to a natural healthy state.

Reiki has been used for thousands of years and its current form was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikano Usui and is now used world wide in natural alternative healing.  Sessions are used to assist and support clients in a process of active self-healing, healers are not here to “heal you”, we are here to support, assist and guide you in your self-healing journey. It is not the proverbial pill to “fix” anyone but a technique to ensure the clients are a willing and active participant in their own healing and self-awareness, in order to have the most beneficial outcome for achieving their goals.  Intuitive counseling is an opportunity for the client to gain insight into a deeper sense of self and to Intune, heal old wounds, receive guidance, feel supported and listened to, gain more understanding of their triggers/shadow self/fears or any blockages and to assist them in their journey towards living an authentic life. The goal lies in learning to embrace your truth and developing a true sense of unconditional self-love through a number of techniques which will attract more loving energy into your life. Energy healing and spiritual intuitive guidance, work together in a natural safe method of spiritual healing opening pathways to wholeness, balance and harmony.  

Distance Healing

Allison also offers distance healing which can be done via Facetime or by sending her a picture and name for who the healing is being requested for. 

Example of a Facetime healing: Allison and the client would meet virtually (via Zoom, WhatsApp etc.) after client fills out a “client intake form” (which will be emailed and returned before appointment date.)  Allison will discuss information on the client intake form with client, go through what will be done, with time given for the client to ask any questions. A short guided meditation will commence and once the client is relaxed, Allison will do a prayer, ground herself and call for the healing energy of the Divine and will then proceed with the energy healing session.  Each session takes approximately 60 to 120 minutes depending on questions or concerns a client may have. Client may lay or sit comfortably with a blanket if they wish, eyes closed (generally with a cloth covering their eyes for relaxation), and they have the option of speaking or just laying quietly during the session. During sessions Allison may receive messages from Spirit which she will ask in advance if you are open to receiving any messages that may come through.